IBM patents granted on 25 March 2014

192 US patents granted on 25 March 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,683,611 High resolution AFM tips containing an aluminum-doped semiconductor nanowire
2 8,683,609 Mobile phone and IP address correlation service
3 8,683,599 Static analysis for verification of software program access to secure resources for computer systems
4 8,683,596 Detection of DOM-based cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
5 8,683,589 Providing protection against unauthorized network access
6 8,683,587 Non-intrusive monitoring of services in a services-oriented architecture
7 8,683,573 Detection of rogue client-agnostic nat device tunnels
8 8,683,558 System for online compromise tool
9 8,683,545 Federating policies from multiple policy providers
10 8,683,532 Space-shifting media streaming system
11 8,683,491 Information processing apparatus, execution method, and object program
12 8,683,489 Message queue transaction tracking using application activity trace data
13 8,683,485 Evenly distributing workload and providing a predictable failover scenario in a data replication system
14 8,683,481 Resource allocation for a plurality of resources for a dual activity system
15 8,683,480 Resource allocation for a plurality of resources for a dual activity system
16 8,683,478 Best fit mapping of self-virtualizing input/output device virtual functions for mobile logical partitions
17 8,683,475 Method and apparatus for grid enabling standard applications
18 8,683,473 Dynamic task association between independent, unrelated projects
19 8,683,472 Adjusting thread priority to optimize computer system performance and the utilization of computer system resources
20 8,683,465 Virtual image deployment with a warm cache
21 8,683,460 Grandfathering configurations in a distributed environment
22 8,683,448 Protecting integrity of breakpoints in a software debugger
23 8,683,446 Generation of test cases for functional testing of applications
24 8,683,441 Software equivalence checking
25 8,683,439 System and process for debugging object-oriented programming code leveraging preprocessors
26 8,683,438 System, computer program product and method for comparative debugging
27 8,683,430 Synchronizing development code and deployed executable versioning within distributed systems
28 8,683,425 System for generating application architecture design work products
29 8,683,423 Mining sequential patterns in weighted directed graphs
30 8,683,418 Adaptive workload based optimizations to mitigate current delivery limitations in integrated circuits
31 8,683,413 Method for making high-speed ceramic modules with hybrid referencing scheme for improved performance and reduced cost
32 8,683,411 Electronic design automation object placement with partially region-constrained objects
33 8,683,409 Performing statistical timing analysis with non-separable statistical and deterministic variations
34 8,683,402 Clock alias for timing analysis of an integrated circuit design
35 8,683,398 Automated synthesis of high-performance two operand binary parallel prefix adder
36 8,683,393 Integrated design environment for nanophotonics
37 8,683,380 Multicast file viewing and editing
38 8,683,373 Organizing files based on download locations
39 8,683,352 Selectable flattening hierarchical file browser
40 8,683,351 Chat user interface for threaded text chat systems
41 8,683,344 Link clouds and user/community-driven dynamic interlinking of resources
42 8,683,333 Brokering of personalized rulesets for use in digital media character replacement
43 8,683,313 System for processing mixed-format files
44 8,683,307 Checksum calculation, prediction and validation
45 8,683,282 Automatic identification of information useful for generation-based functional verification
46 8,683,275 Controlling IPSec offload enablement during hardware failures
47 8,683,268 Key based cluster log coalescing
48 8,683,267 Virtual debugging sessions
49 8,683,264 Processing execution requests within different computing environments
50 8,683,261 Out of order millicode control operation
51 8,683,251 Determining redundancy of power feeds connecting a server to a power supply
52 8,683,250 Minimizing storage power consumption
53 8,683,223 Selective encryption within documents
54 8,683,222 Optimizing use of hardware security modules
55 8,683,199 System, method and program for protecting information on computer screen
56 8,683,188 Reboot controller to prevent unauthorized reboot
57 8,683,185 Ceasing parallel processing of first set of loops upon selectable number of monitored terminations and processing second set
58 8,683,180 Intermediate register mapper
59 8,683,176 Dynamic address translation with translation exception qualifier
60 8,683,175 Seamless interface for multi-threaded core accelerators
61 8,683,169 Selecting an auxiliary storage medium for writing data of real storage pages
62 8,683,160 Method and apparatus for supporting memory usage accounting
63 8,683,151 Variable data preservation prewrite
64 8,683,150 System and method for optimizing data in value-based storage system
65 8,683,142 Technique and apparatus for identifying cache segments for caching data to be written to main memory
66 8,683,140 Cache-based speculation of stores following synchronizing operations
67 8,683,138 Instruction for pre-fetching data and releasing cache lines
68 8,683,131 Direct memory address for solid-state drives
69 8,683,130 Fabricating key fields
70 8,683,128 Memory bus write prioritization
71 8,683,127 Checkpointed tag prefetcher
72 8,683,108 Connected input/output hub management
73 8,683,107 Memory mapped input/output bus address range translation
74 8,683,104 Hierarchical multi-tenancy support for host attachment configuration through resource groups
75 8,683,103 Hierarchical multi-tenancy support for host attachment configuration through resource groups
76 8,683,084 Fibre channel input/output data routing system and method
77 8,683,083 Fibre channel input/output data routing system and method
78 8,683,047 Method and apparatus for dynamically determining connection establishment mechanism based on the relative locations
79 8,683,033 Apparatus, system, and method for server failover to standby server during broadcast storm or denial-of-service attack
80 8,683,027 Utilization of uncertainty dependency relationships between items in a data stream
81 8,683,026 Framework providing unified infrastructure management for polymorphic information technology (IT) functions across disparate groups in a cloud computing environment
82 8,683,022 Methods and apparatus for assigning a physical adapter to a virtual adapter
83 8,682,980 Providing chat histories to invitees
84 8,682,971 Relationship management in a social network service
85 8,682,954 Replication in a network environment
86 8,682,944 File system location verification using a sentinel
87 8,682,931 Morphing a data center in a virtual world
88 8,682,928 Method, system and program for direct client file access in a data management system
89 8,682,924 Hybrid and iterative keyword and category search technique
90 8,682,923 Set-level comparisons in dynamically formed groups
91 8,682,912 Providing secure access to data with user defined table functions
92 8,682,909 Managing processes in a repository
93 8,682,903 System and method for synchronized content directories on cluster devices
94 8,682,900 System, method and computer program product for documents retrieval
95 8,682,898 Systems and methods for discovering synonymous elements using context over multiple similar addresses
96 8,682,877 Constrained transaction execution
97 8,682,875 Database statistics for optimization of database queries containing user-defined functions
98 8,682,873 Efficient construction of synthetic backups within deduplication storage system
99 8,682,869 Increased in-line deduplication efficiency
100 8,682,868 Removal of data remanence in deduplicated storage clouds
101 8,682,867 Deleted data recovery in data storage systems
102 8,682,855 Methods, systems, and physical computer storage media for backing up a database
103 8,682,854 Efficient construction of synthetic backups within deduplication storage system
104 8,682,850 Method of enhancing de-duplication impact by preferential selection of master copy to be retained
105 8,682,843 Method and system for profile typing in batch loading documents into a service registry in a computing environment
106 8,682,840 Representing relationships between data
107 8,682,832 Application of normative rules in a virtual universe
108 8,682,825 Smarter business intelligence systems
109 8,682,822 Electronic learning synapse with spike-timing dependent plasticity using memory-switching elements
110 8,682,818 Pareto sampling using simplicial refinement by derivative pursuit
111 8,682,808 Method and apparatus for processing logistic information
112 8,682,710 System and method to model and forecast technology adoption
113 8,682,705 Information technology management based on computer dynamically adjusted discrete phases of event correlation
114 8,682,678 Automatic realtime speech impairment correction
115 8,682,670 Statistical enhancement of speech output from a statistical text-to-speech synthesis system
116 8,682,641 Method, program and system for finding correspondence between terms
117 8,682,640 Self-configuring language translation device
118 8,682,634 Analyzing a patterning process using a model of yield
119 8,682,633 Cost evaluation and prediction
120 8,682,630 Managing component coupling in an object-centric process implementation
121 8,682,498 Load shedding by an electric utility
122 8,682,470 Data storage drive with target of opportunity recognition
123 8,682,385 Managing third party transactions at a mobile operator
124 8,682,249 Input device with switchable frequency channel for switchable use between computer systems
125 8,682,247 Performing caller based routing of a phone call
126 8,682,241 Method and system for improving the quality of teaching through analysis using a virtual teaching device
127 8,682,128 Optical waveguide with periodic sub-wavelength sized regions
128 8,682,091 Real-time image compression
129 8,682,057 Optical imaging and analysis of a graphic symbol
130 8,682,032 Event detection through pattern discovery
131 8,682,004 Positional audio in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
132 8,681,990 Renewal management for data items
133 8,681,986 Single-round password-based key exchange protocols
134 8,681,957 Extracting social relations from calling time data
135 8,681,839 Calibration of multiple parallel data communications lines for high skew conditions
136 8,681,819 Programmable multifield parser packet
137 8,681,780 Establishing electronically authenticated internet voice connections
138 8,681,639 Method and system for finding
139 8,681,606 Implementing redundancy on infiniband (IB) networks
140 8,681,571 Training a memory controller and a memory device using multiple read and write operations
141 8,681,448 Tension transients suppression during acceleration and/or deceleration for storage tape drive
142 8,681,409 Nonvolatile nano-electromechanical system device
143 8,681,254 Methods for enhancing quality of pixel sensor image frames for global shutter imaging
144 8,681,232 Visual content-aware automatic camera adjustment
145 8,681,155 Ranking nodes in a graph
146 8,681,144 Prioritized rendering of objects in a virtual universe
147 8,681,007 Managing a potential choking condition with a monitoring system
148 8,680,872 Identification of false positives in high impedance fault detection
149 8,680,871 Alignment correction system and method of use
150 8,680,845 Non-contact current and voltage sensor
151 8,680,689 Coplanar waveguide for stacked multi-chip systems
152 8,680,675 Structures and methods for improving solder bump connections in semiconductor devices
153 8,680,670 Multi-chip module system with removable socketed modules
154 8,680,651 Nanopillar decoupling capacitor
155 8,680,646 Self-aligned carbon electronics with embedded gate electrode
156 8,680,644 Semiconductor device and method for making same
157 8,680,629 Control of flatband voltages and threshold voltages in high-k metal gate stacks and structures for CMOS devices
158 8,680,628 Raised source/drain field effect transistor
159 8,680,623 Techniques for enabling multiple V.sub.t devices using high-K metal gate stacks
160 8,680,617 Split level shallow trench isolation for area efficient body contacts in SOI MOSFETS
161 8,680,598 Trench structure and method of forming the trench structure
162 8,680,589 Omega shaped nanowire field effect transistors
163 8,680,577 Recessed gate field effect transistor
164 8,680,573 Diode-triggered silicon controlled rectifier with an integrated diode
165 8,680,512 Graphene transistor with a self-aligned gate
166 8,680,511 Bilayer gate dielectric with low equivalent oxide thickness for graphene devices
167 8,680,510 Method of forming compound semiconductor
168 8,680,501 Memory cell with post deposition method for regrowth of crystalline phase change material
169 8,680,393 Thin film solar cells
170 8,680,024 Methods for screening and arraying microrganisms such as viruses using subtractive contact printing background
171 8,680,023 Methods for screening and arraying microrganisms such as viruses using subtractive contact printing background
172 8,679,971 Metal-contamination-free through-substrate via structure
173 8,679,970 Structure and process for conductive contact integration
174 8,679,964 Prevention and control of intermetallic alloy inclusions
175 8,679,947 Self-formation of high-density defect-free and aligned nanostructures
176 8,679,943 Fixed curvature force loading of mechanically spalled films
177 8,679,941 Method to improve wet etch budget in FEOL integration
178 8,679,938 Shallow trench isolation for device including deep trench capacitors
179 8,679,918 Multiple-gate device with floating back gate
180 8,679,906 Asymmetric multi-gated transistor and method for forming
181 8,679,902 Stacked nanowire field effect transistor
182 8,679,899 Multipath soldered thermal interface between a chip and its heat sink
183 8,679,885 Self-aligned biosensors with enhanced sensitivity
184 8,679,863 Fine tuning highly resistive substrate resistivity and structures thereof
185 8,679,861 Semiconductor chip repair by stacking of a base semiconductor chip and a repair semiconductor chip
186 8,679,733 Patterning process for small devices
187 8,679,708 Polarization monitoring reticle design for high numerical aperture lithography systems
188 8,679,611 Edge protection seal for bonded substrates
189 8,679,280 Laser ablation of adhesive for integrated circuit fabrication
190 8,678,281 RFID scanning system and shopping bag with integrated RFID loop antenna
191 8,677,617 Printed circuit board edge connector
192 8,677,613 Enhanced modularity in heterogeneous 3D stacks