IBM patents granted on 24 November 2015

129 US patents granted on 24 November 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,198,223 Telecommunication network
2 9,198,222 Telecommunication network
3 9,198,031 Managing distribution of software updates in near field communication (NFC) mobile devices
4 9,197,926 Location based determination of related content
5 9,197,920 Shared media experience distribution and playback
6 9,197,868 Optimizing video stream processing
7 9,197,671 Connection configuration
8 9,197,631 Digital certificate issuer-correlated digital signature verification
9 9,197,629 Remote direct memory access authentication of a device
10 9,197,611 Topic protection policy for publish-subscribe messaging system
11 9,197,587 User initiated rule-based restrictions on messaging applications
12 9,197,563 Bypassing congestion points in a converged enhanced ethernet fabric
13 9,197,556 Communications over multiple protocol interfaces in a computing environment
14 9,197,551 Heterogeneous overlay network translation for domain unification
15 9,197,540 Unregistered multicast packet forwarding to multicast router ports
16 9,197,539 Multicast miss notification for a distributed network switch
17 9,197,497 Configuration of network entities using firmware
18 9,197,433 Supporting non-delivery notification between a switch and device in a network
19 9,197,431 Matching an autonomic manager with a manageable resource
20 9,197,420 Using information in a digital certificate to authenticate a network of a wireless access point
21 9,197,243 Compression ratio for a compression engine
22 9,197,225 Control voltage mirror circuit
23 9,197,053 Retractable interconnect device including multiple electrical paths
24 9,196,951 Millimeter-wave radio frequency integrated circuit packages with integrated antennas
25 9,196,711 Fin field effect transistor including self-aligned raised active regions
26 9,196,707 Oxygen scavenging spacer for a gate electrode
27 9,196,696 Integrated circuits with improved gate uniformity and methods for fabricating same
28 9,196,671 Integrated decoupling capacitor utilizing through-silicon via
29 9,196,613 Stress inducing contact metal in FinFET CMOS
30 9,196,612 Semiconductor device including merged-unmerged work function metal and variable fin pitch
31 9,196,592 Methods of managing metal density in dicing channel and related integrated circuit structures
32 9,196,591 Chip with shelf life
33 9,196,485 Stacked sidewall patterning
34 9,196,479 Method of co-integration of strained silicon and strained germanium in semiconductor devices including fin structures
35 9,196,383 Scalable prediction failure analysis for memory used in modern computers
36 9,196,347 DRAM controller for variable refresh operation timing
37 9,196,289 Method and device for high density data storage
38 9,196,264 Products with tape formats having one or more spare areas and apparatuses configured for use with such products
39 9,196,243 Method and system for efficient spoken term detection using confusion networks
40 9,196,241 Asynchronous communications using messages recorded on handheld devices
41 9,196,173 Visualizing the mood of a group of individuals
42 9,196,103 Entry technology for building automation
43 9,196,073 Audio media mood visualization
44 9,196,027 Automatic focus stacking of captured images
45 9,196,011 Smoothing power output from a wind farm
46 9,196,010 Resource cost optimization system, method, and program
47 9,195,970 Calendaring tool with optimized management capabilities
48 9,195,955 Expedited process execution using probabilities
49 9,195,954 Autonomic manufacturing operator authorization adjustment
50 9,195,941 Predictive and descriptive analysis on relations graphs with heterogeneous entities
51 9,195,903 Extracting salient features from video using a neurosynaptic system
52 9,195,856 Data processing lock signal transmission
53 9,195,855 Data processing lock signal transmission
54 9,195,853 Automated document redaction
55 9,195,763 Identifying unknown parameter and name value pairs
56 9,195,754 Expansion of search result information
57 9,195,744 Protecting information in search queries
58 9,195,730 Verifying correctness of a database system via extended access paths
59 9,195,729 Efficient loading of data in databases
60 9,195,725 Resolving database integration conflicts using data provenance
61 9,195,711 Persisting and retrieving arbitrary slices of nested structures using a column-oriented data store
62 9,195,710 Query optimization in a parallel computer system to reduce network traffic
63 9,195,702 Management and synchronization of batch workloads with active/active sites OLTP workloads
64 9,195,696 Method and system for data transfer optimization
65 9,195,693 Transaction prediction modeling method
66 9,195,691 Managing test data in large scale performance environment
67 9,195,673 Scalable graph modeling of metadata for deduplicated storage systems
68 9,195,667 System for on-line archiving of content in an object store
69 9,195,660 Contextual search for modeling notations
70 9,195,642 Spell checking URLs in a resource
71 9,195,635 Temporal topic segmentation and keyword selection for text visualization
72 9,195,630 Three-dimensional computer processor systems having multiple local power and cooling layers and a global interconnection structure
73 9,195,623 Multiple address spaces per adapter with address translation
74 9,195,614 Instantaneous save/restore of virtual machines with persistent memory
75 9,195,613 Systems and methods for managing read-only memory
76 9,195,608 Stored data analysis
77 9,195,601 Selective release-behind of pages based on repaging history in an information handling system
78 9,195,598 Synchronous and asynchronous discard scans based on the type of cache memory
79 9,195,597 Avoiding recall operations in a tiered data storage system
80 9,195,578 Systems, methods and computer program products memory space management for storage class memory
81 9,195,573 Remediation of known defects and vulnerabilities in cloud application packages
82 9,195,570 Progressive black-box testing of computer software applications
83 9,195,567 Debugging data format conversion
84 9,195,566 Defect analysis system for error impact reduction
85 9,195,564 Advanced notification of workload
86 9,195,559 Management of stream operators with dynamic connections
87 9,195,558 Piloting in service delivery
88 9,195,555 Error injection into the leaf functions of call graphs
89 9,195,550 Method for guaranteeing program correctness using fine-grained hardware speculative execution
90 9,195,545 Self-healing using an alternate boot partition
91 9,195,544 Self-healing using an alternate boot partition
92 9,195,517 Determining collective barrier operation skew in a parallel computer
93 9,195,516 Determining collective barrier operation skew in a parallel computer
94 9,195,512 Relocating related resource partitions
95 9,195,509 Identifying optimal platforms for workload placement in a networked computing environment
96 9,195,506 Processor provisioning by a middleware processing system for a plurality of logical processor partitions
97 9,195,503 Auto detecting shared libraries and creating a virtual scope repository
98 9,195,502 Auto detecting shared libraries and creating a virtual scope repository
99 9,195,499 Batch jobs using positional scheduling policies of mobile devices
100 9,195,498 Supply capability engine weekly poller
101 9,195,496 Automated caching and mirroring of immutable data in distributed virtual machines via native interface components
102 9,195,493 Dispatching multiple threads in a computer
103 9,195,489 Image deployment in a cloud environment
104 9,195,488 Image deployment in a cloud environment
105 9,195,482 Method and apparatus for distributing a composite software stack as a virtual machine image
106 9,195,463 Processing core with speculative register preprocessing in unused execution unit cycles
107 9,195,461 Run-time instrumentation reporting
108 9,195,458 System and/or method for computing interprocedural dominators
109 9,195,453 Remediation of known defects and vulnerabilities in cloud application packages
110 9,195,452 Upgrade of software images based on streaming technique
111 9,195,448 Caching and analyzing images for faster and simpler cloud application deployment
112 9,195,443 Providing performance tuned versions of compiled code to a CPU in a system of heterogeneous cores
113 9,195,440 Intelligent data source selection in application development
114 9,195,412 System and method for transforming an in-use raid array including migrating data using reserved extents
115 9,195,405 Log data store that stores data across a plurality of storage devices using non-disjoint layers
116 9,195,403 Replicating tracks from a first storage site to a second and third storage sites
117 9,195,394 Transport mode data transfer between a channel subsystem and input/output devices
118 9,195,391 Touch sensitive data entry using a continuous gesture
119 9,195,367 Managing active GUI elements remotely
120 9,195,363 Perspective based tagging and visualization of avatars in a virtual world
121 9,195,294 Cooperatively managing enforcement of energy related policies between virtual machine and application runtime
122 9,194,915 Control test point for timing stability during scan capture
123 9,194,912 Circuits for self-reconfiguration or intrinsic functional changes of chips before vs. after stacking
124 9,194,909 Single level of metal test structure for differential timing and variability measurements of integrated circuits
125 9,194,860 Integrated nanopore and paul trap mechanism for DNA capture and motion control
126 9,194,745 Identification of material composition
127 9,194,705 Method for routing in a network, routing system, and transport system
128 9,193,818 Toughened polylactic acid (PLA) by grafting through of impact-modifying polymers directly to PLA backbone
129 9,193,584 Forming magnetic microelectromechanical inductive components