IBM patents granted on 26 October 2010

131 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,823,198 Secure memory storage device
2 7,823,173 Removable disk media including holographic optical disk stacked in a tape cartridge shell
3 7,823,165 System and computer program product for presenting event flows using sequence diagrams
4 7,823,158 Adaptive scheduling and management of work processing in a target context in resource contention
5 7,823,152 System and method for collaborative hosting of applications, virtual machines, and data objects
6 7,823,150 Computer-implemented method, system and program product for establishing multiple read-only locks on a shared data object
7 7,823,144 Computer program code comparison using lexemes
8 7,823,137 Process and implementation for using byte code insertion to modify a class definition to define and use probes for application components
9 7,823,129 Apparatus and method for dynamic instrumenting of code to minimize system perturbation
10 7,823,115 Method of generating wiring routes with matching delay in the presence of process variation
11 7,823,108 Chip having timing analysis of paths performed within the chip during the design process
12 7,823,107 Transition balancing for noise reduction/Di/Dt reduction during design, synthesis, and physical design
13 7,823,106 Variable performance ranking and modification in design for manufacturability of circuits
14 7,823,103 Method and system of introducing hierarchy into design rule checking test cases and rotation of test case data
15 7,823,097 Unrolling hardware design generate statements in a source window debugger
16 7,823,094 Pseudo-string based pattern recognition in L3GO designs
17 7,823,093 Method and system for reduction of and/or subexpressions in structural design representations
18 7,823,087 Method to enhance navigation and scalability in table and tree viewers
19 7,823,082 Intelligence driven icons and cursors
20 7,823,072 Method and system for controlling multiple electronic mail messages in a data processing system
21 7,823,053 System and method for searching error messages
22 7,823,035 System and methods of balancing scan chains and inserting the balanced-length scan chains into hierarchically designed integrated circuits
23 7,823,029 Failure recognition, notification, and prevention for learning and self-healing capabilities in a monitored system
24 7,823,028 Low-level console interface
25 7,823,020 System and method for applying a destructive firmware update in a non-destructive manner
26 7,823,018 Methods, systems and computer program products for CPU signaturing to aide in performance analysis
27 7,823,017 Structure for task based debugger (transaction-event-job-trigger)
28 7,823,012 Autonomically adjusting configuration parameters for a server when a different server fails
29 7,823,011 Intra-disk coding scheme for data-storage systems
30 7,823,008 Maintaining consistency in a remote copy data storage system
31 7,823,007 Apparatus, system, and method for switching a volume address association in a point-in-time copy relationship
32 7,823,002 Digital reliability monitor having autonomic repair and notification capability
33 7,822,984 Portal system, method and program, and associated user computer and content supplier
34 7,822,980 Authenticated identity propagation and translation within a multiple computing unit environment
35 7,822,959 Method for a SCSI target controller to safely shut down an operating system by the use of a standard SCSI initiator command
36 7,822,954 Methods, systems, and computer program products for recovering from branch prediction latency
37 7,822,948 Apparatus, system, and method for discontiguous multiple issue of instructions
38 7,822,942 Selectively invalidating entries in an address translation cache
39 7,822,936 Memory chip for high capacity memory subsystem supporting replication of command data
40 7,822,924 Processing of self-modifying code in multi-address-space and multi-processor systems
41 7,822,918 Preallocated disk queuing
42 7,822,892 Managing the copying of writes from primary storages to secondary storages across different networks
43 7,822,889 Direct/indirect transmission of information using a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
44 7,822,860 Method and apparatus for dynamic reconfiguration of web services infrastructure
45 7,822,852 Method for adaptively modifying the observed collective behavior of individual sensor nodes based on broadcasting of parameters
46 7,822,848 Alert log activity thread integration
47 7,822,840 Method and apparatus for dynamic web service client application update
48 7,822,832 Method for controlling operations of computing devices
49 7,822,831 Method, system and program product for preserving and restoring mobile device user settings
50 7,822,830 Dynamic portal assembly
51 7,822,814 Determining on demand right size buffering within a socket server implementation
52 7,822,801 Subscription propagation in a high performance highly available content-based publish/subscribe system
53 7,822,796 Method and system for electronically qualifying supplier parts
54 7,822,790 Relative positioning and access of memory objects
55 7,822,786 Apparatus, system, and method for defining a metadata schema to facilitate passing data between an extensible markup language document and a hierarchical database
56 7,822,785 Methods and apparatus for composite configuration item management in configuration management database
57 7,822,773 Method and system for reducing complex tree structures to simple tree structures based on relevance of nodes using threshold values
58 7,822,768 System and method for automating data normalization using text analytics
59 7,822,767 Modeling and implementing complex data access operations based on lower level traditional operations
60 7,822,766 Referential integrity across a distributed directory
61 7,822,761 Groupware system with improved contact data handling
62 7,822,754 Method and system to provide contextual, intelligent address book listings
63 7,822,748 Method and system for delivering information with caching based on interest and significance
64 7,822,740 Estimation of input/output requirements for table probe in join processing
65 7,822,739 Method for exploitation of social networks to derive a location of employees
66 7,822,730 Systems and methods for sequential modeling in less than one sequential scan
67 7,822,729 Swapping multiple object aliases in a database system
68 7,822,723 Method, system, program and data structure for controlling access to sensitive functions
69 7,822,714 Extending configuration management databases using generic datatypes
70 7,822,704 Text explanation for on-line analytic processing events
71 7,822,702 Creating a session log for studying usability of computing devices used for social networking by filtering observations based on roles of usability experts
72 7,822,689 Maintaining privacy for transactions performable by a user device having a security module
73 7,822,686 Processing system for recording media content
74 7,822,635 Managing consumer preferences with a portable data processing system
75 7,822,604 Method and apparatus for identifying conversing pairs over a two-way speech medium
76 7,822,498 Using a loudness-level-reference segment of audio to normalize relative audio levels among different audio files when combining content of the audio files
77 7,822,238 Method, system, and program product for transforming a biometric image
78 7,822,228 System and method for analyzing video from non-static camera
79 7,822,227 Method and system for tracking images
80 7,822,206 Systems and methods for management and auto-generation of encryption keys
81 7,822,190 Method, system, and apparatus for debugging a live telephone call
82 7,822,114 Decision feedback equalizer using soft decisions
83 7,822,072 Clock filter dispersion
84 7,822,071 Method and system to enable the transport of sysplex timer protocols over generic frame procedure networks
85 7,821,966 Method and apparatus for network topology discovery using closure approach
86 7,821,944 Optimal interconnect utilization in a data processing network
87 7,821,942 Controlling data flow through a data communications link
88 7,821,939 Method, system, and computer program product for adaptive congestion control on virtual lanes for data center ethernet architecture
89 7,821,921 Reliable and resilient end-to-end connectivity for heterogeneous networks
90 7,821,858 eDRAM hierarchical differential sense AMP
91 7,821,796 Reference plane voids with strip segment for improving transmission line integrity over vias
92 7,821,733 Using a measured error to determine coefficients to provide to an equalizer to use to equalize an input signal
93 7,821,728 Detection of defective tape drive by aggregating read error statistics
94 7,821,553 Pixel array, imaging sensor including the pixel array and digital camera including the imaging sensor
95 7,821,510 Dynamic conference table display system
96 7,821,424 Determining asset location via local triangulation
97 7,821,405 Automatic subscriptions to shared repositories with notifications reflecting accesses by important other users and keywords stored in a personal interest profile
98 7,821,381 System for sending events between vehicles
99 7,821,330 Method and apparatus for extending the lifetime of a semiconductor chip
100 7,821,301 Method and apparatus for measuring and compensating for static phase error in phase locked loops
101 7,821,300 System and method for converting between CML signal logic families
102 7,821,294 Integrated circuit containing multi-state restore circuitry for restoring state to a power-managed functional block
103 7,821,156 System and methods for scheduling power usage
104 7,821,120 Metal filled through via structure for providing vertical wafer-to-wafer interconnection
105 7,821,110 Circuit structures and methods with BEOL layer(s) configured to block electromagnetic interference
106 7,821,109 Stressed dielectric devices and methods of fabricating same
107 7,821,099 Structure for low capacitance ESD robust diodes
108 7,821,098 Trench widening without merging
109 7,821,097 Lateral passive device having dual annular electrodes
110 7,821,091 Photo detector
111 7,821,081 Method and apparatus for flatband voltage tuning of high-k field effect transistors
112 7,821,053 Tunable capacitor
113 7,821,051 MIM capacitor and method of fabricating same
114 7,820,559 Structure to improve adhesion between top CVD low-K dielectric and dielectric capping layer
115 7,820,555 Method of patterning multilayer metal gate structures for CMOS devices
116 7,820,552 Advanced high-k gate stack patterning and structure containing a patterned high-k gate stack
117 7,820,521 Conductive through via structure and process for electronic device carriers
118 7,820,502 Methods of fabricating vertical carbon nanotube field effect transistors for arrangement in arrays and field effect transistors and arrays formed thereby
119 7,820,501 Decoder for a stationary switch machine
120 7,820,488 Microelectronic devices and methods
121 7,820,483 Injection molded soldering process and arrangement for three-dimensional structures
122 7,820,474 Metal catalyzed selective deposition of materials including germanium and antimony
123 7,820,369 Method for patterning a low activation energy photoresist
124 7,820,270 Methods for forming improved self-assembled patterns of block copolymers
125 7,820,242 Low-K interlevel dielectric materials and method of forming low-K interlevel dielectric layers and structures
126 7,820,051 Recycling of electrochemical-mechanical planarization (ECMP) slurries/electrolytes
127 7,819,631 Fan with improved heat dissipation
128 7,819,525 Automatic direct gaze detection based on pupil symmetry
129 7,819,376 Techniques for forming interconnects
130 7,819,175 Hybrid heat sink with recirculating fluid and interleaving fins
131 7,819,027 Method and structure for a pull test for controlled collapse chip connections and ball limiting metallurgy