IBM patents granted on 25 November 2014

135 US patents granted on 25 November 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,898,796 Managing network data
2 8,898,761 Systems and methods for generating and validating configuration files for computing devices
3 8,898,754 Enabling authentication of OpenID user when requested identity provider is unavailable
4 8,898,745 Node authentication
5 8,898,740 Mask based challenge response test
6 8,898,731 Association of service policies based on the application of message content filters
7 8,898,718 Systems and methods for managed video services at edge-of-the-network
8 8,898,695 Selective display of messages using information processing devices
9 8,898,679 Interfacing between a caller application and a service module
10 8,898,678 Runtime optimization of an application executing on a parallel computer
11 8,898,674 Memory databus utilization management system and computer program product
12 8,898,669 Methods and systems for coordinated transactions
13 8,898,667 Dynamically manage applications on a processing system
14 8,898,665 System, method and computer program product for inviting other virtual machine to access a memory space allocated to a virtual machine
15 8,898,655 Modifying an information technology architecture framework
16 8,898,653 Non-disruptive code update of a single processor in a multi-processor computing system
17 8,898,648 Methodology for fast detection of false sharing in threaded scientific codes
18 8,898,645 Handling breakpoints in an asynchronous debug model
19 8,898,641 Managing transactions within a middleware container
20 8,898,631 Editor with commands for automatically disabling and enabling program code portions
21 8,898,624 Method and apparatus for simplified assembly of parametric information processing applications
22 8,898,619 Software factory readiness review
23 8,898,605 On-chip tunable transmission lines, methods of manufacture and design structures
24 8,898,604 Algorithm to identify best Q-gating candidates and a Q-gating cell architecture to satiate the launch-off-shift (LOS) testing
25 8,898,595 Automatically highlighting text in an electronic document
26 8,898,592 Grouping expanded and collapsed rows in a tree structure
27 8,898,589 Flattening a subset of configuration user interface (UI) panels in a hierarchy of UI panels
28 8,898,574 Degrading avatar appearances in a virtual universe
29 8,898,571 GUI-base application system and method for displaying warnings of the same
30 8,898,550 Encoding of data for transmission
31 8,898,544 DRAM error detection, evaluation, and correction
32 8,898,530 Dynamic built-in self-test system
33 8,898,522 Automated operating system test framework
34 8,898,517 Handling a failed processor of a multiprocessor information handling system
35 8,898,511 Homogeneous recovery in a redundant memory system
36 8,898,505 Dynamically configureable placement engine
37 8,898,504 Parallel data communications mechanism having reduced power continuously calibrated lines
38 8,898,503 Low latency data transfer between clock domains operated in various synchronization modes
39 8,898,483 Born encrypted optical data
40 8,898,447 Computer device separable into multiple sub-computers
41 8,898,441 Obtaining and releasing hardware threads without hypervisor involvement
42 8,898,440 Request control device, request control method and associated processors
43 8,898,428 Mapping locations of logical volume records on a physical stacked volume
44 8,898,427 Target buffer address region tracking
45 8,898,426 Target buffer address region tracking
46 8,898,418 Method, apparatus and computer program for provisioning a storage volume to a virtual server
47 8,898,416 Storage allocation management in switches utilizing flow control
48 8,898,413 Point-in-time copying of virtual storage
49 8,898,403 Self-adjusting SCSI storage port queue
50 8,898,396 Software pipelining on a network on chip
51 8,898,389 Managing high speed memory
52 8,898,378 Retention management and reordering the data based on retention times on tape
53 8,898,359 Bandwidth limiting on generated PCIe packets from debug source
54 8,898,358 Multi-protocol communication on an I2C bus
55 8,898,345 Out-of-band management of third party adapter configuration settings in a computing system
56 8,898,337 Real-time multi-block lossless recompression
57 8,898,324 Data access management in a hybrid memory server
58 8,898,316 Enhanced online collaboration system for viewers of video presentations
59 8,898,306 Dynamic application provisioning in cloud computing environments
60 8,898,299 Administering incident pools for event and alert analysis
61 8,898,291 Dynamically expanding computing resources in a networked computing environment
62 8,898,284 Adaptively modifying the observed collective behavior of individual sensor nodes based on broadcasting of parameters
63 8,898,275 Dynamically configurable session agent
64 8,898,269 Reconciling network management data
65 8,898,256 Prioritization of application component distribution
66 8,898,245 Extending memory capacity of a mobile device using proximate devices and unicasting
67 8,898,234 Email question object ownership and status tracking
68 8,898,231 Temporally associating a user with a location
69 8,898,230 Predicting availability of instant messaging users
70 8,898,224 Migrating active I/O connections with migrating servers and clients
71 8,898,222 Processing STREAMS messages over a system area network
72 8,898,207 Specifying options in filenames and multiplexing the options onto file access operations of a file system
73 8,898,203 Generating a separable query design object and database schema through visual view editing
74 8,898,198 Graphical user interface (GUI) to associate information with an object
75 8,898,194 Searching and displaying data objects residing in data management systems
76 8,898,192 Managing database inquiries
77 8,898,191 Method for providing connections for application processes to a database server
78 8,898,188 String analysis based on three-valued logic
79 8,898,182 Methods and arrangements for providing effective interactive query suggestions without query logs
80 8,898,177 E-mail thread hierarchy detection
81 8,898,165 Identification of null sets in a context-based electronic document search
82 8,898,163 Real-time information mining
83 8,898,162 Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing customized content over a network
84 8,898,160 Profiling content creation and retrieval in a content management system
85 8,898,159 Providing answers to questions using logical synthesis of candidate answers
86 8,898,154 Ranking answers to a conceptual query
87 8,898,127 Device and method for acquiring resource lock
88 8,898,124 Controlling database trigger execution with trigger return data
89 8,898,121 Merging entries in a deduplication index
90 8,898,118 Efficiency of compression of data pages
91 8,898,116 Partitioning management of system resources across multiple users
92 8,898,113 Managing replicated data
93 8,898,111 Enforcing temporal uniqueness of index keys utilizing key-valued locking in the presence of pseudo-deleted keys
94 8,898,104 Auto-mapping between source and target models using statistical and ontology techniques
95 8,898,101 Managing file systems and file-based data storage
96 8,898,097 Reconfigurable and customizable general-purpose circuits for neural networks
97 8,898,092 Leveraging user-to-tool interactions to automatically analyze defects in it services delivery
98 8,898,049 System level power profiling of embedded applications executing on virtual multicore system-on-chip platforms
99 8,897,998 Solving traffic congestion using vehicle grouping
100 8,897,911 Efficient distribution and selection of storage media in a storage medium library
101 8,897,766 System of edge byte caching for cellular networks
102 8,897,573 Virtual machine image access de-duplication
103 8,897,313 Out-of-band signaling support over standard optical SFP
104 8,897,301 Multicast bandwidth multiplication for a unified distributed switch
105 8,897,160 IP flow based offload for subscriber data optimization and scheduling at the basestation in a mobile data network
106 8,897,062 Memory programming for a phase change memory cell
107 8,896,960 Timing-based servo for determining lateral head velocity
108 8,896,954 Longitudinal position information on a magnetic tape media
109 8,896,948 Customizing a range of acceptable tape dimensional stability write conditions
110 8,896,287 Cable identification using a unique signal carried on an external conductor
111 8,896,286 Cable identification using a unique signal carried on an unused conductor
112 8,896,138 Chip identification for organic laminate packaging and methods of manufacture
113 8,896,120 Structures and methods for air gap integration
114 8,896,090 Electrical fuses and methods of making electrical fuses
115 8,896,088 Reliable electrical fuse with localized programming
116 8,896,069 Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive stress and methods of manufacturing
117 8,896,067 Method of forming finFET of variable channel width
118 8,896,063 FinFET devices containing merged epitaxial Fin-containing contact regions
119 8,896,041 Spin hall effect assisted spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory
120 8,896,035 Field effect transistor having phase transition material incorporated into one or more components for reduced leakage current
121 8,896,032 Self-aligned biosensors with enhanced sensitivity
122 8,895,995 Lateral silicon-on-insulator bipolar junction transistor radiation dosimeter
123 8,895,436 Implementing enhanced power supply distribution and decoupling utilizing TSV exclusion zone
124 8,895,434 Replacement metal gate structure for CMOS device
125 8,895,417 Reducing contact resistance for field-effect transistor devices
126 8,895,395 Reduced resistance SiGe FinFET devices and method of forming same
127 8,895,384 Gate structures and methods of manufacture
128 8,895,381 Method of co-integration of strained-Si and relaxed Si or strained SiGe FETs on insulator with planar and non-planar architectures
129 8,895,379 Integrated circuit having raised source drains devices with reduced silicide contact resistance and methods to fabricate same
130 8,895,372 Graphene based three-dimensional integrated circuit device
131 8,895,371 Transistor employing vertically stacked self-aligned carbon nanotubes
132 8,895,355 Magnetic trap for cylindrical diamagnetic materials
133 8,895,352 Method to improve nucleation of materials on graphene and carbon nanotubes
134 8,895,104 Thin film composite membranes embedded with molecular cage compounds
135 8,894,800 Polymeric edge seal for bonded substrates