IBM patents granted on 25 October 2011

45 US patents granted on 25 October 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,046,842 Methods, systems, signals and media for encouraging users of computer readable content to register
2 8,046,826 Resource server proxy method and system
3 8,046,771 Generating and using constraints associated with software related products
4 8,046,754 Methods and apparatus for customizing user-interface control in existing application
5 8,046,745 Method to examine the execution and performance of parallel threads in parallel programming
6 8,046,741 Private source code commenting
7 8,046,738 Efficiently developing encoded instructions by tracking multiple unverified instances of repetitive code segments
8 8,046,734 Workflow decision management with heuristics
9 8,046,718 System for extending the file system API
10 8,046,700 System for managing encounters in a virtual world environment
11 8,046,677 Displaying relationships between tabular data using spatial identifiers
12 8,046,641 Managing paging I/O errors during hypervisor page fault processing
13 8,046,633 Improving data availability during failure detection and recovery processing in a shared resource system
14 8,046,616 Controlling power change for a semiconductor module to preserve thermal interface therein
15 8,046,607 Method, device and system for providing information from a computing device when the computing device is in a hibernate or power off state
16 8,046,605 Computer system management and throughput maximization in the presence of power constraints
17 8,046,602 Controlling connection status of network adapters
18 8,046,574 Secure boot across a plurality of processors
19 8,046,573 Masking a hardware boot sequence
20 8,046,566 Method to reduce power consumption of a register file with multi SMT support
21 8,046,543 Selectively retaining a topmost subpool expansion to prevent thrashing
22 8,046,537 Virtualization engine and method, system, and computer program product for managing the storage of data
23 8,046,473 Maintaining session states within virtual machine environments
24 8,046,461 Methods, systems and program products for delivery of web services using categorical contracts
25 8,046,440 Managing resources through user-facing web services aggregated in portals
26 8,046,423 Memory overload protection
27 8,046,406 System for data logging
28 8,046,354 Method and apparatus for re-evaluating execution strategy for a database query
29 8,046,337 Preservation aware fixity in digital preservation
30 8,046,323 Context based bookmark
31 8,046,187 Test systems for media drives of data storage systems
32 8,045,957 Computer program product to indicate a charge for a call
33 8,045,444 Method of controlling movements of a position of a microscanner
34 8,044,931 Technique for determining a minimum size of presentation data
35 8,044,816 Apparatus, system, and method for detecting the formation of a short between a magnetoresistive head and a head substrate
36 8,044,810 System and method of damage prevention from weather occurrences
37 8,044,764 Resistor and design structure having resistor material length with sub-lithographic width
38 8,044,732 Continuously tunable inductor and method to continuously tune an inductor
39 8,044,512 Electrical property altering, planar member with solder element in IC chip package
40 8,044,510 Product and method for integration of deep trench mesh and structures under a bond pad
41 8,044,194 Cyclic carbonyl monomers functionalized with carbohydrates, polymers derived therefrom, and methods of preparation thereof
42 8,043,966 Method for monitoring patterning integrity of etched openings and forming conductive structures with the openings
43 8,043,920 finFETS and methods of making same
44 8,043,893 Thermo-compression bonded electrical interconnect structure and method
45 8,043,886 Methods for manufacturing a contact grid on a photovoltaic cell