IBM patents granted on 26 June 2007

46 US patents granted on 26 June 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,237,259 Fault reducing firewall system
2 7,237,242 Dynamic thread pool tuning techniques
3 7,237,236 Method and apparatus for automatically determining optimum placement of privileged code locations in existing code
4 7,237,217 Resonant tree driven clock distribution grid
5 7,237,215 Method for providing memory cells capable of allowing multiple variations of metal level assignments for bitlines and wordlines
6 7,237,210 Methods, systems and media for managing functional verification of a parameterizable design
7 7,237,190 System and method for generating multiple customizable interfaces for XML documents
8 7,237,165 Method for testing embedded DRAM arrays
9 7,237,163 Leakage current reduction system and method
10 7,237,139 Services heuristics for computer adapter placement in logical partitioning operations
11 7,237,116 Digital signature system and method based on hard lattice problem
12 7,237,105 Startup system and method using boot code
13 7,237,101 Methods and apparatus for self describing devices
14 7,237,100 Transaction redirection mechanism for handling late specification changes and design errors
15 7,237,094 Instruction group formation and mechanism for SMT dispatch
16 7,237,070 Cache memory, processing unit, data processing system and method for assuming a selected invalid coherency state based upon a request source
17 7,237,069 Arrangement and method for update of configuration cache data
18 7,237,010 Method, system and computer program product for generating and processing a disposable email address
19 7,237,002 System and method for dynamic browser management of web site
20 7,236,998 System and method for solving a large system of dense linear equations
21 7,236,974 System and method for a multi-level locking hierarchy in a database with multi-dimensional clustering
22 7,236,946 Operation of control system for ensuring availability of purchasable items in networked machines
23 7,236,918 Method and system for selective compilation of instrumentation entities into a simulation model of a digital design
24 7,236,909 Autonomic data assurance applied to complex data-intensive software processes by means of pattern recognition
25 7,236,881 Method and apparatus for end-to-end travel time estimation using dynamic traffic data
26 7,236,638 Methods and apparatus for reduction of high dimensional data
27 7,236,592 Efficient stream cipher system and method
28 7,236,577 Call screening system and method
29 7,236,476 mSCTP based handover of a mobile device between non-intersecting networks
30 7,236,465 System and method for gathering multicast content receiver data
31 7,236,408 Electronic circuit having variable biasing
32 7,236,386 System and method for transferring data to and from a magnetic shift register with a shiftable data column
33 7,236,369 Torsion spring force and vertical shear pin retention of heat sink to CPU
34 7,236,326 Mechanism for locking out improperly inserted cartridge
35 7,236,322 Method, system, and program for storing data in a storage medium
36 7,235,994 Defect monitor for semiconductor manufacturing capable of performing analog resistance measurements
37 7,235,875 Modular heat sink decoupling capacitor array forming heat sink fins and power distribution interposer module
38 7,235,812 Method of creating defect free high Ge content (>25%) SiGe-on-insulator (SGOI) substrates using wafer bonding techniques
39 7,235,487 Metal seed layer deposition
40 7,235,464 Patterning method
41 7,235,440 Formation of ultra-thin oxide layers by self-limiting interfacial oxidation
42 7,235,342 Negative photoresist composition including non-crosslinking chemistry
43 7,235,148 Selectively roughening conductors for high frequency printed wiring boards
44 7,234,964 Systems, methods, and media for providing visual indication of a blade configuration
45 7,234,218 Method for separating electronic component from organic board
46 7,234,208 Device for preventing cable damage during installation