IBM patents granted on 26 November 2013

162 US patents granted on 26 November 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 D694,247 Server rack door cover
2 8,595,839 Selecting one of a plurality of scanner nodes to perform scan operations for an interface node receiving a file request
3 8,595,821 Domains based security for clusters
4 8,595,805 Method and system for policy driven data disclosure
5 8,595,798 Enforcing data sharing policy through shared data management
6 8,595,792 Method to automatically map business function level policies to IT management policies
7 8,595,761 Streaming video with enhanced overlay positioning
8 8,595,742 Executing a distributed java application on a plurality of compute nodes in accordance with a just-in-time compilation history
9 8,595,739 Prioritized resource scanning
10 8,595,736 Parsing an application to find serial and parallel data segments to minimize mitigation overhead between serial and parallel compute nodes
11 8,595,735 Holistic task scheduling for distributed computing
12 8,595,732 Reducing the response time of flexible highly data parallel task by assigning task sets using dynamic combined longest processing time scheme
13 8,595,731 Low overhead dynamic thermal management in many-core cluster architecture
14 8,595,724 Using a score-based template to provide a virtual machine
15 8,595,722 Preprovisioning virtual machines based on request frequency and current network configuration
16 8,595,721 Preserving a dedicated temporary allocation virtualization function in a power management environment
17 8,595,715 Dynamic software version selection
18 8,595,712 Source code processing method, system and program
19 8,595,700 Method and apparatus for reusing components of a component-based software system
20 8,595,697 Serializing a templated markup language representation of test artifacts
21 8,595,696 Development of networked applications
22 8,595,693 Model driven deployment of composite applications
23 8,595,692 Identifying lock granularization opportunities
24 8,595,682 Phase compensation in a differential pair of transmission lines
25 8,595,678 Validating interconnections between logic blocks in a circuit description
26 8,595,675 Local objective optimization in global placement of an integrated circuit design
27 8,595,665 Guiding design actions for complex failure modes
28 8,595,664 Guiding design actions for complex failure modes
29 8,595,663 Method, system, and program storage device for modeling contact bar resistance
30 8,595,651 Single page multi-tier catalog browser
31 8,595,636 Method and system for mapping GUI widgets
32 8,595,632 Method to monitor user trajectories within a virtual universe
33 8,595,631 Accessibility in virtual worlds using tags
34 8,595,628 Method and system for reviewing text files using distributable review data packets
35 8,595,626 Application recommendation
36 8,595,621 Truncating character strings to generate a list of unique character strings
37 8,595,615 System and method for automatic stylesheet inference
38 8,595,570 Bitline deletion
39 8,595,566 Error tracking method and system
40 8,595,564 Artifact-based software failure detection
41 8,595,559 Method and apparatus for model-based testing of a graphical user interface
42 8,595,557 Method and apparatus for verifying memory testing software
43 8,595,556 Soft failure detection
44 8,595,554 Reproducibility in a multiprocessor system
45 8,595,545 Balancing power consumption and high availability in an information technology system
46 8,595,511 Securely managing the execution of screen rendering instructions in a host operating system and virtual machine
47 8,595,472 Ganged hardware counters for coordinated rollover and reset operations
48 8,595,469 Diagnose instruction for serializing processing
49 8,595,468 Reverse simultaneous multi-threading
50 8,595,467 Floating point collect and operate
51 8,595,466 All-to-all comparisons on architectures having limited storage space
52 8,595,463 Memory architecture with policy based data storage
53 8,595,462 Dynamic measurement and adaptation of a copying garbage collector
54 8,595,461 Management of recycling bin for thinly-provisioned logical volumes
55 8,595,458 Intelligent extent initialization in storage environment
56 8,595,448 Asymmetric double buffering of bitstream data in a multi-core processor
57 8,595,444 Processing read requests by a storage system
58 8,595,443 Varying a data prefetch size based upon data usage
59 8,595,433 Systems and methods for managing destage conflicts
60 8,595,430 Managing a virtual tape library domain and providing ownership of scratch erased volumes to VTL nodes
61 8,595,389 Distributed performance counters
62 8,595,353 Automated recommendations for cloud-computing options
63 8,595,328 Self-updating node controller for an endpoint in a cloud computing environment
64 8,595,320 If-none-match for aggregated page distribution
65 8,595,305 Playback of instant messaging session history
66 8,595,301 Message delivery in messaging networks
67 8,595,288 Enabling SOA governance using a service lifecycle approach
68 8,595,287 Method and apparatus for metadata driven web service mediation
69 8,595,273 Hash algorithm using randomization function
70 8,595,249 Method, system, and program product for discovering relevant information in a dynamic information system
71 8,595,244 Matching an entry of a list to data
72 8,595,238 Smart index creation and reconciliation in an interconnected network of systems
73 8,595,236 Searching existing user interfaces to enable design, development and provisioning of user interfaces
74 8,595,231 Ruleset generation for multiple entities with multiple data values per attribute
75 8,595,224 Smart path finding for file operations
76 8,595,212 Autonomic index creation, modification and deletion
77 8,595,201 Version visualization
78 8,595,199 Real-time selection of compression operations
79 8,595,197 Message validation in a service-oriented architecture
80 8,595,188 Operating system and file system independent incremental data backup
81 8,595,185 Storage disaster recovery using a predicted superset of unhardened primary data
82 8,595,174 Answer support system and method
83 8,595,155 Kernel regression system, method, and program
84 8,595,150 Apparatus and method for transportation and upselling of product
85 8,595,143 Maintaining privacy for transactions performable by a user device having a security module
86 8,595,142 Maintaining privacy for transactions performable by a user device having a security module
87 8,595,090 Universal user interaction module for web transactions with user controlled conditions
88 8,595,056 Adaptive issuance of privilege information in merchandising and advertising systems
89 8,595,044 Determining competence levels of teams working within a software
90 8,595,043 Capability and maturity-based SOA governance
91 8,595,042 Processing of provenance data for automatic discovery of enterprise process information
92 8,594,989 Compensating for variations in device characteristics in integrated circuit simulation
93 8,594,985 Techniques for determining physical zones of influence
94 8,594,955 Establishing a power profile for generating electrical ratings
95 8,594,940 System and method for analyzing chromosomal states based on gene expression
96 8,594,855 Modular power control system to manage power consumption
97 8,594,826 Method and system for evaluating a machine tool operating characteristics
98 8,594,821 Detecting combined tool incompatibilities and defects in semiconductor manufacturing
99 8,594,772 Method for monitoring and communicating biomedical electromagnetic fields
100 8,594,648 Calendar-based power reserve
101 8,594,634 Missed call integration with voicemail and granular access to voicemail
102 8,594,609 Drain-pumped sub-harmonic mixer for millimeter wave applications
103 8,594,482 Auditing video analytics through essence generation
104 8,594,431 Adaptive partial character recognition
105 8,594,420 Color naming, color categorization and describing color composition of images
106 8,594,398 Systems and methods for cardiac view recognition and disease recognition
107 8,594,321 Apparatus and method for operating a symmetric cipher engine in cipher-block chaining mode
108 8,594,306 Providing information by a contact center
109 8,594,305 Enhancing contact centers with dialog contracts
110 8,594,290 Descriptive audio channel for use with multimedia conferencing
111 8,594,201 Systems and methods for visual signal extrapolation or interpolation
112 8,594,100 Data frame forwarding using a distributed virtual bridge
113 8,594,090 Multicasting using a multitiered distributed virtual bridge hierarchy
114 8,594,082 Priority based flow control in a distributed fabric protocol (DFP) switching network architecture
115 8,594,080 Multiple functionality in a virtual storage area network device
116 8,594,023 Quasi-dynamic spectrum access for internet of things (IOT) applications
117 8,593,946 Congestion control using application slowdown
118 8,593,890 Implementing supply and source write assist for SRAM arrays
119 8,593,861 Asymmetric memory cells
120 8,593,815 Techniques for data center cooling
121 8,593,621 Testing an optical fiber connection
122 8,593,459 Tree insertion depth adjustment based on view frustum and distance culling
123 8,593,453 Monitoring user attention in a computer-simulated environment
124 8,593,308 Method of accelerating dynamic Huffman decompaction within the inflate algorithm
125 8,593,260 System and method for varying response amplitude of radio transponders
126 8,593,226 Transimpedance amplifier
127 8,593,180 Circuit including a negative differential resistance (NDR) device having a graphene channel, and method of operating the circuit
128 8,592,976 Ball-limiting-metallurgy layers in solder ball structures
129 8,592,970 Multichip electronic packages and methods of manufacture
130 8,592,955 Accurate deposition of nano-objects on a surface
131 8,592,947 Thermally controlled refractory metal resistor
132 8,592,946 Lithography for printing constant line width features
133 8,592,941 Fuse structure having crack stop void, method for forming and programming same, and design structure
134 8,592,932 Apparatus and methods for constructing semiconductor chip packages with silicon space transformer carriers
135 8,592,921 Deep trench embedded gate transistor
136 8,592,916 Selectively raised source/drain transistor
137 8,592,876 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) capacitive OHMIC switch and design structures
138 8,592,743 Low distortion high bandwidth adaptive transmission line for integrated photonic applications
139 8,592,694 Replaceable knockout part in a metal panel and systems and methods thereof
140 8,592,675 Photovoltaic devices with enhanced efficiencies using high-aspect-ratio nanostructures
141 8,592,325 Insulating layers on different semiconductor materials
142 8,592,323 Method of large-area circuit layout recognition
143 8,592,308 Silicided device with shallow impurity regions at interface between silicide and stressed liner
144 8,592,306 Redundant metal barrier structure for interconnect applications
145 8,592,296 Gate-last fabrication of quarter-gap MGHK FET
146 8,592,295 Gate-all around semiconductor nanowire FETs on bulk semiconductor wafers
147 8,592,293 Schottky barrier diodes for millimeter wave SiGe BiCMOS applications
148 8,592,290 Cut-very-last dual-EPI flow
149 8,592,280 Fin field effect transistor devices with self-aligned source and drain regions
150 8,592,270 Non-relaxed embedded stressors with solid source extension regions in CMOS devices
151 8,592,268 Semiconductor structures using replacement gate and methods of manufacture
152 8,592,266 Replacement gate MOSFET with a high performance gate electrode
153 8,592,264 Source-drain extension formation in replacement metal gate transistor device
154 8,592,263 FinFET diode with increased junction area
155 8,592,250 Self-aligned process to fabricate a memory cell array with a surrounding-gate access transistor
156 8,592,244 Pixel sensor cells and methods of manufacturing
157 8,592,110 Alignment marks for multi-exposure lithography
158 8,591,749 Chromeless phase-shifting photomask with undercut rim-shifting element
159 8,591,697 Transmission electron microscopy sample etching fixture
160 8,591,625 Server rack front door with contamination filter and sensor
161 8,591,289 Multi-spindle chemical mechanical planarization tool
162 8,591,167 Airflow from a blower with one or more adjustable guide vanes that are affixed to the blower at one or more pivot points located in an outlet of the blower