IBM patents granted on 27 January 2015

144 US patents granted on 27 January 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,943,600 Weighted security analysis
2 8,943,599 Certifying server side web applications against security vulnerabilities
3 8,943,595 Granular virus detection
4 8,943,589 Application testing system and method
5 8,943,576 Optimization of spawning request handling processes in a secured computing environment
6 8,943,566 Increased security for computer userID input fields
7 8,943,564 Virtual computer and service
8 8,943,519 Smart progress indicator for script processing
9 8,943,518 Managing and optimizing workflows among computer applications
10 8,943,517 Generalized application message generation service
11 8,943,516 Mechanism for optimized intra-die inter-nodelet messaging communication
12 8,943,509 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for scheduling work in a stream-oriented computer system with configurable networks
13 8,943,508 Service oriented collaboration
14 8,943,502 Retooling lock interfaces for using a dual mode reader writer lock
15 8,943,485 Identification of localizable function calls
16 8,943,483 Application programming interface naming using collaborative services
17 8,943,482 Incrementally constructing executable code for component-based applications
18 8,943,480 Setting breakpoints in optimized instructions
19 8,943,478 Fault detection and localization in dynamic software applications
20 8,943,477 Debugging a graphical user interface code script with non-intrusive overlays
21 8,943,475 Methods and systems for interactive debugging in a mixed computer environment
22 8,943,471 Initialization safety
23 8,943,464 Continuous updating of technical debt status
24 8,943,463 Method and apparatus for representing and configuring flexible and extensible presentation patterns
25 8,943,461 Stepwise template integration method and system
26 8,943,458 Determining chip burn-in workload using emulated application condition
27 8,943,456 Layout determining for wide wire on-chip interconnect lines
28 8,943,444 Semiconductor device reliability model and methodologies for use thereof
29 8,943,435 Phone service menus
30 8,943,432 Dynamically configurable portlet
31 8,943,424 Dynamic interface component control support
32 8,943,423 User interface indicators for changed user interface elements
33 8,943,421 Customized rule application as function of avatar data
34 8,943,413 Visually representing and managing access control of resources
35 8,943,406 Generating user help information for customized user interface
36 8,943,397 Configurable column display of information at a web client
37 8,943,377 On-chip detection of types of operations tested by an LBIST
38 8,943,374 Writing scheme for phase change material-content addressable memory
39 8,943,372 Systems and methods for open and extensible integration of management domains in computation and orchestration of resource placement
40 8,943,370 Trace value correlation with data field declarations
41 8,943,366 Administering checkpoints for incident analysis
42 8,943,365 Computer program product for handling communication link problems between a first communication means and a second communication means
43 8,943,364 Appliance for storing, managing and analyzing problem determination artifacts
44 8,943,362 Control and monitoring for fast millimeter-wave link using out-of-band wireless channel
45 8,943,361 Geospatial optimization for resilient power management equipment
46 8,943,350 Synchronizing compute node time bases in a parallel computer
47 8,943,341 Minimizing power consumption for fixed-frequency processing unit operation
48 8,943,319 Managing security for computer services
49 8,943,301 Storing branch information in an address table of a processor
50 8,943,299 Operating a stack of information in an information handling system
51 8,943,291 Reorganization of software images based on predicted use thereof
52 8,943,283 Converting a first address mapping function for mapping addresses to storage locations to a second address mapping function
53 8,943,276 Efficient discard scans
54 8,943,272 Variable cache line size management
55 8,943,263 Efficient reduction of read disturb errors in NAND flash memory
56 8,943,261 Efficient memory management in software caches
57 8,943,260 Dynamic memory management in a virtualized computing environment
58 8,943,223 Adaptive session compression management method, compression manager and session management system
59 8,943,199 Calculating a checksum with inactive networking components in a computing system
60 8,943,196 Programmatically determining an execution mode for a request dispatch utilizing historic metrics
61 8,943,191 Detection of an unresponsive application in a high availability system
62 8,943,186 Method and apparatus for performance and policy analysis in distributed computing systems
63 8,943,178 Continuous operation during reconfiguration periods
64 8,943,162 Data services using location patterns and intelligent caching
65 8,943,149 Sender motivated optimization of URI rendering in instant messaging
66 8,943,147 Sending a chat context to a recipient
67 8,943,144 Consolidating duplicate messages for a single destination on a computer network
68 8,943,131 Predictive collaboration management
69 8,943,120 Enhanced barrier operator within a streaming environment
70 8,943,111 Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
71 8,943,109 Write barrier elision for reference arrays
72 8,943,108 Hardware off-load memory garbage collection acceleration
73 8,943,106 Matrix re-ordering and visualization in the presence of data hierarchies
74 8,943,104 Dynamic record management for systems utilizing virtual storage access method (VSAM) data sets with a corresponding VSAM control block structure
75 8,943,087 Processing data from diverse databases
76 8,943,084 Method, program, and system for converting part of graph data to data structure as an image of homomorphism
77 8,943,082 Self-assignment of node identifier in a cluster system
78 8,943,074 Generating and displaying an image tour in response to a user search query
79 8,943,070 Adaptive and personalized tag recommendation
80 8,943,066 Management of data groups and data sets
81 8,943,064 Using organizational awareness in locating business intelligence
82 8,943,051 Lexical answer type confidence estimation and application
83 8,943,033 System and method for avoiding duplication of effort in drafting documents
84 8,943,010 Adaptive information technology solution design and deployment
85 8,943,009 Method of adapting an event processing component having a plurality of event processing agents which carry out a plurality of rules complying with at least one correctness requirement to process a plurality of events
86 8,943,007 Spike tagging for debugging, querying, and causal analysis
87 8,943,003 Composite production rules
88 8,942,962 Method and system for measured value simulation
89 8,942,832 Method, article of manufacture, and system for configuring controller in sliding-mode control scheme
90 8,942,736 Method and system for determining position of moving wireless communication
91 8,942,519 Material structures for front-end of the line integration of optical polarization splitters and rotators
92 8,942,258 Segmentation and reassembly of network packets for switched fabric networks
93 8,942,237 Hypervisor independent network virtualization
94 8,942,174 Reducing packet loss in a mobile data network with data breakout at the edge
95 8,942,139 Support for converged traffic over ethernet link aggregation (LAG)
96 8,942,095 Identification of QoS classification based on packet attributes
97 8,942,094 Credit-based network congestion management
98 8,942,052 Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) min/max voltage circuit for switching between multiple voltages
99 8,941,994 Vapor condenser with three-dimensional folded structure
100 8,941,949 Write head
101 8,941,940 Utilizing stored write environment conditions for read error recovery
102 8,941,936 Hybrid surface format hard disk drive
103 8,941,735 Network based real-time analytics of raw video streams
104 8,941,656 Spatiotemporal visualization of sensor data
105 8,941,426 Extending a clock frequency range of a critical path monitor
106 8,941,415 Edge selection techniques for correcting clock duty cycle
107 8,941,412 Amplifiers using gated diodes
108 8,941,405 FET pair based physically unclonable function (PUF) circuit with a constant common mode voltage
109 8,941,398 Heat spreader flatness detection
110 8,941,240 Fabricating a contact rhodium structure by electroplating and electroplating composition
111 8,941,190 Semiconductor structures and methods of manufacture
112 8,941,189 Fin-shaped field effect transistor (finFET) structures having multiple threshold voltages (Vt) and method of forming
113 8,941,184 Low threshold voltage CMOS device
114 8,941,180 Integrated circuit structure incorporating one or more asymmetric field effect transistors as power gates for an electronic circuit with stacked symmetric field effect transistors
115 8,941,179 Finfets and fin isolation structures
116 8,941,177 Semiconductor devices having different gate oxide thicknesses
117 8,941,169 Floating gate device with oxygen scavenging element
118 8,941,161 Semiconductor device including finFET and diode having reduced defects in depletion region
119 8,941,156 Self-aligned dielectric isolation for FinFET devices
120 8,941,147 Transistor formation using cold welding
121 8,941,123 Local interconnects by metal-III-V alloy wiring in semi-insulating III-V substrates
122 8,941,110 E-fuses containing at least one underlying tungsten contact for programming
123 8,941,000 Solar concentrator cooling by vortex gas circulation
124 8,940,855 Polymers bearing pendant pentafluorophenyl ester groups, and methods of synthesis and functionalization thereof
125 8,940,634 Overlapping contacts for semiconductor device
126 8,940,626 Integrated circuit and method for fabricating the same having a replacement gate structure
127 8,940,617 Method of fabricating isolated capacitors and structure thereof
128 8,940,602 Self-aligned structure for bulk FinFET
129 8,940,599 Scaled equivalent oxide thickness for field effect transistor devices
130 8,940,595 Faceted intrinsic epitaxial buffer layer for reducing short channel effects while maximizing channel stress levels
131 8,940,591 Embedded silicon germanium N-type filed effect transistor for reduced floating body effect
132 8,940,588 Bulk FinFET ESD devices
133 8,940,580 Textured multi-junction solar cell and fabrication method
134 8,940,570 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) structures and design structures
135 8,940,569 Dual-gate bio/chem sensor
136 8,940,558 Techniques for quantifying fin-thickness variation in FINFET technology
137 8,940,554 Method of creating an extremely thin semiconductor-on-insulator (ETSOI) layer having a uniform thickness
138 8,940,550 Maintaining laminate flatness using magnetic retention during chip joining
139 8,940,548 Sensor for biomolecules
140 8,940,149 Gallium electrodeposition processes and chemistries
141 8,940,148 Nano-fluidic field effective device to control DNA transport through the same
142 8,939,791 Primary circuit board non-conductive void having different planar dimensions through board thickness to secure non-conducting locking member of holder
143 8,939,781 Implementing reconfigurable power connector for multiple wiring configurations
144 8,939,346 Methods and systems involving soldering