IBM patents granted on 24 October 2006

32 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,127,724 Method and apparatus for providing protocol independent naming and life cycle services in an object-oriented system
2 7,127,699 Method for optimizing a number of kernels used in a sum of coherent sources for optical proximity correction in an optical microlithography process
3 7,127,696 Method and apparatus for generating steiner trees using simultaneous blockage avoidance, delay optimization and design density management
4 7,127,691 Method and apparatus for manufacturing test generation
5 7,127,690 Method and system for defect evaluation using quiescent power plane current (IDDQ) voltage linearity
6 7,127,689 Method for preventing circuit failures due to gate oxide leakage
7 7,127,676 Method and system for providing a separate browser window with information from the main window in a simpler format
8 7,127,674 System and method for managing documents having formula based documents links
9 7,127,636 Autonomic recovery of PPRC errors detected by PPRC peer
10 7,127,599 Managing configurations of input/output system images of an input/output subsystem, wherein a configuration is modified without restarting the input/output subsystem to effect a modification
11 7,127,587 Intent seizes in a multi-processor environment
12 7,127,562 Ensuring orderly forward progress in granting snoop castout requests
13 7,127,560 Method of dynamically controlling cache size
14 7,127,522 Message multicast method and computer
15 7,127,517 Protocol adapter framework for integrating non-IIOP applications into an object server container
16 7,127,510 Access chain tracing system, network system, and storage medium
17 7,127,492 Method and apparatus for distributed application acceleration
18 7,127,480 System, method and program for backing up a computer program
19 7,127,463 Optimization of database network traffic based upon data-use analysis
20 7,127,450 Intelligent discard in information access system
21 7,127,449 Data query system load optimization
22 7,127,402 Method and apparatus for converting utterance representations into actions in a conversational system
23 7,127,389 Method for encoding and decoding spectral phase data for speech signals
24 7,127,213 Error correlation for wireless networks
25 7,126,963 Apparatus, method and computer program to reserve resources in communications system
26 7,126,778 Process of dynamically adjusting the operating parameters of a computer storage device according to environmental conditions
27 7,126,370 Power gating techniques able to have data retention and variability immunity properties
28 7,125,989 Hetero diels-alder adducts of pentacene as soluble precursors of pentacene
29 7,125,792 Dual damascene structure and method
30 7,125,785 Mixed orientation and mixed material semiconductor-on-insulator wafer
31 7,125,782 Air gaps between conductive lines for reduced RC delay of integrated circuits
32 7,125,458 Formation of a silicon germanium-on-insulator structure by oxidation of a buried porous silicon layer