IBM patents granted on 25 December 2007

57 US patents granted on 25 December 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,313,827 Apparatus and method for analysis of conversational patterns to position information and autonomic access control list management
2 7,313,820 Method and system for providing an authorization framework for applications
3 7,313,796 Reciprocity and stabilization in dynamic resource reallocation among logically partitioned systems
4 7,313,788 Vectorization in a SIMdD DSP architecture
5 7,313,786 Grid-enabled ANT compatible with both stand-alone and grid-based computing systems
6 7,313,785 Method and system for generating executable code for formatting and printing complex data structures
7 7,313,784 Language independent code assist user preferences configuration method, system, article of manufacture, and computer program product
8 7,313,772 Systems, methods, and media for block-based assertion generation, qualification and analysis
9 7,313,747 Measuring microprocessor susceptibility to internal noise generation
10 7,313,744 Methods and apparatus for testing a scan chain to isolate defects
11 7,313,738 System and method for system-on-chip interconnect verification
12 7,313,734 Method and system for instruction tracing with enhanced interrupt avoidance
13 7,313,709 Instruction set with thermal opcode for high-performance microprocessor, microprocessor, and method therefor
14 7,313,693 Secure transmission using adaptive transformation and plural channels
15 7,313,691 Internet site authentication service
16 7,313,689 Method, system and service for the authentication of a public key certificate
17 7,313,681 Apparatus, system, and method for adapter fastload
18 7,313,673 Fine grained multi-thread dispatch block mechanism
19 7,313,638 Command accumulation tool
20 7,313,616 Web site management in a world wide web communication network through periodic reassignment of the server computers designated for respective web documents related to document weight based on byte count and program content
21 7,313,615 Communications management using weights and thresholds
22 7,313,601 Adaptive control system and method for optimized invocation of portlets
23 7,313,593 Method and apparatus for providing full duplex and multipoint IP audio streaming
24 7,313,584 Increased precision in the computation of a reciprocal square root
25 7,313,582 Arithmetic functions in torus and tree networks
26 7,313,581 Method for deferred deletion of entries for a directory service backing store
27 7,313,573 Diagnosis of equipment failures using an integrated approach of case based reasoning and reliability analysis
28 7,313,570 Mapping Enterprise Java Bean attributes to database schema
29 7,313,568 Generating and analyzing business process-aware modules
30 7,313,563 Method, system and recording medium for maintaining the order of nodes in a heirarchical document
31 7,313,560 Data migration system and method
32 7,313,554 System and method for indexing queries, rules and subscriptions
33 7,313,553 Apparatus and method for using values from a frequent values list to bridge additional keys in a database index
34 7,313,533 Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling business level service level agreements
35 7,313,514 Validating content of localization data files
36 7,313,507 System and method for spatially profiling a distribution of hydrophobicity of a transmembrane protein
37 7,313,290 Method for improving the viewing of small icons and small text on high resolution displays
38 7,313,278 Content generation, extraction and distribution of image region segments from video images
39 7,313,236 Methods and apparatus for secure and adaptive delivery of multimedia content
40 7,313,178 Transceiver for receiving and transmitting data over a network and method for testing the same
41 7,313,137 System and method for efficient replication and distribution of data objects
42 7,313,045 Dynamic semiconductor storage device
43 7,313,032 SRAM voltage control for improved operational margins
44 7,313,013 Spin-current switchable magnetic memory element and method of fabricating the memory element
45 7,313,012 Back-gate controlled asymmetrical memory cell and memory using the cell
46 7,312,529 Structure and method for producing multiple size interconnections
47 7,312,524 Method for fabricating an ultralow dielectric constant material as an intralevel or interlevel dielectric in a semiconductor device and electronic device made
48 7,312,523 Enhanced via structure for organic module performance
49 7,312,502 Multiple dielectric FinFET structure and method
50 7,312,487 Three dimensional integrated circuit
51 7,312,402 Method and apparatus for providing improved loop inductance of decoupling capacitors
52 7,312,261 Thermal interface adhesive and rework
53 7,312,141 Shapes-based migration of aluminum designs to copper damascene
54 7,312,134 Dual stressed SOI substrates
55 7,311,809 Plating apparatus for substrate
56 7,311,548 Jumper installation feedback
57 7,311,282 Housing for information storage medium and method using same