IBM patents granted on 26 July 2011

92 US patents granted on 26 July 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,987,516 Software application access method and system
2 7,987,509 Generation of unique significant key from URL get/post content
3 7,987,468 Inter process communications in a distributed CP and NP environment
4 7,987,467 Scale across in a grid computing environment
5 7,987,464 Logical partitioning and virtualization in a heterogeneous architecture
6 7,987,462 Method for automatic throttling of work producers
7 7,987,461 Automated design for deployment of a distributed application using constraint propagation
8 7,987,455 System and method of command processing
9 7,987,454 System and method for emulating the processing of java server pages
10 7,987,453 Method and apparatus for determining computer program flows autonomically using hardware assisted thread stack tracking and cataloged symbolic data
11 7,987,452 Profile-driven lock handling
12 7,987,450 Stack-based problem identification for a software component
13 7,987,446 Method for automating variables in end-user programming system
14 7,987,440 Method and system for efficient validation of clock skews during hierarchical static timing analysis
15 7,987,438 Structure for initializing expansion adapters installed in a computer system having similar expansion adapters
16 7,987,437 Structure for piggybacking multiple data tenures on a single data bus grant to achieve higher bus utilization
17 7,987,433 Methods, systems and computer program products for multidimensional movement in a display window
18 7,987,430 Apparatus, system, and method for customizing a graphical user interface
19 7,987,424 Implementing a second computer system as an interface for a first computer system
20 7,987,422 Systems, methods and computer program products for automatic dissemination of spelling rules within working groups
21 7,987,418 Automatic bibliographical information within electronic documents
22 7,987,404 Information recording device, data-flow controller and data flow controlling method
23 7,987,400 Method for optimizing scan chains in an integrated circuit that has multiple levels of hierarchy
24 7,987,399 System and method for electronic device development
25 7,987,394 Method and apparatus for expressing high availability cluster demand based on probability of breach
26 7,987,386 Checkpoint/resume/restart safe methods in a data processing system to establish, to restore and to release shared memory regions
27 7,987,384 Method, system, and computer program product for handling errors in a cache without processor core recovery
28 7,987,353 Remote BIOS for servers and blades
29 7,987,343 Processor and method for synchronous load multiple fetching sequence and pipeline stage result tracking to facilitate early address generation interlock bypass
30 7,987,336 Reducing power-on time by simulating operating system memory hot add
31 7,987,334 Apparatus, system, and method for adjusting memory hold time
32 7,987,330 Apparatus for migrating data between heterogeneous data storage devices
33 7,987,326 Performing backup operations for a volume group of volumes
34 7,987,320 Cache mechanism and method for avoiding cast out on bad victim select and recycling victim select operation
35 7,987,318 Data storage system and method
36 7,987,310 Self-configuring bus for connecting electronic devices
37 7,987,287 Method and system for routing data repository messages between computing devices
38 7,987,275 Method, apparatus and computer program product implementing a chat application proxy and a chat application wrapper in a chat system
39 7,987,268 Methods and systems for dynamically reconfigurable load balancing
40 7,987,266 Failover in proxy server networks
41 7,987,253 Determining an applicable policy for an incoming message
42 7,987,250 Maximum clique in a graph
43 7,987,242 Caching of private data for a configurable time period
44 7,987,240 Dynamic data access in a computer system via remote services
45 7,987,239 Method and system for caching role-specific fragments
46 7,987,226 Internet small computer systems interface (iSCSI) software target boot and dump routing driver
47 7,987,225 Method for remembering resource allocation in grids
48 7,987,200 Method and apparatus for predicting selectivity of database query join conditions using hypothetical query predicates having skewed value constants
49 7,987,199 Dynamic enterprise javabeans
50 7,987,192 Hybrid data model and user interaction for data sets in a user interface
51 7,987,180 Classification-based method and apparatus for string selectivity estimation
52 7,987,179 Method and apparatus for optimizing queries over vertically stored database
53 7,987,178 Automatically determining optimization frequencies of queries with parameter markers
54 7,987,177 Method for estimating the number of distinct values in a partitioned dataset
55 7,987,166 Atomic renaming and moving of data files while permitting lock-free look-ups
56 7,987,158 Method, system and article of manufacture for metadata replication and restoration
57 7,987,146 System and method for matching multi-node software system provisioning requirements and capabilities using rough set theory
58 7,987,144 Methods and apparatus for generating a data classification model using an adaptive learning algorithm
59 7,987,140 Digital rights management of captured content based on criteria regulating a combination of elements
60 7,987,110 Managing organizational resources
61 7,987,109 Model and method for channel-based workforce sourcing
62 7,987,086 Software entity for the creation of a hybrid cycle simulation model
63 7,987,064 Dynamic determination of a minimal configured product to achieve desired test coverage
64 7,986,848 Methods, systems, and computer program products for a multi-resolution storage scheme for historical data
65 7,986,791 Method and system for automatically muting headphones
66 7,986,787 System, method, and service for tracing traitors from content protection circumvention devices
67 7,986,776 Method and system for telephone wait user interface selection
68 7,986,707 Method and system for rules based workflow of media services
69 7,986,705 Determining a transmission order for frames based on bit reversals of sequence numbers
70 7,986,625 Resource-aware system, method and program product for managing request traffic based on a management policy
71 7,986,621 Apparatus and method to set the signaling rate for a plurality of data storage devices
72 7,986,602 Apparatus and method to set a rotation rate for an optical and holographic data storage medium
73 7,986,571 Low power, single-ended sensing in a multi-port SRAM using pre-discharged bit lines
74 7,986,543 Method for achieving very high bandwidth between the levels of a cache hierarchy in 3-dimensional structures, and a 3-dimensional structure resulting therefrom
75 7,986,526 Acoustically absorptive apparatus for an electronics rack of a data center
76 7,986,482 Applying whip effect to magnetic tape exhibiting a tape stick condition
77 7,986,421 Method and system for real-time end-user status and quality monitoring of printing operations
78 7,986,420 Sensing paper jam, out-of-paper, and cover open in a printer
79 7,986,330 Method and apparatus for generating gammacorrected antialiased lines
80 7,986,323 Two dimensional user interface for multidimensional data analysis
81 7,986,300 Autonomic control of calibration for pointing device
82 7,986,022 Semispherical integrated circuit structures
83 7,985,928 Gap free anchored conductor and dielectric structure and method for fabrication thereof
84 7,985,927 Ceramic substrate grid structure for the creation of virtual coax arrangement
85 7,985,686 Method of forming a nonvolatile memory device using semiconductor nanoparticles
86 7,985,671 Structures and methods for improving solder bump connections in semiconductor devices
87 7,985,654 Planarization stop layer in phase change memory integration
88 7,985,643 Semiconductor transistors with contact holes close to gates
89 7,985,633 Embedded DRAM integrated circuits with extremely thin silicon-on-insulator pass transistors
90 7,985,138 SIP based VoIP multiplayer network games
91 7,985,095 Implementing enhanced connector guide block structures for robust SMT assembly
92 7,984,546 Tool for filling vias in a greensheet