IBM patents granted on 26 February 2008

101 US patents granted on 26 February 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,337,473 Method and system for network management with adaptive monitoring and discovery of computer systems based on user login
2 7,337,470 Method for minimizing denial of service attacks on network servers
3 7,337,444 Method and apparatus for thread-safe handlers for checkpoints and restarts
4 7,337,440 Methodology for generating accessing functions for programmed execution of panel-driven business applications
5 7,337,437 Compiler optimisation of source code by determination and utilization of the equivalence of algebraic expressions in the source code
6 7,337,435 Efficient configuration data migration technique
7 7,337,429 Application system certification process
8 7,337,427 Self-healing cross development environment
9 7,337,420 Methodology for layout-based modulation and optimization of nitride liner stress effect in compact models
10 7,337,415 Systematic yield in semiconductor manufacture
11 7,337,412 Methods, systems and computer program products for providing multi-dimensional tree diagram graphical user interfaces
12 7,337,391 Method and system for stylesheet execution interactive feedback
13 7,337,370 System and method for capturing significant events at web portlets
14 7,337,367 Management of memory controller reset
15 7,337,366 Microcomputer, a method for protecting memory and a method for performing debugging
16 7,337,363 Ghost agents within a grid environment
17 7,337,357 Apparatus, system, and method for limiting failures in redundant signals
18 7,337,355 Method, system, and program for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a master
19 7,337,352 Cache entry error-connecting code (ECC) based at least on cache entry data and memory address
20 7,337,349 Mechanism for improving accessibility of JMX monitoring information in web content
21 7,337,340 System and method of compensating for the effects of on-chip processing variation on an integrated circuit
22 7,337,334 Network processor power management
23 7,337,319 Method of comparing documents possessed by two parties
24 7,337,318 Method and apparatus for preventing rogue implementations of a security-sensitive class interface
25 7,337,298 Efficient class memory management
26 7,337,293 Streaming reads for early processing in a cascaded memory subsystem with buffered memory devices
27 7,337,280 Data processing system and method for efficient L3 cache directory management
28 7,337,278 System, method and storage medium for prefetching via memory block tags
29 7,337,277 Apparatus, system, and method for flushing cache data
30 7,337,276 Method and apparatus for aging data in a cache
31 7,337,271 Context look ahead storage structures
32 7,337,268 Content addressable memory structure
33 7,337,262 Adaptive read ahead method of data recorded on a sequential media readable via a variable data block size storage device
34 7,337,246 Apparatus, system, and method for quick access grid bus connection of storage cells in automated storage libraries
35 7,337,240 Virtualization of I/O adapter resources
36 7,337,237 Mechanism to provide callback capabilities for unreachable network clients
37 7,337,236 Application prioritization in a stateless protocol
38 7,337,235 Dynamic path partitioning to multipath storage devices
39 7,337,230 Method and system for eliminating redundant rules from a rule set
40 7,337,213 Method and apparatus for managing messages in a messaging session
41 7,337,210 Method and apparatus for determining availability of a user of an instant messaging application
42 7,337,202 Shift-and-negate unit within a fused multiply-adder circuit
43 7,337,197 Data migration system, method and program product
44 7,337,196 Record relationship processing
45 7,337,195 Method and device for establishing synchronized recovery log points
46 7,337,194 Asynchronous remote mirroring techniques for databases
47 7,337,186 Classification factor detection
48 7,337,184 Topology mapping of a multitier compute infrastructure
49 7,337,171 Apparatus and method for sharing a virtual file system between logical partitions
50 7,337,170 System and method for planning and generating queries for multi-dimensional analysis using domain models and data federation
51 7,337,167 Estimating a number of rows returned by a recursive query
52 7,337,165 Method and system for processing a text search query in a collection of documents
53 7,337,161 Systems and methods for sequential modeling in less than one sequential scan
54 7,337,150 Per-unit method for pricing data processing services
55 7,337,149 System and methodology for calculating the cost of future semiconductor products using regression analysis of historical cost data
56 7,337,128 Method, program, and system for resetting the value of a coupon based on market information
57 7,337,126 Method, apparatus and computer program product for technology comparisons
58 7,337,125 System and method for enhancing sales for service providers utilizing an opportunistic approach based on an unexpected change in schedule of services
59 7,337,124 Method and system for a quality software management process
60 7,337,114 Speech recognition using discriminant features
61 7,337,104 Device emulation in programmable circuits
62 7,337,103 Method and apparatus for the automatic correction of faulty wires in a logic simulation hardware emulator / accelerator
63 7,337,033 Data mining to detect performance quality of tools used repetitively in manufacturing
64 7,336,900 Byte-wide optical backplane switch
65 7,336,887 Content play back, information processing, and play back restriction
66 7,336,864 Opto-electronic board
67 7,336,863 Apparatus and methods for integrally packaging optoelectronic devices, IC chips and optical transmission lines
68 7,336,836 Method, system, and program product for error recovery while transmitting and decoding compressed data
69 7,336,835 Method, system, and program product of error recovery while decoding cached compressed data
70 7,336,813 System and method of determining image skew using connected components
71 7,336,774 Vote processing in a public switched telephone network
72 7,336,667 Apparatus, method and program product to generate and use CRC in communications network
73 7,336,591 Data storage medium
74 7,336,553 Enhanced sensing in a hierarchical memory architecture
75 7,336,546 Global bit select circuit with dual read and write bit line pairs
76 7,336,527 Electromechanical storage device
77 7,336,515 Method of manipulating a quantum system comprising a magnetic moment
78 7,336,296 System and method for providing position-independent pose estimation
79 7,336,256 Conveying the importance of display screen data using audible indicators
80 7,336,115 Redundancy in signal distribution trees
81 7,336,105 Dual gate transistor keeper dynamic logic
82 7,336,102 Error correcting logic system
83 7,336,100 Single supply level converter
84 7,336,095 Changing chip function based on fuse states
85 7,336,086 Measurement of bias of a silicon area using bridging vertices on polysilicon shapes to create an electrical open/short contact structure
86 7,335,980 Hardmask for reliability of silicon based dielectrics
87 7,335,976 Crosstalk reduction in electrical interconnects using differential signaling
88 7,335,969 Method of monitoring introduction of interfacial species
89 7,335,932 Planar dual-gate field effect transistors (FETs)
90 7,335,930 Borderless contact structures
91 7,335,599 Method and apparatus for making coplanar isolated regions of different semiconductor materials on a substrate
92 7,335,588 Interconnect structure and method of fabrication of same
93 7,335,577 Crack stop for low K dielectrics
94 7,335,575 Semiconductor constructions and semiconductor device fabrication methods
95 7,335,563 Rotated field effect transistors and method of manufacture
96 7,335,461 Method of structuring of a subtrate
97 7,335,456 Top coat material and use thereof in lithography processes
98 7,334,731 Positive evidence-of-use feature for portable storage devices
99 7,334,729 Apparatus, system, and method for optical verification of product information
100 7,334,662 Equipment enclosure acoustical door with low impedance distributed air flow
101 7,334,320 Method of making an electronic fuse with improved ESD tolerance