IBM patents granted on 27 December 2016

158 US patents granted on 27 December 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,532,478 Strengthening electronic equipment
2 9,532,285 Handing off a terminal among wireless access points
3 9,532,182 Retention, recommendation and collaboration of mobile based task sessions
4 9,532,179 Transporting residue of vehicle position data via wireless network
5 9,532,172 Zone-based away messages
6 9,532,168 Transaction based temporary and secure access
7 9,532,166 Transaction based temporary and secure access
8 9,532,012 Discovering object pathways in a camera network
9 9,531,875 Using graphical text analysis to facilitate communication between customers and customer service representatives
10 9,531,847 Skipping and parsing internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) extension headers to reach upper layer headers
11 9,531,825 Browser activity replay with advanced navigation
12 9,531,804 Optimizing resource downloads or streams using a collection of trusted network connected endpoints
13 9,531,784 Identity service management in limited connectivity environments
14 9,531,781 Triggering window conditions by streaming features of an operator graph
15 9,531,772 Dynamic profile sharing using expiring tokens
16 9,531,766 Dynamic virtual private network
17 9,531,759 Generating accurate preemptive security device policy tuning recommendations
18 9,531,749 Prevention of query overloading in a server application
19 9,531,746 Generating accurate preemptive security device policy tuning recommendations
20 9,531,745 Crowd-sourced security analysis
21 9,531,728 Controlled delivery and assessing of security vulnerabilities
22 9,531,727 Indirect user authentication
23 9,531,709 Securely unlocking a device using a combination of hold placement and gesture
24 9,531,693 Auditable retrieval of privileged credentials
25 9,531,664 Selecting between domain name system servers of a plurality of networks
26 9,531,661 Dynamic encoding of email addresses
27 9,531,660 Dynamic encoding of email addresses
28 9,531,659 Apparatus and method for managing messages
29 9,531,658 Routing messages based on geolocation information associated with both the messages and with subscribers
30 9,531,648 Managing data paths in an operator graph
31 9,531,636 Extending processing capacity of server
32 9,531,634 Data traffic switching among computing devices in storage area network (SAN) environments
33 9,531,626 Assigning communication paths among computing devices utilizing a multi-path communication protocol
34 9,531,623 Set up of direct mapped routers located across independently managed compute and storage networks
35 9,531,612 System and method for a rate control technique for a lightweight directory access protocol over MQSeries (LoM) server
36 9,531,604 Prediction-based provisioning planning for cloud environments
37 9,531,602 Processing element placement tool
38 9,531,600 Automatic extraction, modeling, and code mapping of application user interface display screens and components
39 9,531,556 Supporting low latency applications at the edge of wireless communication networks
40 9,531,538 Controlling exposure of sensitive data and operation using process bound security tokens in cloud computing environment
41 9,531,481 Method and system using vibration signatures for pairing master and slave computing devices
42 9,531,209 Shielded package assemblies with integrated capacitor
43 9,531,086 Dynamic phased array tapering without phase recalibration
44 9,531,055 Removal of spurious microwave modes via flip-chip crossover
45 9,531,052 Semiconductor wafer having an integrated waveguide configured to communicate between first and second integrated circuit dies
46 9,530,921 Multi-junction solar cell
47 9,530,908 Hybrid vapor phase-solution phase growth techniques for improved CZT(S,Se) photovoltaic device performance
48 9,530,890 Parasitic capacitance reduction
49 9,530,876 Strained semiconductor nanowire
50 9,530,777 FinFETs of different compositions formed on a same substrate
51 9,530,775 Methods of forming different FinFET devices having different fin heights and an integrated circuit product containing such devices
52 9,530,772 Methods of manufacturing devices including gates with multiple lengths
53 9,530,746 Chip mounting structure and manufacturing method therefor
54 9,530,701 Method of forming semiconductor fins on SOI substrate
55 9,530,700 Method of fabricating vertical field effect transistors with protective fin liner during bottom spacer recess etch
56 9,530,699 Semiconductor device including gate channel having adjusted threshold voltage
57 9,530,698 Method and structure for forming FinFET CMOS with dual doped STI regions
58 9,530,669 Method of making a semiconductor device having a semiconductor material on a relaxed semiconductor including replacing a strained, selective etchable material, with a low density dielectric in a cavity
59 9,530,665 Protective trench layer and gate spacer in finFET devices
60 9,530,659 Structure for preventing buried oxide gouging during planar and FinFET Processing on SOI
61 9,530,651 Replacement metal gate finFET
62 9,530,643 Selective epitaxy using epitaxy-prevention layers
63 9,530,522 Sorting non-volatile memories
64 9,530,493 Resistive random-access memory cells
65 9,530,440 Compensating for loss of current through shorted tunneling magnetoresistance sensors
66 9,530,304 Distributed sensor network
67 9,530,256 Generating cumulative wear-based indicators for vehicular components
68 9,530,253 Dynamically managing parking space utilization
69 9,530,134 Authentication on mobile device using two-dimensional code
70 9,530,123 Prediction of component maintenance
71 9,530,118 Messaging client-based reminders
72 9,530,117 Method and apparatus for transforming user requests and responses based on a persona
73 9,530,109 Iterative pattern generation algorithm for plate design problems
74 9,530,095 Method and system for exploring the associations between drug side-effects and therapeutic indications
75 9,530,093 Solving vehicle routing problems using evolutionary computing techniques
76 9,530,092 Haptic-based artificial neural network training
77 9,530,068 Template matching with data correction
78 9,530,041 Processing visible coding sequence, playing visible coding sequence
79 9,530,016 Using source taint analysis to reduce false positives in an advanced persistent threat (APT) protection solution
80 9,530,012 Processing extensible markup language security messages using delta parsing technology
81 9,529,993 Policy-driven approach to managing privileged/shared identity in an enterprise
82 9,529,986 Utilizing multiple computing devices to verify identity
83 9,529,951 Synthesis tuning system for VLSI design optimization
84 9,529,934 XPath evaluation in an XML repository
85 9,529,933 Dynamic assignment of business logic based on schema mapping metadata
86 9,529,928 Intelligent categorization of bookmarks
87 9,529,904 Utility-based ontology evolution
88 9,529,894 Context based passage retreival and scoring in a question answering system
89 9,529,893 Search engine analytics and optimization for media content in social networks
90 9,529,883 Maintaining two-site configuration for workload availability between sites at unlimited distances for products and services
91 9,529,881 Difference determination in a database environment
92 9,529,880 Synchronizing a disaster-recovery system of a database
93 9,529,877 Method for identifying correspondence between a COBOL copybook or PL/1 include file and a VSAM or sequential dataset
94 9,529,876 Verification of transformed content
95 9,529,875 Transforming timeseries and non-relational data to relational for complex and analytical query processing
96 9,529,874 Verification of transformed content
97 9,529,873 Enhancing performance of extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs
98 9,529,869 Converting text content to a set of graphical icons
99 9,529,845 Candidate generation in a question answering system
100 9,529,844 Method, program, and system for processing space-time database
101 9,529,842 Dynamically creating queries to find related records in a database
102 9,529,839 Applying limited-size hardware transactional memory to arbitrarily large data structure
103 9,529,838 Transactional lock elision with delayed lock checking
104 9,529,834 Concatenating data objects for storage in a dispersed storage network
105 9,529,831 Managing data sets of a storage system
106 9,529,830 Data matching for column-oriented data tables
107 9,529,821 Coordinated access to a clustered file system’s shared storage using shared-lock architecture
108 9,529,820 Automated content tracking and conversion
109 9,529,809 Managing log data using a circular fixed size file
110 9,529,779 Detection and repositioning of pop-up dialogs
111 9,529,766 Determining cable connections in a multi-cable link
112 9,529,760 Topology specific replicated bus unit addressing in a data processing system
113 9,529,759 Multipath I/O in a computer system
114 9,529,729 Location of memory management translations in an emulated processor
115 9,529,723 Methods of cache preloading on a partition or a context switch
116 9,529,717 Preserving an invalid global domain indication when installing a shared cache line in a cache
117 9,529,703 Performing dynamic data generation and verification for functional validation of data manipulation programs
118 9,529,701 Performance testing of software applications
119 9,529,695 Detecting race condition vulnerabilities in computer software applications
120 9,529,693 Managing software performance tests based on a distributed virtual machine system
121 9,529,690 Anomaly detection system, anomaly detection method, and program for the same
122 9,529,670 Storage element polymorphism to reduce performance degradation during error recovery
123 9,529,664 Using error correcting codes for parity purposes
124 9,529,655 Determining alert criteria in a network environment
125 9,529,653 Processor register error correction management
126 9,529,651 Apparatus and method for executing agent
127 9,529,648 Generic declaration of bindings between events and event handlers regardless of runtime structure
128 9,529,644 Increasing the efficiency of scheduled and unscheduled computing tasks
129 9,529,638 Resource allocation for virtual machines and logical partitions
130 9,529,631 Automatic task execution on mobile devices
131 9,529,624 Determining a relative priority for a job using context and environmental considerations
132 9,529,620 Transparent virtual machine offloading in a heterogeneous processor
133 9,529,618 Migrating processes between source host and destination host using a shared virtual file system
134 9,529,616 Migrating processes between source host and destination host using a shared virtual file system
135 9,529,615 Virtual device emulation via hypervisor shared memory
136 9,529,612 Scalable policy assignment in an edge virtual bridging (EVB) environment
137 9,529,607 Generating an ordered list of managed targets
138 9,529,606 Automated testing of GUI mirroring
139 9,529,598 Transaction abort instruction
140 9,529,593 Requesting shared variable directory (SVD) information from a plurality of threads in a parallel computer
141 9,529,585 Dynamic library replacement
142 9,529,577 Method of deploying a contextually dependent application
143 9,529,552 Storage resource pack management
144 9,529,543 Concurrent upgrade and backup of non-volatile memory
145 9,529,538 Virtual accounting container for supporting small volumes of data
146 9,529,529 Accelerated data entry for constrained format input fields
147 9,529,528 Accelerated data entry for constrained format input fields
148 9,529,489 Method and apparatus of testing a computer program
149 9,529,423 System and method to modify audio components in an online environment
150 9,529,406 System interconnect dynamic scaling by lane width and operating frequency balancing
151 9,529,058 Testing a multi-phase voltage regulator module
152 9,529,046 Partitioned scan chain diagnostics using multiple bypass structures and injection points
153 9,528,836 Access route optimization for harvestable resources
154 9,528,562 Interlock braking system
155 9,528,153 Base-by-base ratcheting of DNA/RNA in a Y-shaped nanochannel
156 9,527,939 Lactide-based acrylate polymers
157 9,527,107 Method and apparatus to apply material to a surface
158 9,526,994 Deferred teleportation or relocation in virtual worlds