IBM patents granted on 25 September 2007

69 US patents granted on 25 September 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,275,258 Apparatus and method for multi-threaded password management
2 7,275,247 Method and apparatus for handling threads in a data processing system
3 7,275,241 Dynamic instrumentation for a mixed mode virtual machine
4 7,275,239 Run-time wait tracing using byte code insertion
5 7,275,238 Program event activated and configured debugger method, system, article of manufacture, computer program product, and data structure
6 7,275,234 System and method of automatically generating kerf design data
7 7,275,229 Auto connection assignment system and method
8 7,275,226 Method of performing latch up check on an integrated circuit design
9 7,275,224 Method for providing an area optimized binary orthogonality checker
10 7,275,214 Method of setting destinations of electronic mail
11 7,275,208 XML document processing for ascertaining match of a structure type definition
12 7,275,207 System and method in an electronic spreadsheet for displaying and/or hiding range of cells
13 7,275,206 Method and computer program product for identifying hypertext links in document printouts
14 7,275,202 Method, system and program product for autonomous error recovery for memory devices
15 7,275,199 Method and apparatus for a modified parity check
16 7,275,194 Clock duty cycle based access timer combined with standard stage clocked output register
17 7,275,185 Method and apparatus for device error log persistence in a logical partitioned data processing system
18 7,275,182 Method and apparatus for correlating UPS capacity to system power requirements
19 7,275,181 Autonomic embedded computing “dynamic storage subsystem morphing”
20 7,275,180 Transparent replacement of a failing processor
21 7,275,175 Method and apparatus for high-speed network adapter failover
22 7,275,164 System and method for fencing any one of the plurality of voltage islands using a lookup table including AC and DC components for each functional block of the voltage islands
23 7,275,151 Nodelay per port
24 7,275,150 Method and system for adding frequently selected applications to a computer startup sequence
25 7,275,137 Handling of the transmit enable signal in a dynamic random access memory controller
26 7,275,131 Cache refresh algorithm and method
27 7,275,125 Pipeline bit handling circuit and method for a bus bridge
28 7,275,124 Method and system for controlling forwarding or terminating of a request at a bus interface based on buffer availability
29 7,275,085 Method and apparatus for maintaining state information for web pages using a directory server
30 7,275,079 Common application metamodel including C/C++ metamodel
31 7,275,075 Copy process substituting compressible bit pattern for any unqualified data objects
32 7,275,066 Link management of document structures
33 7,275,065 Method and system for supporting per-user-per-row read/unread tracking for relational databases
34 7,275,059 Methods and apparatus for high-speed access to and sharing of storage devices on a networked digital data processing system
35 7,275,056 System and method for transforming queries using window aggregation
36 7,275,055 Method and system for managing aggregation data structures
37 7,275,051 Method and system for reducing host variable impact on access path selection
38 7,275,048 Product support of computer-related products using intelligent agents
39 7,275,030 Method and apparatus to compensate for fundamental frequency changes and artifacts and reduce sensitivity to pitch information in a frame-based speech processing system
40 7,275,011 Method and apparatus for monitoring integrated circuit temperature through deterministic path delays
41 7,274,941 Dynamic service binding providing transparent switching of information services having defined coverage regions
42 7,274,925 Methods and apparatus for flexible communication device usage attribution
43 7,274,781 Method and system for enhancement of caller identification
44 7,274,673 Method and apparatus for detection of port name in a loop network
45 7,274,666 Method and system for managing traffic within a data communication network
46 7,274,663 System and method for testing differentiated services in a value add network service
47 7,274,612 DRAM circuit and its operation method
48 7,274,590 Random access memory with stability enhancement and early read elimination
49 7,274,566 Cooling apparatus for an electronics subsystem employing a coolant flow drive apparatus between coolant flow paths
50 7,274,546 Apparatus and method for improved triggering and leakage current control of ESD clamping devices
51 7,274,536 Tape head read/write module
52 7,274,424 Touch sensor type liquid crystal display having a plurality of spacers, each comprising two members adapted to slide relative to each other in response to a contact force
53 7,274,283 Method and apparatus for resisting hardware hacking through internal register interface
54 7,274,217 High performance PFET header in hybrid orientation technology for leakage reduction in digital CMOS VLSI designs
55 7,274,084 Enhanced PFET using shear stress
56 7,274,080 MgO-based tunnel spin injectors
57 7,274,073 Integrated circuit with bulk and SOI devices connected with an epitaxial region
58 7,274,072 Hybrid bulk-SOI 6T-SRAM cell for improved cell stability and performance
59 7,274,057 Techniques for spin-flop switching with offset field
60 7,274,053 Fin device with capacitor integrated under gate electrode
61 7,273,806 Forming of high aspect ratio conductive structure using injection molded solder
62 7,273,804 Internally reinforced bond pads
63 7,273,803 Ball limiting metallurgy, interconnection structure including the same, and method of forming an interconnection structure
64 7,273,800 Hetero-integrated strained silicon n- and p-MOSFETs
65 7,273,794 Shallow trench isolation fill by liquid phase deposition of SiO2
66 7,273,785 Method to control device threshold of SOI MOSFET’s
67 7,273,777 Formation of fully silicided (FUSI) gate using a dual silicide process
68 7,273,770 Compliant passivated edge seal for low-k interconnect structures
69 7,273,091 Cooling apparatus for heat generating devices