IBM patents granted on 26 July 2016

105 US patents granted on 26 July 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,402,334 Method for controlling airflow of directional flow perforated tile
2 9,402,320 Electronic component assembly
3 9,401,988 Facilitating context delivery during communication sessions
4 9,401,971 Resource recommendation, reuse and optimization through common context
5 9,401,960 Scalable cloud storage architecture
6 9,401,957 System and method for synchronization between servers
7 9,401,954 Scaling a trusted computing model in a globally distributed cloud environment
8 9,401,946 Deploying a portion of a streaming application to one or more virtual machines according to hardware type
9 9,401,943 Real-time customizable media content filter
10 9,401,914 Utilization of multiple keypads for password inputs
11 9,401,910 Establishing and maintaining an improved single sign-on (SSO) facility
12 9,401,893 System and method for providing data security in a hosted service system
13 9,401,887 Identifying content in an incoming message on a social network
14 9,401,886 Preventing personal information from being posted to an internet
15 9,401,882 Sending an out-of-facility notification based on aggregated content from a task management system
16 9,401,881 Automatic question generation and answering based on monitored messaging sessions
17 9,401,873 Fibre channel over ethernet (FCoE) zoning in a distributed ethernet switch
18 9,401,857 Coherent load monitoring of physical and virtual networks with synchronous status acquisition
19 9,401,853 Determining sampling rate from randomly sampled events
20 9,401,852 Resource allocation for migration within a multi-tiered system
21 9,401,847 Registering a common information model provider to a common information model object manager
22 9,401,835 Data integration on retargetable engines in a networked environment
23 9,401,819 Instant message (IM) routing to a virtual user consisting of a group of possible sub-users associated with a common IM identity
24 9,401,762 Identifying a location in a network where noise is generated
25 9,401,711 Driver output with dynamic switching bias
26 9,401,698 Transforming a phase-locked-loop generated chip clock signal to a local clock signal
27 9,401,696 Boosting varactor capacitance ratio
28 9,401,643 Bias-temperature induced damage mitigation circuit
29 9,401,583 Laser structure on silicon using aspect ratio trapping growth
30 9,401,443 Electrodeposition methods of gallium and gallium alloy films and related photovoltaic structures
31 9,401,397 Reduction of defect induced leakage in III-V semiconductor devices
32 9,401,372 Dual isolation on SSOI wafer
33 9,401,336 Dual layer stack for contact formation
34 9,401,334 Preventing unauthorized use of integrated circuits for radiation-hard applications
35 9,401,323 Protected through semiconductor via (TSV)
36 9,401,311 Self aligned structure and method for high-K metal gate work function tuning
37 9,401,222 Determining categories for memory fail conditions
38 9,401,180 High resolution tape directory (HRTD) stored at end of data in an index partition
39 9,401,176 Optimum tape layout selection for improved error correction capability
40 9,401,058 Zone based presence determination via voiceprint location awareness
41 9,400,992 Populating a software catalogue with related product information
42 9,400,986 Determining community gatekeepers in networked systems
43 9,400,970 Automatically identifying a capacity of a resource
44 9,400,956 Answer interactions in a question-answering environment
45 9,400,954 Multi-scale spatio-temporal neural network system
46 9,400,939 System and method for relating corresponding points in images with different viewing angles
47 9,400,884 Mapping a user’s specific password and username pair to a temporary user’s favorite password and username pair
48 9,400,883 Authentication mechanism
49 9,400,868 Method computer program and system to analyze mass spectra
50 9,400,864 System and method for maintaining slack continuity in incremental statistical timing analysis
51 9,400,841 Answer interactions in a question-answering environment
52 9,400,839 Enhanced keyword find operation in a web page
53 9,400,818 Highly scalable tree-based trylock
54 9,400,813 Data alignment technology
55 9,400,810 Monitoring and debugging query execution objects
56 9,400,796 Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
57 9,400,781 Automatic cognate detection in a computer-assisted language learning system
58 9,400,780 Perspective data management for common features of multiple items
59 9,400,771 Supporting generation of transformation rule
60 9,400,767 Subgraph-based distributed graph processing
61 9,400,766 Determining combinations of odors to produce a target olfactory pleasantness
62 9,400,757 Automatically changing application priority as a function of a number of people proximate to a peripheral device
63 9,400,754 Asynchronous swap mechanism and page eviction from memory
64 9,400,752 Store forwarding cache
65 9,400,751 Counter-based wide fetch management
66 9,400,745 Physical address management in solid state memory
67 9,400,740 Capacity forecasting based on capacity policies and transactions
68 9,400,739 Capacity forecasting based on capacity policies and transactions
69 9,400,738 Generation of automated unit tests for a controller layer system and method
70 9,400,737 Generation of automated unit tests for a controller layer system and method
71 9,400,736 Transformation of a program-event-recording event into a run-time instrumentation event
72 9,400,735 Defect analysis system for error impact reduction
73 9,400,719 Recovery of a transaction after XA end
74 9,400,714 Wirelessly communicating a data file
75 9,400,701 Technology for stall detection
76 9,400,700 Optimized system for analytics (graphs and sparse matrices) operations
77 9,400,697 Multi-dimensional computing and communication resource allocation using bin-packing with per-branch combination tries
78 9,400,689 Resource allocation/de-allocation and activation/deactivation
79 9,400,687 Method and system for dynamic pool reallocation
80 9,400,686 Process grouping for improved cache and memory affinity
81 9,400,679 Methods for selectively enabling and disabling hardware features
82 9,400,678 Systems for selectively enabling and disabling hardware features
83 9,400,676 Preferential CPU utilization for tasks
84 9,400,675 Tagging virtual machine instances based on commands
85 9,400,673 Placement of virtual CPUS using a hardware multithreading parameter
86 9,400,672 Placement of virtual CPUS using a hardware multithreading parameter
87 9,400,670 Network resource management system utilizing physical network identification for load balancing
88 9,400,669 Virtual appliance chaining and management
89 9,400,667 String cache file for optimizing memory usage in a Java virtual machine
90 9,400,663 Managing middleware using an application manager
91 9,400,657 Dynamic management of a transaction retry indication
92 9,400,656 Chaining between exposed vector pipelines
93 9,400,649 Annotating a generator output stream
94 9,400,619 Non-disruptive file system element reconfiguration on disk expansion
95 9,400,608 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
96 9,400,605 Efficient management of a virtual tape library cluster
97 9,400,604 Write procedure using estimated best setting in first run
98 9,400,603 Implementing enhanced performance flash memory devices
99 9,400,511 Methods and control systems of resistance adjustment of resistors
100 9,400,356 Fiber pigtail with integrated lid
101 9,400,306 Solar cell characteristics determination
102 9,400,186 Integration of historical user experience analytics into route recommendations
103 9,399,553 Efficient distribution and selection of storage media in a storage medium library
104 9,399,445 Delegating control of a vehicle
105 9,399,044 Antimicrobial cationic polyamines