IBM patents granted on 26 August 2014

157 US patents granted on 26 August 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,819,860 Device comprising a cantilever and scanning system
2 8,819,842 Implementing conductive microcapsule rupture to generate a tamper event for data theft prevention
3 8,819,820 Security capability reference model for goal-based gap analysis
4 8,819,808 Host trust report based filtering mechanism in a reverse firewall
5 8,819,800 Protecting user information
6 8,819,787 Securing asynchronous client server transactions
7 8,819,771 Automatic generation of user account policies based on configuration management database information
8 8,819,766 Domain-based isolation and access control on dynamic objects
9 8,819,706 Audio feedback for command line interface commands
10 8,819,696 Method and system for processing work items
11 8,819,693 Logical partition defragmentation within a data processing system
12 8,819,691 Logical partition defragmentation within a data processing system
13 8,819,690 System for reducing data transfer latency to a global queue by generating bit mask to identify selected processing nodes/units in multi-node data processing system
14 8,819,679 Methods and systems for on-boarding applications to a cloud
15 8,819,677 Virtual machine data structures corresponding to nested virtualization levels
16 8,819,672 Multi-image migration system and method
17 8,819,654 Simultaneous compiler binary optimizations
18 8,819,651 Efficient software cache accessing with handle reuse
19 8,819,650 Instantiating an interface or abstract class in application code
20 8,819,648 Control flow management for execution of dynamically translated non-native code in a virtual hosting environment
21 8,819,647 Performance improvements for nested virtual machines
22 8,819,644 Selective data flow analysis of bounded regions of computer software applications
23 8,819,640 Establishing cloud debug breakpoints assigned to users
24 8,819,637 Fixing security vulnerability in a source code
25 8,819,635 Confidence-based static analysis
26 8,819,633 Testing software applications with progress tracking
27 8,819,627 Systems and methods for expressing temporal relationships spanning lifecycle representations
28 8,819,626 Sharable development environment bookmarks for functional/data flow
29 8,819,625 Sharable development environment bookmarks for functional/data flow
30 8,819,612 Analyzing timing requirements of a hierarchical integrated circuit design
31 8,819,604 Real-time display of electronic device design changes between schematic and/or physical representation and simplified physical representation of design
32 8,819,600 Polygon recovery for VLSI mask correction
33 8,819,594 Handling user-interface gestures in non-rectangular regions
34 8,819,573 Acclimatizing a user to a scheduling pattern change
35 8,819,565 Describing elements in a virtual world based on changes since a previous encounter
36 8,819,560 Dispatching events to multiple browser windows/tabs using a single connection
37 8,819,546 Method and apparatus for customizing separation of customer concerns within model architectures
38 8,819,502 Deterministic data verification in storage controller
39 8,819,494 Automatically changing parts in response to tests
40 8,819,484 Dynamically reconfiguring a primary processor identity within a multi-processor socket server
41 8,819,481 Managing storage providers in a clustered appliance environment
42 8,819,460 Dynamic energy management
43 8,819,454 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
44 8,819,446 Support for secure objects in a computer system
45 8,819,439 Attributes in cryptographic credentials
46 8,819,419 Method and system for dynamic encryption of a URL
47 8,819,395 Micro grid tiered computing system with plurality of complex shape structures interconnected by bridge modules in docking bays
48 8,819,393 Facilitating management of storage of a pageable mode virtual environment absent intervention of a host of the environment
49 8,819,389 Administering registered virtual addresses in a hybrid computing environment including maintaining a watch list of currently registered virtual addresses by an operating system
50 8,819,380 Consideration of adjacent track interference and wide area adjacent track erasure during block allocation
51 8,819,352 Hybrid Transactional Memory (HybridTM)
52 8,819,351 Management of host passthrough and session commands using resource groups
53 8,819,346 Fast prediction of shared memory access pattern
54 8,819,343 Periodic destages from inside and outside diameters of disks to improve read response times
55 8,819,333 Using the short stroked portion of hard disk drives for a mirrored copy of solid state drives
56 8,819,320 Executing an instruction for performing a configuration virtual topology change
57 8,819,317 Processing input/output requests using proxy and owner storage systems
58 8,819,291 Compression on thin provisioned volumes using extent based mapping
59 8,819,282 Using unique local unicast addresses in a global domain name server
60 8,819,274 Selecting a network connection for data communications with a networked device
61 8,819,258 Architecture for building multi-media streaming applications
62 8,819,240 Managing computing environment entitlement contracts and associated resources using cohorting
63 8,819,235 Multi-adapter link aggregation for adapters with hardware based virtual bridges
64 8,819,231 Domain based management of partitions and resource groups
65 8,819,226 Server cluster monitoring
66 8,819,218 Apparatus, system, and method for device level enablement of a communications protocol
67 8,819,211 Distributed policy service
68 8,819,200 Automated cluster node configuration
69 8,819,196 Selection and configuration of servers
70 8,819,192 Identifying keyboard inaccessible node on web page
71 8,819,190 Management of file images in a virtual environment
72 8,819,183 Concurrent execution of request processing and analytics of requests
73 8,819,177 Adding personalized value to web sites
74 8,819,108 System and method supporting application solution composition on cloud
75 8,819,098 Computation of a remainder by division using pseudo-remainders
76 8,819,093 Systems and methods to reduce I/O and/or speed up out-of-core linear solvers
77 8,819,088 Implementing storage management functions using a data store system
78 8,819,066 Employing organizational context within a collaborative tagging system
79 8,819,065 Mining generalized spatial association rule
80 8,819,059 Facilitation of search, list, and retrieval operations on persistent data set using distributed shared memory
81 8,819,056 Facilitation of search, list, and retrieval operations on persistent data set using distributed shared memory
82 8,819,050 Context-and-version-aware facade for database queries
83 8,819,037 Search optimization in a computing environment
84 8,819,012 Accessing anchors in voice site content
85 8,819,010 Efficient representation of data lineage information
86 8,819,007 Providing answers to questions using multiple models to score candidate answers
87 8,819,002 Interactive visualization of sender and recipient information in electronic communications
88 8,818,990 Method, apparatus and computer program for retrieving data
89 8,818,989 Memory usage query governor
90 8,818,987 Converting union commands to union all commands
91 8,818,972 Detecting and combating attack in protection system of an industrial control system
92 8,818,965 Dynamic rewrite of files within deduplication system
93 8,818,964 Optimization of a computing environment in which data management operations are performed
94 8,818,962 Proactive detection of data inconsistencies in a storage system point-in-time copy of data
95 8,818,955 Reducing storage costs associated with backing up a database
96 8,818,945 Targeted maintenance of computing devices in information technology infrastructure
97 8,818,925 Updating policy parameters under Markov decision process system environment
98 8,818,919 Multiple imputation of missing data in multi-dimensional retail sales data sets via tensor factorization
99 8,818,918 Determining the importance of data items and their characteristics using centrality measures
100 8,818,908 Providing recycling fees
101 8,818,844 Incenting viewers to remain with their current digital media content
102 8,818,833 Method and system for managing service requests across multiple systems
103 8,818,832 Decision support system and method for distributed decision making for optimal human resource deployment
104 8,818,829 Method and system for reporting and relating firearm discharge data to a crime reporting database
105 8,818,783 Representing state transitions
106 8,818,738 Tuning parameter of Kalman filter in a wheel inspection
107 8,818,709 Augmented reality shopper routing
108 8,818,670 Wear leveling for road life optimization
109 8,818,392 Network and user behavior based time-shifted mobile data transmission
110 8,818,178 Digital video recorder conflict handling employing rebroadcast requests
111 8,818,162 Personal video recording with storage space distributed among remote personal video recorders
112 8,818,155 Planar waveguide prism lens
113 8,817,986 Cross enterprise communication
114 8,817,983 Streaming video to cellular phones
115 8,817,964 Telephonic voice authentication and display
116 8,817,796 Cached routing table management
117 8,817,533 Crosspoint array and method of use with a crosspoint array having crossbar elements having a solid electrolyte material used as a rectifier with a symmetric or substantially symmetric resistive memory
118 8,817,531 Magnetic random access memory device and method for producing a magnetic random access memory device
119 8,817,474 Multi-rack assembly with shared cooling unit
120 8,817,465 Multi-rack assembly with shared cooling apparatus
121 8,817,128 Real-time adjustment of illumination color temperature for digital imaging applications
122 8,817,099 Traffic system for enhancing driver visibility
123 8,816,968 Selective monitor control
124 8,816,929 Antenna array package and method for building large arrays
125 8,816,787 High frequency oscillator circuit and method to operate same
126 8,816,717 Reactive material for integrated circuit tamper detection and response
127 8,816,490 Integrated circuit die stacks with rotationally symmetric VIAS
128 8,816,473 Planar polysilicon regions for precision resistors and electrical fuses and method of fabrication
129 8,816,470 Independently voltage controlled volume of silicon on a silicon on insulator chip
130 8,816,436 Method and structure for forming fin resistors
131 8,816,428 Multigate device isolation on bulk semiconductors
132 8,816,420 MIM capacitor in finFET structure
133 8,816,401 Heterojunction bipolar transistor
134 8,816,333 Method to improve nucleation of materials on graphene and carbon nanotubes
135 8,816,328 Patterning contacts in carbon nanotube devices
136 8,816,327 Nanowire efuses
137 8,815,742 Methods of forming bulk FinFET semiconductor devices by performing a liner recessing process to define fin heights and FinFET devices with such a recessed liner
138 8,815,734 Use of gas cluster ion beam to reduce metal void formation in interconnect structures
139 8,815,733 Isolated wire structures with reduced stress, methods of manufacturing and design structures
140 8,815,725 Low alpha particle emission electrically-conductive coating
141 8,815,718 Vertical surround gate formation compatible with CMOS integration
142 8,815,694 Inducing channel stress in semiconductor-on-insulator devices by base substrate oxidation
143 8,815,693 FinFET device formation
144 8,815,684 Bulk finFET with super steep retrograde well
145 8,815,671 Use of contacts to create differential stresses on devices
146 8,815,670 Preventing Fin erosion and limiting EPI overburden in FinFET structures by composite hardmask
147 8,815,669 Metal gate structures for CMOS transistor devices having reduced parasitic capacitance
148 8,815,668 Preventing FIN erosion and limiting Epi overburden in FinFET structures by composite hardmask
149 8,815,661 MIM capacitor in FinFET structure
150 8,815,660 Structure and method for reducing floating body effect of SOI MOSFETs
151 8,815,656 Semiconductor device and method with greater epitaxial growth on 110 crystal plane
152 8,815,654 Vertical current controlled silicon on insulator (SOI) device such as a silicon controlled rectifier and method of forming vertical SOI current controlled devices
153 8,815,610 Magnetic nanoparticle detection across a membrane
154 8,815,475 Reticle carrier
155 8,814,671 Access control for electronic entertainment systems including health metrics and physical activity
156 8,814,504 Fan brake
157 8,813,515 Thermoelectric-enhanced, vapor-compression refrigeration apparatus facilitating cooling of an electronic component