IBM patents granted on 27 December 2011

158 US patents granted on 27 December 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,087,090 Fuzzy multi-level security
2 8,087,087 Management of computer security events across distributed systems
3 8,087,076 Method and apparatus for preventing loading and execution of rogue operating systems in a logical partitioned data processing system
4 8,087,071 Authentication method and system
5 8,087,070 Predictive method for multi-party strengthening of authentication credentials with non-real time synchronization
6 8,087,036 Using an event manager to effect a library function call
7 8,087,032 Automated recovery process initiation for data consumers of a common information model (CIM) managed component
8 8,087,027 Computer program product and system for deferring the deletion of control blocks
9 8,087,026 Fair share scheduling based on an individual user’s resource usage and the tracking of that usage
10 8,087,023 Topology aware grid services scheduler architecture
11 8,087,022 Prevention of deadlock in a distributed computing environment
12 8,087,016 Enforcing hierarchical management policy
13 8,087,013 Assisted migration in a data processing environment
14 8,087,012 Eliminating maximum/minimum operations in loop bounds
15 8,087,011 Domain stretching for an advanced dual-representation polyhedral loop transformation framework
16 8,087,010 Selective code generation optimization for an advanced dual-representation polyhedral loop transformation framework
17 8,087,005 Software testing by groups
18 8,087,000 Synchronizing codes from multiple software configuration management systems
19 8,086,999 Automatic natural language translation during information transfer
20 8,086,998 transforming meta object facility specifications into relational data definition language structures and JAVA classes
21 8,086,997 Detecting aspectual behavior in unified modeling language artifacts
22 8,086,996 Binding an image descriptor of a graphical object to a text descriptor
23 8,086,994 Use of RAS profile to integrate an application into a templatable solution
24 8,086,993 Sorting tables in a page based approach
25 8,086,989 Structure for glitchless clock multiplexer optimized for synchronous and asynchronous clocks
26 8,086,988 Chip design and fabrication method optimized for profit
27 8,086,980 Efficient power region checking of multi-supply voltage microprocessors
28 8,086,977 Design Structure for switching digital circuit clock net driver without losing clock pulses
29 8,086,976 Methods for statistical slew propagation during block-based statistical static timing analysis
30 8,086,974 Structure for fractional-N phased-lock-loop (PLL) system
31 8,086,972 Functional verification of power gated designs by compositional reasoning
32 8,086,970 Address range viewer
33 8,086,968 Dynamic E-mail signature manager
34 8,086,964 Method and system for discovering and acting on tagged information in software artifacts
35 8,086,957 Method and system to selectively secure the display of advertisements on web browsers
36 8,086,956 Isolated ordered regions (IOR) node order
37 8,086,952 Automated management of internet and/or web site content
38 8,086,948 Framework for the dynamic generation of a search engine sitemap XML file
39 8,086,936 Performing error correction at a memory device level that is transparent to a memory channel
40 8,086,925 Method and system for LBIST testing of an electronic circuit
41 8,086,924 Implementing diagnosis of transitional scan chain defects using logic built in self test LBIST test patterns
42 8,086,917 Methods for characterizing device variation in electronic memory circuits
43 8,086,912 Monitoring and root cause analysis of temporary process wait situations
44 8,086,903 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for coordinating error reporting and reset utilizing an I/O adapter that supports virtualization
45 8,086,900 System, method and computer program product for testing a boot image
46 8,086,896 Dynamically tracking virtual logical storage units
47 8,086,871 Method for fast decryption of processor instructions in an encrypted instruction power architecture
48 8,086,865 Supplying cryptographic algorithm constants to a storage-constrained target
49 8,086,856 Disabling on/off capacity on demand
50 8,086,852 Providing a trusted platform module in a hypervisor environment
51 8,086,847 Computer program product and computer system for peer-to-peer communications
52 8,086,846 Providing non-proxy TLS/SSL support in a content-based load balancer
53 8,086,843 Performing cryptographic provider failover
54 8,086,835 Rootkit detection
55 8,086,832 Structure for dynamically adjusting pipelined data paths for improved power management
56 8,086,831 Indexed table circuit having reduced aliasing
57 8,086,826 Dependency tracking for enabling successive processor instructions to issue
58 8,086,817 Method and system for efficient retrieval of data of large or unknown length by a native application program
59 8,086,811 Optimizations of a perform frame management function issued by pageable guests
60 8,086,810 Rapid defragmentation of storage volumes
61 8,086,803 Managing cache elements
62 8,086,801 Loading data to vector renamed register from across multiple cache lines
63 8,086,792 Demoting tracks from cache
64 8,086,783 High availability memory system
65 8,086,771 TCET expander
66 8,086,769 Method for detecting circular buffer overrun
67 8,086,766 Support for non-locking parallel reception of packets belonging to a single memory reception FIFO
68 8,086,734 Method of autonomic representative selection in local area networks
69 8,086,730 Method and system for monitoring a workstation
70 8,086,727 Method and system for monitoring the status of an online transaction
71 8,086,720 Performance reporting in a network environment
72 8,086,711 Threaded messaging in a computer storage system
73 8,086,708 Automated and adaptive threshold setting
74 8,086,705 Peer-to-peer module configuration redundancy and recovery management
75 8,086,693 System and method for replacing an application on a server
76 8,086,680 Community-defined and managed communication network
77 8,086,675 Generating a fingerprint of a bit sequence
78 8,086,657 Adder structure with midcycle latch for power reduction
79 8,086,655 Methods and apparatus for perturbing an evolving data stream for time series compressibility and privacy
80 8,086,647 Sequenced modification of multiple entities based on an abstract data representation
81 8,086,644 Simplifying complex data stream problems involving feature extraction from noisy data
82 8,086,642 Apparatus, system, and method for processing hierarchical data in disparate data repositories
83 8,086,633 Unified user identification with automatic mapping and database absence handling
84 8,086,632 Credential management
85 8,086,628 Systems and methods for user-constructed hierarchical interest profiles and information retrieval using same
86 8,086,627 Software inventorying system for a shared file system
87 8,086,623 Context-sensitive term expansion with multiple levels of expansion
88 8,086,621 Search engine service utilizing the addition of noise
89 8,086,618 Configuration rule translation mapper
90 8,086,610 Autonomic self configuring building-block database index
91 8,086,608 Management of resource identifiers
92 8,086,597 Between matching
93 8,086,596 Healthcheck of information technology infrastructure based on log data
94 8,086,586 Accessing a data structure
95 8,086,584 Identifying automounted file system resources
96 8,086,580 Handling access requests to a page while copying an updated page of data to storage
97 8,086,577 Unified collection of content analytic data
98 8,086,576 Apparatus and system for reorganizing a set of database partitions
99 8,086,574 Usage-based optimization of network traffic and data warehouse size
100 8,086,573 System and method for identifying computer users having files with common attributes
101 8,086,572 Method, system, and program for restoring data to a file
102 8,086,568 Peer to peer (P2P) concept query notification of available query augmentation within query results
103 8,086,566 Transaction consistent content replication
104 8,086,560 Schema mapping specification framework
105 8,086,550 Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for classifying uncertain data
106 8,086,547 Data pattern generation, modification and management utilizing a semantic network-based graphical interface
107 8,086,544 Analysis of energy-related factors for selecting computational job locations
108 8,086,538 Meeting usage of services in a environment
109 8,086,506 Network-based supply chain management method
110 8,086,498 E-commerce transaction and product information aggregation and processing
111 8,086,478 Method and system for managing conflicting calendar entries
112 8,086,463 Dynamically generating a vocal help prompt in a multimodal application
113 8,086,460 Speech-enabled application that uses web 2.0 concepts to interface with speech engines
114 8,086,436 Preliminary data representations of a deployment activity model
115 8,086,429 Predicate-based compositional minimization in a verification environment
116 8,086,413 Disulphide bond connectivity in protein
117 8,086,358 Method for pre-heating high power devices to enable low temperature start-up and operation
118 8,086,354 Optimizing consumption of resources
119 8,086,248 Estimating location using multi-antenna radio receiver
120 8,086,246 System and program for providing user location information with a personal information management program
121 8,086,223 Using proximity information to dynamically change greeting messages on a mobile telephony device
122 8,086,036 Approach for resolving occlusions, splits and merges in video images
123 8,085,926 Call flow staffing estimation tool
124 8,085,919 Method and system for temporarily provisioning a telephone service feature for a subscriber
125 8,085,915 System and method for spam detection
126 8,085,907 Dynamic control of voice mail delivery sequence
127 8,085,841 Sampled current-integrating decision feedback equalizer and method
128 8,085,799 System, method and program for network routing
129 8,085,789 Algorithm and system for selecting acknowledgments from an array of collapsed VOQ’s
130 8,085,702 Pausing keep-alive messages and roaming for virtual private networks on mobile computing devices to save battery power
131 8,085,550 Implementing enhanced solder joint robustness for SMT pad structure
132 8,085,510 Multi-port cable for removable ESD/EOD protection for electronic devices
133 8,085,502 Writing and reading multi-level patterned magnetic recording media, with more than two recording levels
134 8,085,421 Efficient print operations
135 8,085,267 Stochastic addition of rays in a ray tracing image processing system
136 8,085,218 Providing a floating alphanumeric/graphical display without moving electronics
137 8,085,172 Bus encoding/decoding method and bus encoder/decoder
138 8,085,139 Biometric vehicular emergency management system
139 8,084,994 System to extend the service life of portable devices
140 8,084,864 Electromigration resistant aluminum-based metal interconnect structure
141 8,084,862 Interconnect structures with patternable low-k dielectrics and method of fabricating same
142 8,084,858 Metal wiring structures for uniform current density in C4 balls
143 8,084,825 Trilayer resist scheme for gate etching applications
144 8,084,822 Enhanced stress-retention fin-FET devices and methods of fabricating enhanced stress retention fin-FET devices
145 8,084,788 Method of forming source and drain of a field-effect-transistor and structure thereof
146 8,084,692 Reducing noise coupling in high speed digital systems
147 8,084,346 Replacement metal gate method
148 8,084,329 Transistor devices and methods of making
149 8,084,319 Precisely tuning feature sizes on hard masks via plasma treatment
150 8,084,311 Method of forming replacement metal gate with borderless contact and structure thereof
151 8,084,309 Extremely thin silicon on insulator (ETSOI) complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) with in-situ doped source and drain regions formed by a single mask
152 8,084,308 Single gate inverter nanowire mesh
153 8,084,193 Self-segregating multilayer imaging stack with built-in antireflective properties
154 8,084,185 Substrate planarization with imprint materials and processes
155 8,084,012 Selective placement of carbon nanotubes through functionalization
156 8,083,958 Patterning method using a combination of photolithography and copolymer self-assemblying lithography techniques
157 8,083,955 Selective chemical etch method for MRAM freelayers
158 8,082,655 Integrated winding structure for a magnetic core