IBM patents granted on 25 August 2015

73 US patents granted on 25 August 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,118,984 Control plane for integrated switch wavelength division multiplexing
2 9,118,759 Customer service analysis
3 9,118,734 Systems for managing conferences
4 9,118,682 Handling HTTP-based service requests Via IP ports
5 9,118,638 Content delivery using multiple sources over heterogeneous interfaces
6 9,118,634 Dynamic encryption of a universal resource locator
7 9,118,633 Topic protection policy for publish-subscribe messaging system
8 9,118,573 Multipath effectuation within singly contiguous network fabric via switching device routing logic programming
9 9,118,553 Monitoring of availability data for system management environments
10 9,118,516 Differential transmission line with common mode notch filter
11 9,118,242 Slab inductor device providing efficient on-chip supply voltage conversion and regulation
12 9,118,144 Multi-level connector and use thereof that mitigates data signaling reflections
13 9,117,946 Buried waveguide photodetector
14 9,117,875 Methods of forming isolated germanium-containing fins for a FinFET semiconductor device
15 9,117,824 Embedded on-chip security
16 9,117,652 Nanoporous structures by reactive ion etching
17 9,117,547 Reduced stress high voltage word line driver
18 9,117,470 Write delay to de-skew data in read while write function for tape storage devices
19 9,117,462 Tape drive with overlapped operations
20 9,117,446 Method and system for achieving emotional text to speech utilizing emotion tags assigned to text data
21 9,117,354 System and method for protecting against tampering with a security device
22 9,117,211 System and method for correlating questions and answers in an instant messaging environment
23 9,117,193 Method and system for dynamic detection of affinity between virtual entities
24 9,117,187 Presenting a filtered list of work items
25 9,117,179 Predicting user activity in social media applications
26 9,117,057 Identifying unutilized or underutilized software license
27 9,117,051 High density field effect transistor design including a broken gate line
28 9,117,045 System and method to predict chip IDDQ and control leakage components
29 9,117,032 Facilitating routing by selectively aggregating contiguous data units
30 9,117,025 Tracking of code base and defect diagnostic coupling with automated triage
31 9,117,023 Dynamic generation of test segments
32 9,117,020 Determining control flow divergence due to variable value difference
33 9,117,017 Debugger with previous version feature
34 9,117,013 Combining monitoring techniques
35 9,117,011 Characterization and functional test in a processor or system utilizing critical path monitor to dynamically manage operational timing margin
36 9,117,005 Statistics collection using path-value pairs for relational databases
37 9,116,969 Generation of electronic pedigree
38 9,116,959 Sharing a single instance of a user defined type
39 9,116,941 Reducing digest storage consumption by tracking similarity elements in a data deduplication system
40 9,116,936 Inline learning-based selective deduplication for primary storage systems
41 9,116,925 Hierarchical ranking of facial attributes
42 9,116,911 Remote file sharing based on content filtering
43 9,116,910 Data de-duplication in a distributed network
44 9,116,899 Managing changes to one or more files via linked mapping records
45 9,116,889 Publishing activity tasks in a collaborative environment
46 9,116,853 Tape backup and restore in a disk storage environment
47 9,116,852 Processing a copy command directed to a first storage architecture for data that is stored in a second storage architecture
48 9,116,843 Avoiding restart on error in data integration
49 9,116,842 Avoiding restart on error in data integration
50 9,116,816 Prefetching for a parent core in a multi-core chip
51 9,116,813 Data returned responsive to executing a Start Subchannel instruction
52 9,116,807 Handling intermittent recurring errors in a network
53 9,116,806 Methods for diagnosing entities associated with software components
54 9,116,793 Maintaining versions of data in solid state memory
55 9,116,789 Chaining move specification blocks
56 9,116,788 Using extended asynchronous data mover indirect data address words
57 9,116,779 Test management domain asset discovery and analysis
58 9,116,777 In-flight process instance migration between business process execution language (BPEL) suites
59 9,116,771 Merging weighted recommendations for installation and configuration of software products
60 9,116,767 Deployment pattern monitoring
61 9,116,760 Multicast message filtering in virtual environments
62 9,116,750 Optimizing collective communications within a parallel computer
63 9,116,744 Resource management within a process via iterative negotiation
64 9,116,738 Method and apparatus for efficient execution of concurrent processes on a multithreaded message passing system
65 9,116,702 Computer memory power management
66 9,116,700 Computer memory power management
67 9,116,680 Dynamically building locale objects or subsections of locale objects based on historical data
68 9,116,635 Configure storage class memory command
69 9,116,634 Configure storage class memory command
70 9,116,623 Optimizing storage system behavior in virtualized cloud computing environments by tagging input/output operation data to indicate storage policy
71 9,116,205 Test coverage of integrated circuits with test vector input spreading
72 9,116,200 Methodologies and test configurations for testing thermal interface materials
73 9,116,038 Integrated optical illumination reference source