IBM patents granted on 26 June 2012

52 US patents granted on 26 June 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,209,708 Methods, systems and computer program products for generating events having a common event format
2 8,209,700 System, method, and program product for providing local load balancing for high-availability servers
3 8,209,698 Processor core with per-thread resource usage accounting logic
4 8,209,693 System and method for processing series of processes in given order having processing status generation with tables storing status including beginning, end and existence segment
5 8,209,692 Deallocation of computer data in a multithreaded computer
6 8,209,686 Saving unsaved user process data in one or more logical partitions of a computing system
7 8,209,683 System and method for probing hypervisor tasks in an asynchronous environment
8 8,209,671 Computer program testing after source code modification using execution conditions
9 8,209,668 Method and system for measuring the performance of a computer system on a per logical partition basis
10 8,209,667 Software verification using hybrid explicit and symbolic model checking
11 8,209,658 Method of creating signatures for classifying program failures
12 8,209,626 Determining request destination
13 8,209,554 Applying power management on a partition basis in a multipartitioned computer system
14 8,209,548 Secure caching technique for shared distributed caches
15 8,209,496 Method and system for accessing data
16 8,209,489 Victim cache prefetching
17 8,209,488 Techniques for prediction-based indirect data prefetching
18 8,209,420 Management of duplicate TCP connections using sequence and acknowledgment numbers
19 8,209,368 Generating and using a dynamic bloom filter
20 8,209,359 Generating BPEL control flows
21 8,209,341 Configurable transformation macro
22 8,209,335 Extracting informative phrases from unstructured text
23 8,209,314 Search criteria control system and method
24 8,209,304 Indicating staleness of elements in a document in a content management system
25 8,209,301 Method and system for detection of integrity constraint violations
26 8,209,299 Selectively generating program objects on remote node of a multi-node computer system
27 8,209,298 Restoring a restore set of files from backup objects stored in sequential backup devices
28 8,209,295 Storing information with a description logic file system
29 8,209,282 Method, system, and article of manufacture for mirroring data at storage locations
30 8,209,273 Automatically evaluating and ranking service level agreement violations
31 8,209,262 Pattern-based policy application mechanism for SCA
32 8,209,239 Method, system, and program product for exchanging catalogue information
33 8,209,211 Apparatus and methods for requirements decomposition and management
34 8,209,210 System and method for calculating and displaying estimated wait times for transaction request based on the skill required to process the transaction request
35 8,209,204 Influencing behavior of enterprise operations during process enactment using provenance data
36 8,209,141 System and method for automatically generating test patterns for at-speed structural test of an integrated circuit device using an incremental approach to reduce test pattern count
37 8,209,076 Tracking vehicle maintenance using sensor detection
38 8,208,860 Reducing multipath signal degradation effects in a wireless transmission system
39 8,208,396 Discovery and capability exchange management in a virtualized computing platform utilizing a SR-IOV adapter
40 8,208,339 Computer program product for controlling a storage device having per-element selectable power supply voltages
41 8,208,288 Hybrid superconducting-magnetic memory cell and array
42 8,208,258 System and method for facilitating parallel cooling of liquid-cooled electronics racks
43 8,208,237 Administering offset voltage error in a current sensing circuit
44 8,207,828 Method and system using RFID tags for system re-configuration
45 8,207,820 Location localization method and system
46 8,207,609 Optically transparent wires for secure circuits and methods of making same
47 8,207,568 Process for single and multiple level metal-insulator-metal integration with a single mask
48 8,207,351 Cyclic carbonyl compounds with pendant carbonate groups, preparations thereof, and polymers therefrom
49 8,207,038 Stressed Fin-FET devices with low contact resistance
50 8,207,028 Two-dimensional patterning employing self-assembled material
51 8,207,027 Triple gate and double gate finFETs with different vertical dimension fins
52 8,206,025 Microfluid mixer, methods of use and methods of manufacture thereof