IBM patents granted on 26 August 2008

62 US patents granted on 26 August 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,418,733 Determining threat level associated with network activity
2 7,418,730 Automatic client responses to worm or hacker attacks
3 7,418,708 JMS integration into an application server
4 7,418,698 Pairing of spills for parallel registers
5 7,418,689 Method of generating wiring routes with matching delay in the presence of process variation
6 7,418,641 Self-resetting, self-correcting latches
7 7,418,637 Methods and apparatus for testing integrated circuits
8 7,418,629 Synchronizing triggering of multiple hardware trace facilities using an existing system bus
9 7,418,623 Apparatus and method to reconfigure a storage array
10 7,418,600 Secure database access through partial encryption
11 7,418,599 Deterring theft of media recording devices by encrypting recorded media files
12 7,418,580 Dynamic object-level code transaction for improved performance of a computer
13 7,418,572 Pretranslating input/output buffers in environments with multiple page sizes
14 7,418,567 Cache for an enterprise software system
15 7,418,562 Apparatus and method to assign one or more storage construct names to a logical volume
16 7,418,557 Managing multiprocessor operations
17 7,418,541 Method for indirect access to a support interface for memory-mapped resources to reduce system connectivity from out-of-band support processor
18 7,418,525 Shared simultaneously-connected removable drives and servers each housing an I/O controller which maintains an uninterrupted protocol connection
19 7,418,515 Data communication method, data communication system and program
20 7,418,513 Method and system for network management with platform-independent protocol interface for discovery and monitoring processes
21 7,418,506 Apparatus for connection management and the method therefor
22 7,418,501 Dynamic extension of network-accessible services
23 7,418,497 Automatically infering and updating an availability status of a user
24 7,418,491 Architecture for a centralized management system
25 7,418,464 Method, system, and program for storing data for retrieval and transfer
26 7,418,459 Object oriented based, business class methodology for performing data metric analysis
27 7,418,456 Method for defining a metadata schema to facilitate passing data between an extensible markup language document and a hierarchical database
28 7,418,455 System and method for indexing weighted-sequences in large databases
29 7,418,453 Updating a data warehouse schema based on changes in an observation model
30 7,418,450 Method for analyzing computer events recorded in a plurality of chronicle datasets
31 7,418,441 Data loading from a remote data source record by record
32 7,418,438 Automated default dimension selection within a multidimensional enterprise software system
33 7,418,421 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically creating electronic contracts
34 7,418,382 Structure skeletons for efficient voice navigation through generic hierarchical objects
35 7,418,370 Method, apparatus and computer program providing broadband preconditioning based on reduced coupling for numerical solvers
36 7,418,368 Method and system for testing processor cores
37 7,418,342 Autonomous destination determination
38 7,418,320 Navigating a UAV having an on-board digital camera to capture desired geographic area
39 7,418,307 System and process for supply management for the assembly of expensive products
40 7,418,281 Centralized voice recognition unit for wireless control of personal mobile electronic devices
41 7,418,069 Clock data recovering system with external early/late input
42 7,418,068 Data capture technique for high speed signaling
43 7,418,032 Altering power consumption in communication links based on measured noise
44 7,417,889 Independent-gate controlled asymmetrical memory cell and memory using the cell
45 7,417,619 Determining a minimum size of presentation data
46 7,417,547 Dynamic inventory management of deployed assets
47 7,417,480 Duty cycle correction circuit whose operation is largely independent of operating voltage and process
48 7,417,469 Compensation for leakage current from dynamic storage node variation by the utilization of an automatic self-adaptive keeper
49 7,417,453 System and method for dynamically executing a function in a programmable logic array
50 7,417,416 Regulator with load tracking bias
51 7,417,315 Negative thermal expansion system (NTEs) device for TCE compensation in elastomer composites and conductive elastomer interconnects in microelectronic packaging
52 7,417,300 Electrically programmable fuse structures with narrowed width regions configured to enhance current crowding and methods of fabrication thereof
53 7,417,290 Air break for improved silicide formation with composite caps
54 7,417,288 Substrate solution for back gate controlled SRAM with coexisting logic devices
55 7,416,986 Test structure and method for detecting via contact shorting in shallow trench isolation regions
56 7,416,941 Four-bit finfet NVRAM memory device
57 7,416,923 Underfill film having thermally conductive sheet
58 7,416,820 Pellicle film optimized for immersion lithography systems with NA>1
59 7,416,680 Self-cleaning colloidal slurry composition and process for finishing a surface of a substrate
60 7,416,481 Blower exhaust backflow damper
61 7,416,431 Pivoting apparatus for mating a power supply with a riser card and method for doing the same
62 7,416,104 Rotational fill techniques for injection molding of solder