IBM patents granted on 24 May 2016

158 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,351,431 Cooling system with automated seasonal freeze protection
2 9,351,405 Hydrophobic silane coating for preventing conductive anodic filament (CAF) growth in printed circuit boards
3 9,351,196 Byte caching in wireless communication networks
4 9,350,826 Pre-fetching data
5 9,350,825 Optimizing network communications
6 9,350,806 Zero copy data transfers without modifying host side protocol stack parameters
7 9,350,797 Request-response operation for asynchronous messaging
8 9,350,793 Converged call flow and web service application integration using a processing engine
9 9,350,790 Utilization of target browsers
10 9,350,739 Recovery from rolling security token loss
11 9,350,733 Emergency server access for offline users
12 9,350,730 Biometric-based wireless device association
13 9,350,726 Recovery from rolling security token loss
14 9,350,723 Determination and classification of defense measures in web applications
15 9,350,722 Authentication of an end user
16 9,350,698 Computer program product and system for double IP address recovery
17 9,350,694 Method and apparatus for propagating address change in an email
18 9,350,687 Instant messaging transcript sharing for added participants to an instant messaging session
19 9,350,678 Controller based network resource management
20 9,350,677 Controller based network resource management
21 9,350,670 Network load estimation and prediction for cellular networks
22 9,350,658 FIFO affinity for multiple ports
23 9,350,613 Smart dumping of network switch forwarding database
24 9,350,607 Scalable network configuration with consistent updates in software defined networks
25 9,350,597 Reserving space in a mail queue
26 9,350,567 Network resource configurations
27 9,350,560 Selective information sharing across team spaces
28 9,350,384 Hierarchical data compression and computation
29 9,350,382 Pad encoding and decoding
30 9,350,172 Predictive phase balancing for demand response
31 9,349,906 Anneal techniques for chalcogenide semiconductors
32 9,349,868 Gate all-around FinFET device and a method of manufacturing same
33 9,349,861 Silicon-on-insulator substrates having selectively formed strained and relaxed device regions
34 9,349,840 Methods of forming stressed channel regions for a FinFET semiconductor device and the resulting device
35 9,349,838 Semiconductor structure with deep trench thermal conduction
36 9,349,836 Fin end spacer for preventing merger of raised active regions
37 9,349,832 Sacrificial silicon germanium channel for inversion oxide thickness scaling with mitigated work function roll-off and improved negative bias temperature instability
38 9,349,809 Aspect ratio trapping and lattice engineering for III/V semiconductors
39 9,349,808 Double aspect ratio trapping
40 9,349,798 CMOS structures with selective tensile strained NFET fins and relaxed PFET fins
41 9,349,793 Semiconductor structure with airgap
42 9,349,789 Coaxial carbon nanotube capacitor for eDRAM
43 9,349,691 Semiconductor device with reduced via resistance
44 9,349,687 Advanced manganese/manganese nitride cap/etch mask for air gap formation scheme in nanocopper low-K interconnect
45 9,349,658 Methods of forming fin isolation regions on finFET semiconductor devices using an oxidation-blocking layer of material
46 9,349,640 Electrode pair fabrication using directed self assembly of diblock copolymers
47 9,349,598 Gate contact with vertical isolation from source-drain
48 9,349,594 Non-planar semiconductor device with aspect ratio trapping
49 9,349,591 Crystal formation on non-lattice matched substrates
50 9,349,432 Reference voltage modification in a memory device
51 9,349,410 Automated data storage library with target of opportunity recognition
52 9,349,395 System and method for differential etching
53 9,349,387 Detection of open write heads and/or cables in tape drives
54 9,349,302 Voice output device, information input device, file selection device, telephone set, and program and recording medium of the same
55 9,349,284 Regional driving trend modification using autonomous vehicles
56 9,349,115 Data management and control using data importance levels
57 9,349,105 Machine learning with incomplete data sets
58 9,349,100 Method for providing a prompt for real-time cognitive assistance
59 9,349,094 Optimal non-recursive method for finding a minimal subset satisfying an upward-closed property
60 9,349,024 Assigning a data item to a storage location in a computing environment
61 9,349,005 Preventing re-patching by malware on a computer
62 9,349,004 Predicting the actions and evaluating the risk of a software install program
63 9,348,991 User management of authentication tokens
64 9,348,989 Contemporaneous gesture and keyboard entry authentication
65 9,348,940 Generating differences for tuple attributes
66 9,348,939 Web site sectioning for mobile web browser usability
67 9,348,931 Integration of web information architecture taxonomy and web metrics taxonomy
68 9,348,928 Generating an electronic form locally on a client computer from input parameters
69 9,348,923 Software asset management using a browser plug-in
70 9,348,900 Generating an answer from multiple pipelines using clustering
71 9,348,895 Automatic suggestion for query-rewrite rules
72 9,348,893 Providing answers to questions using logical synthesis of candidate answers
73 9,348,892 Natural language interface for faceted search/analysis of semistructured data
74 9,348,887 Decision tree insight discovery
75 9,348,884 Methods and apparatus for reuse optimization of a data storage process using an ordered structure
76 9,348,870 Searching content managed by a search engine using relational database type queries
77 9,348,867 Method for using multiple plans to achieve temporal and archive transparency performance
78 9,348,861 Capturing change data of deferred updates
79 9,348,859 Providing record-level sharing (RLS) to local data sets
80 9,348,857 Probabilistically finding the connected components of an undirected graph
81 9,348,856 Data movement from a database to a distributed file system
82 9,348,855 Supporting big data in enterprise content management systems
83 9,348,853 Mobile application cache based on extreme scale technology
84 9,348,837 Index writing in a linear tape file system
85 9,348,834 Effective method to compress tabular data export files for data movement
86 9,348,817 Automatic generation of question-answer pairs from conversational text
87 9,348,807 Apparatus and method for providing a condition builder interface
88 9,348,806 High speed dictionary expansion
89 9,348,796 Arithmetic operation in a data processing system
90 9,348,794 Population of context-based data gravity wells
91 9,348,791 N .times. N connector for optical bundles of transmit / receive duplex pairs to implement supercomputer
92 9,348,772 Executing a kernel device driver as a user space process
93 9,348,765 Expediting RCU grace periods under user mode control
94 9,348,763 Asymmetric co-existent address translation structure formats
95 9,348,759 Direct memory access (DMA) address translation with a consecutive count field
96 9,348,757 System supporting multiple partitions with differing translation formats
97 9,348,755 List-based prefetching
98 9,348,744 Implementing enhanced reliability of systems utilizing dual port DRAM
99 9,348,739 Extraction of problem diagnostic knowledge from test cases
100 9,348,738 Testing functional correctness and idempotence of software automation scripts
101 9,348,737 Query-based generation of data records
102 9,348,731 Tracing the execution path of a computer program
103 9,348,728 Trace capture of successfully completed transactions for trace debugging of failed transactions
104 9,348,727 Enhancing GUI automation testing using video
105 9,348,726 Detecting potential class loader problems using the class search path sequence for each class loader
106 9,348,721 Diagnosing entities associated with software components
107 9,348,716 Restoring redundancy in a storage group when a storage device in the storage group fails
108 9,348,707 Dynamically adjusting the number of replicas of a file according to the probability that the file will be accessed within a distributed file system
109 9,348,698 Modifying a dispersed storage network memory data access response plan
110 9,348,687 Determining a number of unique incidents in a plurality of incidents for incident processing in a distributed processing system
111 9,348,686 Error checking using serial collection of error data
112 9,348,680 Statistical design with importance sampling reuse
113 9,348,670 Providing a recovery placeholder within an application
114 9,348,664 Acceleration prediction in hybrid systems
115 9,348,661 Assigning a unique identifier to a communicator
116 9,348,660 Apparatus and method for serializing process instance access to information stored redundantly in at least two datastores
117 9,348,654 Management of virtual machine migration in an operating environment
118 9,348,653 Virtual machine management among networked servers
119 9,348,651 Constructing a logical tree topology in a parallel computer
120 9,348,650 Determining an optimal computing environment for running an image based on performance of similar images
121 9,348,649 Network resource management system utilizing physical network identification for converging operations
122 9,348,644 Application-level dispatcher control of application-level pseudo threads and operating system threads
123 9,348,643 Prefetching of discontiguous storage locations as part of transactional execution
124 9,348,642 Transaction begin/end instructions
125 9,348,640 Transaction processing system, method and program
126 9,348,639 J2EE application versioning strategy
127 9,348,632 Data assignment and data scheduling for physical machines in a virtual machine environment
128 9,348,624 Monitoring file access of java processes
129 9,348,621 Using hardware transactional memory for implementation of queue operations
130 9,348,620 Using hardware transactional memory for implementation of queue operations
131 9,348,616 Linking a function with dual entry points
132 9,348,611 Navigation through historical stored interactions associated with a multi-user view
133 9,348,599 Confidence threshold-based opposing branch path execution for branch prediction
134 9,348,596 Forming instruction groups based on decode time instruction optimization
135 9,348,583 Automatic untangling cyclic dependencies in software systems
136 9,348,581 Systems, method and computer program products for tracking and viewing changes to information stored in a data structure
137 9,348,570 Providing a custom virtual appliance
138 9,348,565 Compact data marshaller generation
139 9,348,562 Correcting non-compliant source code in an integrated development environment
140 9,348,559 Interconnecting portal components with dialog state transitions
141 9,348,528 Data integrity protection in storage volumes
142 9,348,524 Memory controlled operations under dynamic relocation of storage
143 9,348,523 Code optimization to enable and disable coalescing of memory transactions
144 9,348,522 Software indications and hints for coalescing memory transactions
145 9,348,518 Buffered automated flash controller connected directly to processor memory bus
146 9,348,517 Using a migration threshold and a candidate list for cache management of sequential write storage
147 9,348,508 Automatic detection of user preferences for alternate user interface model
148 9,348,507 Controlling electronic equipment with a touching-type signal input device
149 9,348,489 Graphical user interfaces for managing hierarchical systems
150 9,348,457 User interface tap selection on touchscreen device
151 9,348,406 Apparatus and method for activating and shutting down enhanced modules within an activated pipeline stage based on performance requirements and module priority
152 9,348,390 Dynamically adjusting power disturbance hold up times
153 9,348,357 Stitchable global clock for 3D chips
154 9,348,057 Method and apparatus for calibrating sensors that detect wafer protrusion from a wafer cassette
155 9,347,780 Intelligent route navigation
156 9,347,147 Method and apparatus for controlling and monitoring the potential
157 9,346,922 Flame retardant block copolymers from renewable feeds
158 9,346,168 Information technology asset type identification using a mobile vision-enabled robot