IBM patents granted on 26 February 2013

151 US patents granted on 26 February 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,387,160 Scanning probe-based lithography method
2 8,387,149 Apparatus, system, and method for managing license keys
3 8,387,114 Secure workload partitioning in a server environment
4 8,387,111 Type independent permission based access control
5 8,387,090 Method and system for providing a regional channel in a digital broadcast environment
6 8,387,074 Enterprise directory service
7 8,387,070 Object request broker
8 8,387,065 Speculative popcount data creation
9 8,387,064 Balancing a data processing load among a plurality of compute nodes in a parallel computer
10 8,387,062 Virtualization of storage buffers used by asynchronous processes
11 8,387,059 Black-box performance control for high-volume throughput-centric systems
12 8,387,058 Minimizing complex decisions to allocate additional resources to a job submitted to a grid environment
13 8,387,050 System and method to dynamically manage applications on a processing system
14 8,387,049 Facilitating processing within computing environments supporting pageable guests
15 8,387,045 Cloning image creation using virtual machine environment
16 8,387,042 Remote servlets collaboration
17 8,387,041 Localized multi-element processor resource sharing among logical partitions
18 8,387,040 Dynamic creation of client-side environment for problem analysis
19 8,387,035 Pinning internal slack nodes to improve instruction scheduling
20 8,387,031 Providing code improvements for nested virtual machines
21 8,387,028 Determining a target data type in a heterogeneous multi-level environment
22 8,387,023 Instrumentation of computer-based application software
23 8,387,018 Fault localization using directed test generation
24 8,387,017 Black box testing optimization using information from white box testing
25 8,387,014 Synchronization of concurrently modified interdependent semi-derived artifacts
26 8,387,012 Determining deltas in a spatial locality of a function call graph in a source controlled system
27 8,386,998 Software development apparatus for model that requires security
28 8,386,997 UML profile transformation authoring method and system
29 8,386,985 Timing driven routing in integrated circuit design
30 8,386,977 Circuit design checking for three dimensional chip technology
31 8,386,932 Method for displaying document-based help with the help system for a processing application
32 8,386,930 Contextual data center management utilizing a virtual environment
33 8,386,921 System and method for developing a website
34 8,386,919 System for displaying an annotated programming file
35 8,386,918 Rendering of real world objects and interactions into a virtual universe
36 8,386,910 Differencing and merging tree-structured documents
37 8,386,891 Anamorphic codes
38 8,386,883 Lengthening life of a limited life memory
39 8,386,859 On-chip non-volatile storage of a test-time profile for efficiency and performance control
40 8,386,854 Automatic analysis of log entries through use of clustering
41 8,386,851 Functional coverage using combinatorial test design
42 8,386,847 Apparatus, system and method for volume-level restoration of cluster server data
43 8,386,822 Wake-and-go mechanism with data monitoring
44 8,386,815 Recycling of cache content
45 8,386,784 Apparatus and method for securely submitting and processing a request
46 8,386,780 Cryptographic communication system, terminal device, server, and decryption method
47 8,386,756 Emulating hexadecimal floating-point operations in non-native systems
48 8,386,753 Completion arbitration for more than two threads based on resource limitations
49 8,386,744 Thin provisioning migration and scrubbing
50 8,386,741 Method and apparatus for optimizing data allocation
51 8,386,740 Modeling memory compression
52 8,386,739 Writing to memory using shared address buses
53 8,386,729 Dynamic volume compare for asynchronous remote copy verification
54 8,386,726 SMT/ECO mode based on cache miss rate
55 8,386,720 Method for allowing exclusive access to shared data
56 8,386,714 Reducing write amplification in a cache with flash memory used as a write cache
57 8,386,712 Structure for supporting simultaneous storage of trace and standard cache lines
58 8,386,706 Method and system for secure data storage
59 8,386,690 On-chip networks for flexible three-dimensional chip integration
60 8,386,679 Dynamic allocation of a direct memory address window
61 8,386,664 Reducing runtime coherency checking with global data flow analysis
62 8,386,659 Configuration adaptation layer for mapping I/O device resources
63 8,386,612 Optimizing migration policy during live virtual memory migration
64 8,386,611 Information system, load control method, load control program and recording medium
65 8,386,609 Reconnection to and migration of electronic collaboration sessions
66 8,386,607 Method and system for utilizing a resource conductor to optimize resource management in a distributed computing environment
67 8,386,605 Accessing of sample portions of a large digital file preliminary to the access of the entire file
68 8,386,602 Relevant alert delivery in a distributed processing system
69 8,386,577 Selection of communication protocol for message transfer based on quality of service requirements
70 8,386,573 System and method for caching linked email data for offline use
71 8,386,572 System and method for circumventing instant messaging do-not-disturb
72 8,386,568 Annotating and routing message content
73 8,386,566 Method and apparatus for controlling information in virtual world
74 8,386,565 Communication integration between users in a virtual universe
75 8,386,562 Method, apparatus and computer program product for processing responses to a web page
76 8,386,524 Generating service specification of a service oriented architecture (SOA) solution
77 8,386,522 Technique to introduce advanced functional behaviors in a database management system without introducing new data types
78 8,386,515 Persistent querying in a federated database system
79 8,386,510 Flexible connector framework for data feed generation
80 8,386,503 Method and apparatus for entity removal from a content management solution implementing time-based flagging for certainty in a relational database environment
81 8,386,488 Method and system for matching appropriate content with users by matching content tags and profiles
82 8,386,483 Providing increased quality of content to a user over time
83 8,386,463 Method and apparatus for dynamically associating different query execution strategies with selective portions of a database table
84 8,386,462 Standby index in physical data replication
85 8,386,457 Using a dynamically-generated content-level newsworthiness rating to provide content recommendations
86 8,386,450 Query optimization technique for obtaining improved cardinality estimates using statistics on pre-defined queries
87 8,386,449 Customer statistics based on database lock use
88 8,386,447 Allocating and managing random identifiers using a shared index set across products
89 8,386,445 Reorganizing database tables
90 8,386,427 Monitoring bookmarked web pages
91 8,386,418 System and method for an intelligent storage service catalog
92 8,386,414 Browsing within a virtual environment to determine web content of interest based on interactions with virtual objects
93 8,386,411 Method and device for distributing patterns to scanning engines for scanning patterns in a packet stream
94 8,386,410 System and method for semantic information extraction framework for integrated systems management
95 8,386,407 Method and apparatus for generating context-aware generic workflow applications
96 8,386,392 Software license agreement amongst workgroups using software usage data
97 8,386,342 Method, system, and computer program product for performing inventory management
98 8,386,329 Social network-based recommendation
99 8,386,298 Competing simulator in multi-channel retailing environment among multiple retailers
100 8,386,295 Checking the correctness of GIS data
101 8,386,290 Optimizing a shared service delivery system
102 8,386,287 Resource management using constraint programming with efficient ordering of variables
103 8,386,285 Demand modeling and prediction in a retail category
104 8,386,284 Demand modeling in retail categories using retail sales data sets with missing data elements
105 8,386,282 Managing events in a configuration of SOA governance components
106 8,386,272 Autonomic assistance for policy generation
107 8,386,265 Language translation with emotion metadata
108 8,386,249 Compressing feature space transforms
109 8,386,230 Circuit design optimization
110 8,386,211 Monitoring virtual worlds to detect events and determine their type
111 8,386,207 Open-service based test execution frameworks
112 8,385,951 SMS wrapper/dewrapper and mobile devices embedded with the SMS wrapper/dewrapper
113 8,385,749 High speed optical transmitter with directly modulated laser source
114 8,385,688 System and method for automatic recognition and labeling of anatomical structures and vessels in medical imaging scans
115 8,385,554 Preventing execution of pirated software
116 8,385,534 Method for dispatching service requests
117 8,385,531 Performing routing of a phone call based on mutual contacts of a contact list
118 8,385,414 Multimedia size reduction for database optimization
119 8,385,394 Circuit and method for on-chip jitter measurement
120 8,385,356 Data frame forwarding using a multitiered distributed virtual bridge hierarchy
121 8,385,253 Propagation of changes in a network
122 8,385,221 System and method for monitoring of user quality-of-experience on a wireless network
123 8,385,207 Method and apparatus for end-to-end network congestion management
124 8,385,192 Deduplicated data processing rate control
125 8,385,069 Liquid coolant conduit secured in an unused socket for memory module cooling
126 8,385,067 In-line memory and circuit board cooling system
127 8,385,066 Flow control device and cooled electronic system employing the same
128 8,385,018 Magnetic writer having multiple gaps with more uniform magnetic fields across the gaps
129 8,384,917 Font reproduction in electronic documents
130 8,384,690 Interface device with integrated solar cell(S) for power collection
131 8,384,414 Implementing hacking detection and block function at indeterminate times with priorities and limits
132 8,384,224 Through wafer vias and method of making same
133 8,384,219 Semiconductor having interconnects with improved mechanical properties by insertion of nanoparticles
134 8,384,145 Non-volatile memory device using hot-carrier injection
135 8,384,140 Structure for dual contact trench capacitor and structure thereof
136 8,384,125 Structure and method for a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) structure for SOI technology
137 8,384,065 Gate-all-around nanowire field effect transistors
138 8,383,756 High density data storage medium, method and device
139 8,383,507 Method for fabricating air gap interconnect structures
140 8,383,505 Solder ball contact susceptible to lower stress
141 8,383,501 Vertical field effect transistor arrays and methods for fabrication thereof
142 8,383,490 Borderless contact for ultra-thin body devices
143 8,383,483 High performance CMOS circuits, and methods for fabricating same
144 8,383,474 Thin channel device and fabrication method with a reverse embedded stressor
145 8,383,443 Non-uniform gate dielectric charge for pixel sensor cells and methods of manufacturing
146 8,382,565 System and method to redirect and/or reduce airflow using actuators
147 8,382,481 Problem shooting process intelligently adapted to fit user’s skills
148 8,381,977 Voting system and ballot paper
149 8,381,973 System and method for providing and verifying a passport
150 8,381,966 Flip chip assembly method employing post-contact differential heating
151 8,381,962 Injection molded solder method for forming solder bumps on substrates