IBM patents granted on 26 April 2016

197 US patents granted on 26 April 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,326,429 Actively controlling coolant-cooled cold plate configuration
2 9,326,386 Computer system component bay
3 9,326,237 Method, apparatus and computer program product providing performance and energy optimization for mobile computing
4 9,326,236 Method, apparatus and computer program product providing performance and energy optimization for mobile computing
5 9,326,041 Managing quality of experience for media transmissions
6 9,326,001 Scalable image distribution in virtualized server environments
7 9,325,978 Three dimensional LCD monitor display
8 9,325,977 Three dimensional LCD monitor display
9 9,325,930 Collectively aggregating digital recordings
10 9,325,838 Monitoring voice over internet protocol (VoIP) quality during an ongoing call
11 9,325,808 Message handling in a data processing system
12 9,325,800 Generating a visitation schedule
13 9,325,789 Distributed server election with imperfect clock synchronization
14 9,325,767 Deploying a portion of a streaming application to one or more virtual machines
15 9,325,766 Deploying a portion of a streaming application to one or more virtual machines
16 9,325,758 Runtime tuple attribute compression
17 9,325,742 Adding an encryption policy in a streaming environment
18 9,325,725 Automated deployment of protection agents to devices connected to a distributed computer network
19 9,325,721 Restricting access to objects created by privileged commands
20 9,325,712 Unified user identification with automatic mapping and database absence handling
21 9,325,703 Automatic security parameter management and renewal
22 9,325,700 Service account access
23 9,325,695 Token caching in trust chain processing
24 9,325,675 Secure delivery of files to authorized recipients
25 9,325,658 Providing contextual relevance of an unposted message to an activity stream after a period of time elapses
26 9,325,648 Message subscription based on message aggregate characteristics
27 9,325,644 Systems and methods for managing interactive communications
28 9,325,638 Conversational asyncronous multichannel communication through an inter-modality bridge
29 9,325,633 Cache control for web application resources
30 9,325,632 Multi-tenancy support for enterprise social business computing
31 9,325,622 Autonomic traffic load balancing in link aggregation groups
32 9,325,617 Overlay capabilities exchange using DCBX
33 9,325,582 Context-aware management of applications at the edge of a network
34 9,325,581 Context-aware management of applications at the edge of a network
35 9,325,563 Overlay tunnel information exchange protocol
36 9,325,562 Overlay tunnel information exchange protocol
37 9,325,534 Configurable differential to single ended IO
38 9,325,524 Overlay network capable of supporting storage area network (SAN) traffic
39 9,325,345 Increasing speed of data compression
40 9,325,344 Encoding data stored in a column-oriented manner
41 9,325,332 Adjusting the magnitude of a capacitance of a digitally controlled circuit
42 9,325,331 Prediction based digital control for fractional-N PLLs
43 9,325,138 Cable remover
44 9,325,086 Doubling available printed wiring card edge for high speed interconnect in electronic packaging applications
45 9,324,937 Thermally assisted MRAM including magnetic tunnel junction and vacuum cavity
46 9,324,896 Thermal receiver for high power solar concentrators and method of assembly
47 9,324,872 Back gate single-crystal flexible thin film transistor and method of making
48 9,324,867 Method to controllably etch silicon recess for ultra shallow junctions
49 9,324,853 III-V semiconductor device having self-aligned contacts
50 9,324,843 High germanium content silicon germanium fins
51 9,324,842 Buried local interconnect in finfet structure and method of fabricating same
52 9,324,830 Self-aligned contact process enabled by low temperature
53 9,324,828 Vertical P-type, N-type, P-type (PNP) junction integrated circuit (IC) structure, and methods of forming
54 9,324,813 Doped zinc oxide as N.sup.+ layer for semiconductor devices
55 9,324,801 Nanowire FET with tensile channel stressor
56 9,324,794 Self-formation of high-density arrays of nanostructures
57 9,324,793 Method for controlling the profile of an etched metallic layer
58 9,324,792 FinFET including varied fin height
59 9,324,790 Self-aligned dual-height isolation for bulk FinFET
60 9,324,710 Very planar gate cut post replacement gate process
61 9,324,669 Use of electrolytic plating to control solder wetting
62 9,324,650 Interconnect structures with fully aligned vias
63 9,324,635 Semiconductor interconnect structure having a graphene-based barrier metal layer
64 9,324,634 Semiconductor interconnect structure having a graphene-based barrier metal layer
65 9,324,628 Integrated circuit heat dissipation using nanostructures
66 9,324,618 Methods of forming replacement fins for a FinFET device
67 9,324,601 Low temperature adhesive resins for wafer bonding
68 9,324,566 Controlled spalling using a reactive material stack
69 9,324,564 Spalling with laser-defined spall edge regions
70 9,324,495 Planar inductors with closed magnetic loops
71 9,324,489 Thin film inductor with extended yokes
72 9,324,475 Doped carbon nanotubes and transparent conducting films containing the same
73 9,324,388 Allocating memory address space between DIMMs using memory controllers
74 9,324,373 Determining updates for a video tutorial
75 9,324,364 Constraining FIR filter taps in an adaptive architecture
76 9,324,358 Controlling data writing of tape recording apparatus
77 9,324,349 Magnetic data storage apparatus for use with linear recording media having a reduced servo band width
78 9,324,348 Detecting a servo pattern using a data channel in a magnetic tape drive
79 9,324,343 Systems and methods for protecting a sensitive device from corrosion
80 9,324,325 Converting data between users during a data exchange session
81 9,324,173 System and method for enabling multiple-state avatars
82 9,324,169 Identifying relationships between entities using two-dimensional array of scalar elements, and a block matrix
83 9,324,085 Method and system of generating digital content on a user interface
84 9,324,062 Isolated payment system
85 9,324,061 Notification to users of events
86 9,324,060 Displaying a plurality of calendar entries
87 9,324,058 Caching message fragments during real-time messaging conversations
88 9,324,044 Methods for generating missing rules matching a minimal set of objects
89 9,324,031 System interconnect dynamic scaling by predicting I/O requirements
90 9,324,030 System interconnect dynamic scaling by predicting I/O requirements
91 9,324,027 Collective evaluation of alternatives in a collaborative decision making environment
92 9,324,025 Automating natural-language interactions between an expert system and a user
93 9,324,021 Avoiding non-intentional separation of avatars in a virtual world
94 9,323,951 Encrypted warranty verification and diagnostic tool
95 9,323,949 De-identification of data
96 9,323,948 De-identification of data
97 9,323,934 Managing and tracking commands associated with a change on a computer system
98 9,323,895 Healthcare management
99 9,323,874 Simulation method using memory frame proxy architecture for synchronization and check handling
100 9,323,864 Method and apparatus for identifying the optimal schema to store graph data in a relational store
101 9,323,860 Enhancing client-side object caching for web based applications
102 9,323,856 URL virtual naming and metadata mapping
103 9,323,834 Semantic and contextual searching of knowledge repositories
104 9,323,831 Providing answers to questions using hypothesis pruning
105 9,323,828 Complex query handling
106 9,323,825 Method and apparatus for storing sparse graph data as multi-dimensional cluster
107 9,323,815 Star and snowflake schemas in extract, transform, load processes
108 9,323,814 Adapting data quality rules based upon user application requirements
109 9,323,805 System and method for provenance function window optimization
110 9,323,803 Collaborative filtering of a graph
111 9,323,800 Automatic notification of document changes
112 9,323,798 Storing a key value to a deleted row based on key range density
113 9,323,793 Control data driven modifications and generation of new schema during runtime operations
114 9,323,773 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
115 9,323,764 Copying volumes between storage pools
116 9,323,763 Managing filesystem inodes
117 9,323,761 Optimized query ordering for file path indexing in a content repository
118 9,323,752 Display of slides associated with display categories
119 9,323,751 Controlling access to documents by parties
120 9,323,734 System and method for read-ahead enhancements
121 9,323,729 Coordinating the management of the layout and design of portal pages with the management of its associated web content
122 9,323,728 Coordinating the management of the layout and design of portal pages with the management of its associated web content
123 9,323,720 Automated and user customizable content retrieval from a collection of linked documents to a single target document
124 9,323,703 Facilitating resource use in multicyle arbitration for single cycle data transfer
125 9,323,702 Increasing coverage of delays through arbitration logic
126 9,323,694 Systems and methods for background destaging storage tracks
127 9,323,692 Managing translation of a same address across multiple contexts using a same entry in a translation lookaside buffer
128 9,323,687 Use of differing granularity heat maps for caching and migration
129 9,323,677 Method, apparatus and computer programs providing cluster-wide page management
130 9,323,676 Non-data inclusive coherent (NIC) directory for cache
131 9,323,675 Filtering snoop traffic in a multiprocessor computing system
132 9,323,673 Hierarchical cache structure and handling thereof
133 9,323,668 Deconfigure storage class memory command
134 9,323,656 Computer program installation across multiple memories
135 9,323,649 Detecting error states when interacting with web applications
136 9,323,640 Method and system for measuring the performance of a computer system on a per logical partition basis
137 9,323,639 Dynamic recommendation framework for information technology management
138 9,323,631 Validating connection, structural characteristics and positioning of cable connectors
139 9,323,626 Resource integrity during partial backout of application updates
140 9,323,621 Dynamic monitoring of command line queries
141 9,323,620 Implementing shared adapter configuration updates concurrent with maintenance actions in a virtualized system
142 9,323,619 Deploying parallel data integration applications to distributed computing environments
143 9,323,603 Storage of sensitive data in a dispersed storage network
144 9,323,580 Optimized resource management for map/reduce computing
145 9,323,578 Analyzing wait states in a data processing system
146 9,323,573 Sharing resources allocated to an entitled virtual machine
147 9,323,572 Autoconfiguration of a cloud instance based on contextual parameters
148 9,323,568 Indicating a low priority transaction
149 9,323,567 Overcommitting virtual machine hosts
150 9,323,561 Calibrating cloud computing environments
151 9,323,560 Interpreting I/O operation requests from pageable guests without host intervention
152 9,323,559 Reducing virtual machine suspension time in checkpoint system
153 9,323,553 Reducing virtual machine suspension time in checkpoint system
154 9,323,551 Modifying code sequence with replacement parts of which non-beginning parts trigger exception when jumped to
155 9,323,544 Dynamic reconfiguration of queue pairs
156 9,323,532 Predicting register pairs
157 9,323,530 Caching optimized internal instructions in loop buffer
158 9,323,529 Reducing register read ports for register pairs
159 9,323,527 Performance of emerging applications in a virtualized environment using transient instruction streams
160 9,323,526 Atomic memory operations on an N-way linked list
161 9,323,523 Finding the length of a set of character data having a termination character
162 9,323,522 Copying character data having a termination character from one memory location to another
163 9,323,509 Method and system for automated process distribution
164 9,323,507 Optimization apparatus, optimization method and optimization program
165 9,323,506 Communication stack for software-hardware co-execution on heterogeneous computing systems with processors and reconfigurable logic (FPGAs)
166 9,323,497 Executing perform floating point operation instructions
167 9,323,474 Selective zone control session termination
168 9,323,471 Management of extent migration on tiered storage
169 9,323,470 Synchronization for initialization of a remote mirror storage facility
170 9,323,464 Assigning device adaptors to use to copy source extents to target extents in a copy relationship
171 9,323,462 File system snapshot data management in a multi-tier storage environment
172 9,323,445 Displayed content drilling in a touch screen device
173 9,323,443 Drilling of displayed content in a touch screen device
174 9,323,440 Scroll focus
175 9,323,439 System and method for displaying published electronic documents
176 9,323,331 Evaluation of digital content using intentional user feedback obtained through haptic interface
177 9,323,317 System and methods for DIMM-targeted power saving for hypervisor systems
178 9,323,309 Computing system with power requirement evaluation
179 9,323,302 Rotating voltage control
180 9,323,301 Computing system voltage control
181 9,323,300 Computing system voltage control
182 9,323,009 Computer program product for electro-optical assembly
183 9,323,004 Optical device
184 9,322,987 Multicore fiber coupler between multicore fibers and optical waveguides
185 9,322,876 Control test point for timing stability during scan capture
186 9,322,855 Non-contact current and voltage sensor having detachable housing incorporating multiple ferrite cylinder portions
187 9,322,854 Non-contact current and voltage sensing method using a clamshell housing and a ferrite cylinder
188 9,322,799 High-k metal gate device structure for human blood gas sensing
189 9,322,662 Determining a patrol path
190 9,322,657 Mobility route optimization
191 9,322,647 Determining camera height using distributions of object heights and object image heights
192 9,322,151 Shower head controller
193 9,322,061 Nanochannel device with three dimensional gradient by single step etching for molecular detection
194 9,321,634 Forming magnetic microelectromechanical inductive components
195 9,321,447 Vehicle powertrain synchronization based on predicted driver actions
196 9,321,291 Determining survival state of print head
197 9,320,465 Bio-chips and nano-biochips