IBM patents granted on 25 January 2011

136 US patents granted on 25 January 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,877,812 Method, system and computer program product for enforcing privacy policies
2 7,877,794 Relay apparatus, relay method and program therefor
3 7,877,792 System and method for authentication to an application
4 7,877,791 System, method and program for authentication and access control
5 7,877,765 Viewing pattern data collection
6 7,877,759 System for efficient performance monitoring of a large number of simultaneous events
7 7,877,756 Apparatus and method for inter-object communication
8 7,877,755 Dynamic application placement with allocation restrictions and even load distribution
9 7,877,754 Methods, systems, and media to expand resources available to a logical partition
10 7,877,742 Method, system, and computer program product to generate test instruction streams while guaranteeing loop termination
11 7,877,739 Method of partially copying first and last private arrays for parallelized loops based on array data flow
12 7,877,734 Selective profiling of program code executing in a runtime environment
13 7,877,732 Efficient stress testing of a service oriented architecture based application
14 7,877,720 Method and tool for designing electronic circuits on a printed circuit board
15 7,877,717 Accurately modeling an asynchronous interface using expanded logic elements
16 7,877,716 Computer program products for determining stopping powers of design structures with respect to a traveling particle
17 7,877,714 System and method to optimize semiconductor power by integration of physical design timing and product performance measurements
18 7,877,712 System for and method of verifying IC authenticity
19 7,877,706 Controlling a document based on user behavioral signals detected from a 3D captured image stream
20 7,877,702 Tree widget data population
21 7,877,701 In-context total document views for manipulating data
22 7,877,700 Adding accessibility to drag-and-drop web content
23 7,877,680 Auto-generation and auto-versioning of a multi-sourced dynamic document
24 7,877,662 Reverse concatenation for product codes
25 7,877,659 Memory model for functional verification of multi-processor systems
26 7,877,655 Method for performing a test case with a LBIST engine on an integrated circuit, integrated circuit and method for specifying an integrated circuit
27 7,877,644 Computer application performance optimization system
28 7,877,643 Method, system, and product for providing extended error handling capability in host bridges
29 7,877,642 Automatic software fault diagnosis by exploiting application signatures
30 7,877,635 Autonomous diagnosis and repair of storage components
31 7,877,628 Mirroring data between primary and secondary sites
32 7,877,622 Selecting between high availability redundant power supply modes for powering a computer system
33 7,877,620 Managing power in a parallel computer
34 7,877,603 Configuring a storage drive to communicate with encryption and key managers
35 7,877,602 Transparent aware data transformation at file system level for efficient encryption and integrity validation of network files
36 7,877,597 Anonymous peer-to-peer communication
37 7,877,591 Hardware abstraction for set-top box operating systems
38 7,877,590 Consistent data storage subsystem configuration replication
39 7,877,586 Branch target address cache selectively applying a delayed hit
40 7,877,582 Multi-addressable register file
41 7,877,580 Branch lookahead prefetch for microprocessors
42 7,877,579 System and method for prioritizing compare instructions
43 7,877,563 Programmable memory device security
44 7,877,561 Method and system for copying the data contents of a computer system memory during application program run-time
45 7,877,551 Programmable partitioning for high-performance coherence domains in a multiprocessor system
46 7,877,550 Bus controller initiated write-through mechanism with hardware automatically generated clean command
47 7,877,548 Shared buffer having hardware-controlled buffer regions
48 7,877,547 Method, system and circuit for efficiently managing a cache storage device
49 7,877,546 System, method, and circuit for retrieving data in data blocks into a cache memory from a mass data storage device based on a triggering event
50 7,877,544 Storing redundant segments and parity information for segmented logical volumes
51 7,877,523 Apparatus, computer program product, and system for completing a plurality of chained list DMA commands that include a fenced list DMA command element
52 7,877,517 Determining whether to compress data transmitted over a network
53 7,877,506 System, method and program for encryption during routing
54 7,877,498 Method and architecture for processing RTP packets
55 7,877,497 On-demand media streaming from a user’s own library to a receiving device of the user
56 7,877,486 Auto-establishment of a voice channel of access to a session for a composite service from a visual channel of access to the session for the composite service
57 7,877,485 Maintaining session states within virtual machine environments
58 7,877,484 System and method for bulk processing of semi-structured result streams from multiple resources
59 7,877,480 Method and system for peer-to-peer authorization
60 7,877,478 Ghost agents for application domains within a grid environment
61 7,877,475 Method and system for display of activity of users
62 7,877,471 Detecting system reconfiguration and maintaining persistent I/O configuration data in a clustered computer system
63 7,877,465 Providing artifact and configuration cohesion across disparate portal application models
64 7,877,464 Apparatus and method to remotely change IP address of server
65 7,877,453 System and method for optimizing data traffic in signaling stream of IP multimedia subsystem service
66 7,877,452 Composing, browsing, replying, forwarding e-mail
67 7,877,451 System, method and program product for distribution of content contained in an electronic mail message
68 7,877,448 Granularly selecting a subset of recipients who can reply to a sender’s e-mail
69 7,877,447 Method and system for managing rejected messages
70 7,877,445 Collaboration server, collaboration system, and method and program for collaboration server and system, for reducing network traffic
71 7,877,443 Method, system, and computer program product for web conference participant display render acknowledgement
72 7,877,436 Mechanism to provide reliability through packet drop detection
73 7,877,435 Method and system for transaction pipeline decomposition
74 7,877,426 Performance-enhancing system and method of accessing file system objects
75 7,877,421 Method and system for mapping enterprise data assets to a semantic information model
76 7,877,418 Schema for sharing relational database types
77 7,877,416 System and program product for displaying a logical structure
78 7,877,399 Method, system, and computer program product for comparing two computer files
79 7,877,398 Masking related sensitive data in groups
80 7,877,391 Managing recommendations in a group resource environment
81 7,877,390 Systems and methods for providing autonomous persistent storage systems
82 7,877,381 Progressive refinement of a federated query plan during query execution
83 7,877,377 Dropping tautological predicates from SQL queries for reusability
84 7,877,367 Computer method and apparatus for graphical inquiry specification with progressive summary
85 7,877,360 Recovery point identification in CDP environments
86 7,877,355 Job scheduling for automatic movement of multidimensional data between live datacubes
87 7,877,336 Nucleotide sequence screening
88 7,877,332 Apparatuses for spontaneous collaboration between shoppers and selected consultants
89 7,877,293 User context based distributed self service system for service enhanced resource delivery
90 7,877,285 System and method for forecasting demanufacturing requirements
91 7,877,284 Method and system for developing an accurate skills inventory using data from delivery operations
92 7,877,249 Concealment of external array accesses in a hardware simulation accelerator
93 7,877,222 Structure for a phase locked loop with adjustable voltage based on temperature
94 7,877,214 Hydrophobic moment of multi-domain proteins
95 7,877,084 Method and system for automatic call filtering based on user selectable parameters
96 7,877,083 Method and system for verifying telephone numbers across service providers
97 7,876,952 Removal of relatively unimportant shapes from a set of shapes
98 7,876,940 Universal image processing
99 7,876,895 System, method, and service for performing unified broadcast encryption and traitor tracing for digital content
100 7,876,891 Electronic communication distribution system
101 7,876,889 Automated calling system for conference calls
102 7,876,773 Method, apparatus and program for transferring data
103 7,876,757 Router-assisted fast processing of packet termination in host
104 7,876,754 Methods and arrangements for monitoring subsource addressing multicast distribution trees
105 7,876,751 Reliable link layer packet retry
106 7,876,748 Stable hash-based mapping computation for a dynamically varying target set
107 7,876,703 System and method for enabling connection among devices in a network
108 7,876,663 Scanning system for a probe storage device
109 7,876,662 Recording in probe-based data storage devices
110 7,876,565 Method of obtaining enhanced localized thermal interface regions by particle stacking
111 7,876,547 Vertical parallel plate capacitor structures
112 7,876,521 Servo control in tape drives
113 7,876,516 Rewrite-efficient ECC/interleaving for multi-track recording on magnetic tape
114 7,876,439 Multi layer alignment and overlay target and measurement method
115 7,876,233 Method to provide intelligent lighting for locating an error condition of a computer resource
116 7,876,201 Vehicle authorization method and system
117 7,876,145 Control system architecture for qubits
118 7,876,131 Dual gate transistor keeper dynamic logic
119 7,875,987 Method and apparatus for measurement and control of photomask to substrate alignment
120 7,875,972 Semiconductor device assembly having a stress-relieving buffer layer
121 7,875,960 Hybrid oriented substrates and crystal imprinting methods for forming such hybrid oriented substrates
122 7,875,919 Shallow trench capacitor compatible with high-K / metal gate
123 7,875,908 Selective links in silicon hetero-junction bipolar transistors using carbon doping and method of forming same
124 7,875,873 Phase change materials and associated memory devices
125 7,875,854 Design structure for alpha particle sensor in SOI technology and structure thereof
126 7,875,806 Structure and method to gain substantial reliability improvements in lead-free BGAs assembled with lead-bearing solders
127 7,875,550 Method and structure for self-aligned device contacts
128 7,875,544 Method of producing a semiconductor interconnect architecture including generation of metal holes by via mutation
129 7,875,528 Method, system, program product for bonding two circuitry-including substrates and related stage
130 7,875,511 CMOS structure including differential channel stressing layer compositions
131 7,875,502 Semiconductor chips with crack stop regions for reducing crack propagation from chip edges/corners
132 7,875,408 Bleachable materials for lithography
133 7,874,862 Connector actuation mechanism
134 7,874,749 Apparatus, method, and control program for turning the pages of a passbook
135 7,874,507 Tape tension modulation system and method
136 7,874,062 Methods for defining the track width of magnetic head having a flat sensor profile