IBM patents granted on 26 January 2016

189 US patents granted on 26 January 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,247,673 Air baffle system in a cooling system for electronics
2 9,247,636 Area array device connection structures with complimentary warp characteristics
3 9,247,559 Dynamically delayed delivery of content in a network
4 9,247,538 Sharing frequencies in an OFDM-based wireless communication system
5 9,247,387 Proximity based reminders
6 9,247,386 Location-based mobile application and service selection
7 9,247,367 Management system with acoustical measurement for monitoring noise levels
8 9,247,193 Transferring multiple records including video data
9 9,247,075 Data sharing with mobile devices
10 9,247,056 Identifying contact center agents based upon biometric characteristics of an agent’s speech
11 9,247,022 Method and apparatus for optimizing performance and network traffic in distributed workflow processing
12 9,247,012 Applying relative weighting schemas to online usage data
13 9,247,011 System and method for reducing latency of location based information retrieved from a location service
14 9,247,003 Determining server write activity levels to use to adjust write cache size
15 9,246,987 Service registry for web services
16 9,246,973 Identifying and transitioning to an improved VoIP session
17 9,246,964 Streaming data on data processes
18 9,246,952 Controlling telephone call processing using global signaling codes
19 9,246,945 Techniques for reconciling permission usage with security policy for policy optimization and monitoring continuous compliance
20 9,246,943 Determining security factors associated with an operating environment
21 9,246,928 Compiling pattern contexts to scan lanes under instruction execution constraints
22 9,246,907 Confidence-based authentication discovery for an outbound proxy
23 9,246,905 Authentication within openflow network
24 9,246,885 System, method, apparatus and computer programs for securely using public services for private or enterprise purposes
25 9,246,873 Client-driven load balancing of dynamic IP address allocation
26 9,246,865 Prioritized alert delivery in a distributed processing system
27 9,246,861 Locality mapping in a distributed processing system
28 9,246,859 Peer-to-peer collaboration of publishers in a publish-subscription environment
29 9,246,840 Dynamically move heterogeneous cloud resources based on workload analysis
30 9,246,839 Extending organizational boundaries throughout a cloud architecture
31 9,246,792 Providing point to point communications among compute nodes in a global combining network of a parallel computer
32 9,246,778 System to enhance performance, throughput and reliability of an existing cloud offering
33 9,246,755 Software-defined networking disaster recovery
34 9,246,754 Automatic failover of nodes of a middle-tier layer
35 9,246,752 Ensuring health and compliance of devices
36 9,246,744 Controlling access of clients to service in cluster environment
37 9,246,685 Automated password authentication
38 9,246,592 Structured substrate for optical fiber alignment
39 9,246,113 Junction field-effect quantum dot memory switch
40 9,246,112 Semiconductor device with ballistic gate length structure
41 9,246,039 Solar cell with reduced absorber thickness and reduced back surface recombination
42 9,246,033 Contact for silicon heterojunction solar cells
43 9,246,032 III-V photovoltaic elements
44 9,246,028 Silicon solar cell manufacture
45 9,246,024 Photovoltaic device with aluminum plated back surface field and method of forming same
46 9,246,005 Stressed channel bulk fin field effect transistor
47 9,245,903 High voltage metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor integrated into extremely thin semiconductor on insulator process
48 9,245,896 Junction field-effect floating gate quantum dot memory switch
49 9,245,892 Semiconductor structure having buried conductive elements
50 9,245,884 Structure for metal oxide semiconductor capacitor
51 9,245,846 Chip with programmable shelf life
52 9,245,820 Liquid DIMM cooling device
53 9,245,813 Horizontally aligned graphite nanofibers in etched silicon wafer troughs for enhanced thermal performance
54 9,245,788 Non-bridging contact via structures in proximity
55 9,245,750 Nanowire devices
56 9,245,747 Engineered base substrates for releasing III-V epitaxy through spalling
57 9,245,619 Memory device with memory buffer for premature read protection
58 9,245,618 Read measurement of resistive memory cells
59 9,245,604 Prioritizing refreshes in a memory device
60 9,245,583 Group control and messaging for digital video playback sessions
61 9,245,256 Assigning and managing reviews of a computing file
62 9,245,251 Managing electronic sticky notes
63 9,245,246 Capacity over-commit management in resource provisioning environments
64 9,245,238 Dynamic grouping of email recipients
65 9,245,237 Creating documents from graphical objects in a virtual universe
66 9,245,233 Automatic detection of anomalies in graphs
67 9,245,224 Optimally configuring an information landscape
68 9,245,223 Unsupervised, supervised and reinforced learning via spiking computation
69 9,245,222 Synaptic, dendritic, somatic, and axonal plasticity in a network of neural cores using a plastic multi-stage crossbar switching
70 9,245,202 Tamper detection with microcaspule rupture
71 9,245,186 Semantic parsing of objects in video
72 9,245,183 Geographical area condition determination
73 9,245,182 Enhancing data in a screenshot
74 9,245,137 Management of digital information
75 9,245,131 Multi-user universal serial bus (USB) key with customizable file sharing permissions
76 9,245,130 Multi-user universal serial bus (USB) key with customizable file sharing permissions
77 9,245,126 Protection of user data in hosted application environments
78 9,245,110 Stack entry overwrite protection
79 9,245,096 Software license management in a networked computing environment
80 9,245,084 Virtual sub-net based routing
81 9,245,076 Orthogonal circuit element routing
82 9,245,074 Boundary based power guidance for physical synthesis
83 9,245,054 Efficiently searching and modifying a variable length queue
84 9,245,053 Efficiently searching and modifying a variable length queue
85 9,245,030 Analytics based on pipes programming model
86 9,245,012 Information classification system, information processing apparatus, information classification method and program
87 9,245,009 Detecting and executing data re-ingestion to improve accuracy in a NLP system
88 9,245,008 Detecting and executing data re-ingestion to improve accuracy in a NLP system
89 9,245,007 Dynamically detecting near-duplicate documents
90 9,244,999 Database query using a user-defined function
91 9,244,996 Replicating data across multiple copies of a table in a database system
92 9,244,991 Uniform search, navigation and combination of heterogeneous data
93 9,244,974 Optimization of database queries including grouped aggregation functions
94 9,244,966 Method and system for reducing lock occurrences in server/database systems
95 9,244,964 Determining a cause of an incident based on text analytics of documents
96 9,244,960 Metadata-driven version management service in pervasive environment
97 9,244,959 Comparing database performance without benchmark workloads
98 9,244,951 Managing tenant-specific data sets in a multi-tenant environment
99 9,244,950 Method for synthetic data generation for query workloads
100 9,244,949 Determining mappings for application integration based on user contributions
101 9,244,946 Data mining shape based data
102 9,244,937 Efficient calculation of similarity search values and digest block boundaries for data deduplication
103 9,244,935 Data encoding and processing columnar data
104 9,244,933 Disk image introspection for storage systems
105 9,244,921 Altering relevancy of a document and/or a search query
106 9,244,918 Locating electronic documents
107 9,244,911 Enhanced answers in DeepQA system according to user preferences
108 9,244,889 Creating tag clouds based on user specified arbitrary shape tags
109 9,244,879 Intermediate write operation dispersed storage network frame
110 9,244,866 Remote access of peripheral device connected to serial bus
111 9,244,856 Dynamic address translation with translation table entry format control for identifying format of the translation table entry
112 9,244,854 Transparent code patching including updating of address translation structures
113 9,244,851 Cache coherency protocol for allowing parallel data fetches and eviction to the same addressable index
114 9,244,850 Device for executing program instructions and system for caching instructions
115 9,244,846 Ensuring causality of transactional storage accesses interacting with non-transactional storage accesses
116 9,244,844 Enabling hardware transactional memory to work more efficiently with readers that can tolerate stale data
117 9,244,840 Cache swizzle with inline transposition
118 9,244,831 Dynamic tuning of internal parameters for solid-state disk based on workload access patterns
119 9,244,826 Managing CPU resources for high availability micro-partitions
120 9,244,825 Managing CPU resources for high availability micro-partitions
121 9,244,820 Creating benchmark graph data
122 9,244,819 Attribute value properties for test selection with cartesian product models
123 9,244,817 Remote debugging in a cloud computing environment
124 9,244,815 Integrated debugger and code coverage tool
125 9,244,813 Software tracing using extensible markup language messages
126 9,244,809 Validating code of an extract, transform and load (ETL) tool
127 9,244,808 Pattern oriented data collection and analysis
128 9,244,807 Quasi disk drive for testing disk interface performance
129 9,244,801 Increasing the accuracy of service quality management metrics
130 9,244,799 Bus interface optimization by selecting bit-lanes having best performance margins
131 9,244,796 Diagnostic heartbeat throttling
132 9,244,788 Maximizing use of storage in a data replication environment
133 9,244,787 Maximizing use of storage in a data replication environment
134 9,244,786 Substitution of a target volume of a secondary storage controller for a source volume of a primary storage controller for executing a write operation
135 9,244,784 Recovery of storage device in a redundant array of independent disk (raid) or raid-like array
136 9,244,782 Salvaging hardware transactions
137 9,244,781 Salvaging hardware transactions
138 9,244,777 Balanced distributed backup scheduling
139 9,244,776 Reducing reading of database logs by persisting long-running transaction data
140 9,244,775 Reducing reading of database logs by persisting long-running transaction data
141 9,244,770 Responding to a maintenance free storage container security threat
142 9,244,768 Dispersed storage network file system directory
143 9,244,759 Error recovery to enable error-free message transfer between nodes of a computer network
144 9,244,757 Logic-built-in-self-test diagnostic method for root cause identification
145 9,244,756 Logic-built-in-self-test diagnostic method for root cause identification
146 9,244,748 Operating system user activity profiles
147 9,244,744 Adaptive resource usage limits for workload management
148 9,244,738 Conditional serialization to improve work effort
149 9,244,735 Managing resource allocation or configuration parameters of a model building component to build analytic models to increase the utility of data analysis applications
150 9,244,730 Application workflow integration subsystem
151 9,244,722 Transactional updating in dynamic distributed workloads
152 9,244,710 Concurrent hypervisor replacement
153 9,244,708 Enhanced java array
154 9,244,704 System and method for transforming legacy desktop environments to a virtualized desktop model
155 9,244,688 Branch target buffer preload table
156 9,244,681 Automated shutdown for a tiered system
157 9,244,680 Document quality review and testing
158 9,244,666 Globally inline a callee with high cost-effectiveness on the basis only of profile information in a call graph
159 9,244,663 Managing table of contents pointer value saves
160 9,244,662 Optimizing just-in-time compiling for a java application executing on a compute node
161 9,244,659 Extensible meta model for capturing solution patterns
162 9,244,657 System and method for an object instance acquirer
163 9,244,654 Decimal floating-point quantum exception detection
164 9,244,630 Identifying and accessing reference data in an in-memory data grid
165 9,244,624 File load times with dynamic storage usage
166 9,244,621 Global data establishment for storage arrays controlled by a plurality of nodes
167 9,244,617 Scheduling requests in a solid state memory device
168 9,244,613 Volume extent allocation
169 9,244,585 Mouse movement using multiple thresholds utilizing linear exponential acceleration and sub-pixel precision
170 9,244,517 Cooling appliance rating aware data placement
171 9,244,513 Reduction of computer resource use in a virtual universe
172 9,244,484 Fractional-N spread spectrum state machine
173 9,244,446 Configuring, optimizing and managing micro-grids
174 9,244,441 System and method for using biometrics to predict and select music preferences
175 9,244,348 Chemically amplified negative resist composition and pattern forming process
176 9,244,345 Non-ionic photo-acid generating polymers for resist applications
177 9,244,124 Initializing and testing integrated circuits with selectable scan chains with exclusive-or outputs
178 9,244,046 System for preventing undue bending of cables
179 9,244,039 Nanopore device wetting
180 9,244,038 Nanopore device wetting
181 9,243,943 Air-flow sensor for adapter slots in a data processing system
182 9,243,929 Fuel purchase planning along a route
183 9,243,784 Semiconductor photonic package
184 9,243,107 Methods of preparing polyhemiaminals and polyhexahydrotriazines
185 9,242,797 Media mobility unit (MMU) and methods of use thereof
186 9,242,796 Dynamic tape storage library for data management
187 9,242,654 Determining vehicle collision risk
188 9,242,161 Accuracy and experience of game by activating appropriate light-emitting fibers intertwined in grass related to a game object or player entering or leaving a hot zone area
189 9,241,449 Irrigation system