IBM patents granted on 25 October 2016

83 US patents granted on 25 October 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,480,186 Apparatus and method for facilitating air cooling of an electronics rack
2 9,480,086 Management of mobile devices leveraging location based cooperation
3 9,479,925 Customizable serviceability mechanism
4 9,479,898 Limiting user operations
5 9,479,895 Location-oriented services
6 9,479,643 Linguistic coordination system
7 9,479,616 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
8 9,479,599 Reroute of a web service in a web based application
9 9,479,575 Managing capacity on demand in a server cloud
10 9,479,525 Interacting with a remote server over a network to determine whether to allow data exchange with a resource at the remote server
11 9,479,512 Social and proximity based access control for mobile applications
12 9,479,467 Gathering context information for a communication
13 9,479,465 Gathering context information for a communication
14 9,479,459 Method for controlling large distributed fabric-based switch using virtual switches and virtual controllers
15 9,479,455 Simultaneous transfers from a single input link to multiple output links with a timesliced crossbar
16 9,479,398 Enforcing runtime policies in a networked computing environment
17 9,479,389 Flexible delegation of management function for self-managing resources
18 9,479,358 Managing graphics load balancing strategies
19 9,478,736 Structure and fabrication of memory array with epitaxially grown memory elements and line-space patterns
20 9,478,708 Embedded gallium–nitride in silicon
21 9,478,468 Dual metal contact scheme for CMOS devices
22 9,478,453 Sacrificial carrier dicing of semiconductor wafers
23 9,478,427 Semiconductor structures having low resistance paths throughout a wafer
24 9,478,425 Fabrication of higher-k dielectrics
25 9,478,145 Unreasonable answer filter
26 9,478,086 Access control system that detects static electricity
27 9,477,963 Method and apparatus for automatically structuring free form heterogeneous data
28 9,477,947 Retrospective changing of previously sent messages
29 9,477,944 Asynchronous serialization for aggregating process results
30 9,477,942 Collaborative data entry
31 9,477,940 Relationship-centric portals for communication sessions
32 9,477,937 Computer-implemented method, computer program product and system for analyzing a control-flow in a business process model
33 9,477,929 Graph-based transfer learning
34 9,477,903 Grid data processing method and apparatus
35 9,477,890 Object detection using limited learned attribute ranges
36 9,477,845 Secure application debugging
37 9,477,844 Context-based security screening for accessing data
38 9,477,807 Automating system on a chip customized design integration, specification, and verification through a single, integrated service
39 9,477,797 Automating a microarchitecture design exploration environment
40 9,477,781 Adaptive variable selection for data clustering
41 9,477,755 Question-related identification of relevant social communities
42 9,477,753 Classifier-based system combination for spoken term detection
43 9,477,738 Initialization protocol for a peer-to-peer replication environment
44 9,477,705 Dynamically creating queries to find related records in a database
45 9,477,701 Generic data compression for heart diagnosis
46 9,477,694 Guaranteeing anonymity of linked data graphs
47 9,477,683 Techniques for enabling coarse-grained volume snapshots for virtual machine backup and restore
48 9,477,651 Finding partition boundaries for parallel processing of markup language documents
49 9,477,647 Verifying content of resources in markup language documents by inclusion of a hash attribute-value pair in references to the content
50 9,477,613 Position-based replacement policy for address synonym management in shared caches
51 9,477,607 Adaptive record caching for solid state disks
52 9,477,606 Adaptive record caching for solid state disks
53 9,477,580 System and method for determining test coverage
54 9,477,576 Using application state data and additional code to resolve deadlocks
55 9,477,571 Streaming operator with trigger
56 9,477,568 Managing interconnect electromigration effects
57 9,477,555 Optimized disaster-recovery-as-a-service system
58 9,477,552 Priority-based decoding
59 9,477,544 Recommending a suspicious component in problem diagnosis for a cloud application
60 9,477,529 Job distributed within a grid environment using mega-host groupings of execution hosts based on resource attributes
61 9,477,514 Transaction begin/end instructions
62 9,477,512 Task-based modeling for parallel data integration
63 9,477,511 Task-based modeling for parallel data integration
64 9,477,504 Maintenance of offline virtual machines based on a maintenance register
65 9,477,501 Encapsulation of an application for virtualization
66 9,477,496 Method and apparatus for loading classes and re-organizing class archives
67 9,477,495 Conservative class preloading for real time Java execution
68 9,477,493 Method to generate dynamic customized context-sensitive help
69 9,477,481 Accurate tracking of transactional read and write sets with speculation
70 9,477,469 Branch predictor suppressing branch prediction of previously executed branch instructions in a transactional execution environment
71 9,477,468 Character data string match determination by loading registers at most up to memory block boundary and comparing to avoid unwarranted exception
72 9,477,451 Generating dynamic measurement metadata for efficient compilation and optimization on a target device
73 9,477,448 Screen-oriented computing program refactoring
74 9,477,428 Using access information to determine a storage tier for storing data
75 9,477,422 Selecting a virtual tape server in a storage system to provide data copy while minimizing system job load
76 9,477,418 Assigning device adaptors to use to copy source extents to target extents in a copy relationship
77 9,477,417 Data returned responsive to executing a start subchannel instruction
78 9,477,411 Apparatus, method and program product for determining the data recall order
79 9,477,298 Method and apparatus for power-efficiency management in a virtualized cluster system
80 9,477,286 Energy allocation to groups of virtual machines
81 9,476,770 Resonator coupling modulation spectroscopy
82 9,476,724 Intelligent route navigation
83 9,475,919 Smart composites containing modified cellulosic nanomaterials