IBM patents granted on 27 August 2013

129 US patents granted on 27 August 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,522,349 Detecting and defending against man-in-the-middle attacks
2 8,522,335 Token mediation service in a data management system
3 8,522,324 Control of access to a secondary system
4 8,522,307 Flexibly assigning security configurations to applications
5 8,522,297 System, method and program for identifying web information related to subjects in a program broadcast
6 8,522,254 Programmable integrated processor blocks
7 8,522,251 Organizing task placement based on workload characterizations
8 8,522,250 Managing access to a shared resource in a data processing system
9 8,522,231 Updating a plurality of computers
10 8,522,225 Rewriting branch instructions using branch stubs
11 8,522,213 Debugger and debugging methods using breakpoints conditioned on the static identity of data
12 8,522,211 Computer program testing
13 8,522,206 Selective delta validation of a shared artifact
14 8,522,198 Model-operative pattern representation harvesting using an automated exemplar-directed approach
15 8,522,193 Program development tool configured to compile source code according to energy consumption requirements
16 8,522,187 Method and data processing system to optimize performance of an electric circuit design, data processing program and computer program product
17 8,522,182 Generation of an end point report for a timing simulation of an integrated circuit
18 8,522,173 Spatial correlation-based estimation of yield of integrated circuits
19 8,522,156 Method, system and program for supporting input of execution parameter of predetermined software to input field
20 8,522,135 Generating a transformation description document for transforming messages
21 8,522,132 Widget behavior customization via cascaded style sheets
22 8,522,122 Correcting memory device and memory channel failures in the presence of known memory device failures
23 8,522,082 Method and apparatus for identifying remediation failures in year-2000 remediation programs
24 8,522,076 Error detection and recovery in a shared pipeline
25 8,522,068 Coordinated disaster recovery production takeover operations
26 8,522,056 Energy-efficient server location determination
27 8,522,040 Oblivious transfer with access control
28 8,522,029 Secret-key exchange for wireless and sensor networks
29 8,522,023 Rural services platform
30 8,521,999 Executing touchBHT instruction to pre-fetch information to prediction mechanism for branch with taken history
31 8,521,998 Instruction tracking system for processors
32 8,521,992 Predicting and avoiding operand-store-compare hazards in out-of-order microprocessors
33 8,521,990 Embedding global barrier and collective in torus network with each node combining input from receivers according to class map for output to senders
34 8,521,982 Load request scheduling in a cache hierarchy
35 8,521,975 Cluster families for cluster selection and cooperative replication
36 8,521,974 Migration of data in a distributed environment
37 8,521,964 Reducing interprocessor communications pursuant to updating of a storage key
38 8,521,961 Checkpointing in speculative versioning caches
39 8,521,960 Mitigating busy time in a high performance cache
40 8,521,950 Booting an operating system from a virtual hard disk
41 8,521,939 Injection of I/O messages
42 8,521,936 Administering computing system resources in a computing system
43 8,521,922 Input/output (I/O) path selection based on workload types
44 8,521,919 Direct memory access in a computing environment
45 8,521,916 Method and system for connecting a host and multiple storage devices formed by optical interconnects and optical link creation method
46 8,521,895 Management of application to application communication requests between data processing systems
47 8,521,890 Virtual network configuration and management
48 8,521,882 Client/subscriber rotation using select write calls for server resiliency
49 8,521,878 Apparatus, system, and method for parallelizing access to shared assets
50 8,521,876 Centrally enhanced peer-to-peer resource sharing method and apparatus
51 8,521,871 System and method for merging monitoring data streams from a server and a client of the server
52 8,521,868 Platform-level indicators of application performance
53 8,521,865 Method and apparatus for populating a software catalog with automated use signature generation
54 8,521,861 Migrating device management between object managers
55 8,521,854 Minimising network resource overhead consumption by reports from one or more agents distributed in an electronic data network of nodes
56 8,521,841 Efficient delivery of cross-linked reports with or without live access to a source data repository
57 8,521,830 Pull-configured distribution of imagery
58 8,521,825 Electronic message monitoring
59 8,521,808 Uploading and executing command line scripts
60 8,521,790 Increasing efficiency of data storage in a file system
61 8,521,786 Techniques for assigning promotions to contact entities
62 8,521,776 Accessing data in a multi-generation database
63 8,521,768 Data storage and management system
64 8,521,762 Automated business process modeling
65 8,521,711 Providing persistent refined intermediate results selected from dynamic iterative filtering
66 8,521,707 Validating stored copies of data images to load into memory
67 8,521,703 Multiple node/virtual input/output (I/O) server (VIOS) failure recovery in clustered partition mobility
68 8,521,700 Apparatus, system, and method for reporting on enterprise data processing system configurations
69 8,521,690 Using a sparse file as a clone of a file
70 8,521,689 Generation of a set of pre-filters from a set of event subscriptions to more efficiently select events of interest
71 8,521,687 Apparatus, system, and method for selecting optimal replica sources in a grid computing environment
72 8,521,682 Transfer of data from transactional data sources to partitioned databases in restartable environments
73 8,521,675 Integrated automatic user support and assistance
74 8,521,574 Prioritizing client accounts
75 8,521,547 Mechanic certification tracking validator
76 8,521,511 Information extraction in a natural language understanding system
77 8,521,505 String pattern conceptualization from detection of related concepts by analyzing substrings with common prefixes and suffixes
78 8,521,503 Providing compartmentalized security in product reviews
79 8,521,502 Passing non-architected registers via a callback/advance mechanism in a simulator environment
80 8,521,501 Real-time performance modeling of application in distributed environment and method of use
81 8,521,500 Method and device for measuring integrated circuit power supply noise and calibration of power supply noise analysis models
82 8,521,475 Detecting and recording performance events in a data processing system
83 8,521,472 Method to compute wait time
84 8,521,449 Three dimensional air flow sensors for data center cooling
85 8,521,153 Using the maintenance channel in a mobile data network to provide subscriber data when a cache miss occurs
86 8,520,991 Optical coupling method
87 8,520,899 Video object classification
88 8,520,889 Automated generation of form definitions from hard-copy forms
89 8,520,740 Arithmetic decoding acceleration
90 8,520,724 Pipelining and sub-rate operation for memory links
91 8,520,535 Optimization process and system for a heterogeneous ad hoc Network
92 8,520,458 Phase change memory cycle timer and method
93 8,520,430 Nanowire circuits in matched devices
94 8,520,429 Data dependent SRAM write assist
95 8,520,332 Method for fast recovery to a write state
96 8,519,892 Integrated millimeter wave antenna and transceiver on a substrate
97 8,519,843 Power distribution device communications platform
98 8,519,772 Alternate power gating enablement
99 8,519,761 Closed-loop slew-rate control for phase interpolator optimization
100 8,519,735 Programming the behavior of individual chips or strata in a 3D stack of integrated circuits
101 8,519,720 Method and system for impedance measurement in an integrated Circuit
102 8,519,665 Adjustable EMI suppression core for common mode/normal mode balance
103 8,519,540 Self-aligned dual damascene BEOL structures with patternable low- K material and methods of forming same
104 8,519,507 Electrically programmable fuse using anisometric contacts and fabrication method
105 8,519,497 Template-registered diblock copolymer mask for MRAM device formation
106 8,519,479 Generation of multiple diameter nanowire field effect transistors
107 8,519,478 Schottky barrier diode, a method of forming the diode and a design structure for the diode
108 8,519,454 Structure and process for metal fill in replacement metal gate integration
109 8,519,450 Graphene-based non-volatile memory
110 8,519,402 Structure, structure and method of latch-up immunity for high and low voltage integrated circuits
111 8,519,304 Implementing selective rework for chip stacks and silicon carrier assemblies
112 8,519,274 Pin that inserts into a circuit board hole
113 8,519,260 Method to evaluate effectiveness of substrate cleanness and quantity of pin holes in an antireflective coating of a solar cell
114 8,518,829 Self-sealed fluidic channels for nanopore array
115 8,518,824 Self aligning via patterning
116 8,518,817 Method of electrolytic plating and semiconductor device fabrication
117 8,518,807 Radiation hardened SOI structure and method of making same
118 8,518,787 Through wafer vias and method of making same
119 8,518,782 Semiconductor device including asymmetric lightly doped drain (LDD) region, related method and design structure
120 8,518,773 Method of fabricating semiconductor capacitor
121 8,518,770 Recessed contact for multi-gate FET optimizing series resistance
122 8,518,767 FinFET with reduced gate to fin overlay sensitivity
123 8,518,766 Method of forming switching device having a molybdenum oxynitride metal gate
124 8,518,757 Method of fabricating strained semiconductor structures from silicon-on-insulator (SOI)
125 8,518,741 Wafer-to-wafer process for manufacturing a stacked structure
126 8,518,718 Magnetic spin shift register memory
127 8,518,630 Fluorine-free fused ring heteroaromatic photoacid generators and resist compositions containing the same
128 8,518,611 Multiple lithographic system mask shape sleeving
129 8,517,596 Using a microfluid mixer