IBM patents granted on 27 June 2006

64 US patents granted on 27 June 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,069,595 Method of controlling use of digitally encoded products
2 7,069,585 Physical key security management method and apparatus for information systems
3 7,069,559 System and method for monitoring software queuing applications
4 7,069,557 Network processor which defines virtual paths without using logical path descriptors
5 7,069,550 Delegation-based class loading of cyclically dependent components
6 7,069,547 Method, system, and program for utilizing impact analysis metadata of program statements in a development environment
7 7,069,542 Method and system for incremental actions relating to notify and target models
8 7,069,538 Form data files generator
9 7,069,536 Method, system, and program for executing a workflow
10 7,069,525 Method and apparatus for determining characteristics of MOS devices
11 7,069,509 Using introspection for access of class resource bundle information for messages
12 7,069,504 Conversion processing for XML to XML document transformation
13 7,069,494 Application of special ECC matrix for solving stuck bit faults in an ECC protected mechanism
14 7,069,487 Pattern matching to validate and classify computer variables to one or more name ranges
15 7,069,479 Method and apparatus for obtaining diagnostic data for a device attached to a computer system
16 7,069,477 Methods and arrangements to enhance a bus
17 7,069,470 System and method for intelligent trap analysis
18 7,069,465 Method and apparatus for reliable failover involving incomplete raid disk writes in a clustering system
19 7,069,452 Methods, systems and computer program products for secure firmware updates
20 7,069,427 Using a rules model to improve handling of personally identifiable information
21 7,069,410 Apparatus and method of creating a mirroring map for use with different pieces of data
22 7,069,402 Host-independent incremental backup method, apparatus, and system
23 7,069,395 Storage area network methods and apparatus for dynamically enabled storage device masking
24 7,069,394 Dynamic data routing mechanism for a high speed memory cloner
25 7,069,390 Implementation of a pseudo-LRU algorithm in a partitioned cache
26 7,069,379 Multistage information recording method and system using magnetic recording disk units
27 7,069,366 System and method for handling resource transaction requests
28 7,069,362 Topology for shared memory computer system
29 7,069,339 Centralized control of software for administration of a distributed computing environment
30 7,069,320 Reconfiguring a network by utilizing a predetermined length quiescent state
31 7,069,318 Content tracking in transient network communities
32 7,069,304 Customizable web filler for alleviation of network latency and delay
33 7,069,293 Methods, systems and computer program products for distribution of application programs to a target station on a network
34 7,069,269 Method, system and program product for mapping data fields between a data source and a data target
35 7,069,266 System and method for personnel management collaboration
36 7,069,230 Enhanced method and system for providing supply chain execution processes in an outsourced manufacturing environment
37 7,069,220 Method for determining and maintaining dialog focus in a conversational speech system
38 7,069,206 Method and apparatus for abstraction of physical hardware implementation to logical software drivers
39 7,069,118 Apparatus, system, and method for exchanging vehicle identification data
40 7,068,865 Method and apparatus for thermo-optic modulation of optical signals
41 7,068,604 Managing memory resident queues to control resources of the systems using the queues
42 7,068,601 Codec with network congestion detection and automatic fallback: methods, systems & program products
43 7,068,564 Timer lockout circuit for synchronous applications
44 7,068,554 Apparatus and method for implementing multiple memory redundancy with delay tracking clock
45 7,068,510 Dissipating heat reliably in computer systems
46 7,068,398 System and method for efficient tile generation from complex raster data
47 7,068,150 UPS signaling state
48 7,068,138 High Q factor integrated circuit inductor
49 7,068,105 Low-voltage differential amplifier
50 7,067,916 Extension of fatigue life for C4 solder ball to chip connection
51 7,067,914 Dual chip stack method for electro-static discharge protection of integrated circuits
52 7,067,902 Building metal pillars in a chip for structure support
53 7,067,886 Method of assessing potential for charging damage in SOI designs and structures for eliminating potential for damage
54 7,067,855 Semiconductor structure having an abrupt doping profile
55 7,067,437 Structures with improved interfacial strength of SiCOH dielectrics and method for preparing the same
56 7,067,422 Method of forming a tantalum-containing gate electrode structure
57 7,067,400 Method for preventing sidewall consumption during oxidation of SGOI islands
58 7,067,371 Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) integrated circuit (IC) chip with the silicon layers consisting of regions of different thickness
59 7,067,368 Method for forming self-aligned dual salicide in CMOS technologies
60 7,067,366 Method of making field effect transistors having self-aligned source and drain regions using independently controlled spacer widths
61 7,067,220 Pattern compensation techniques for charged particle lithographic masks
62 7,067,193 Structure and method for improved adhesion between two polymer films
63 7,066,740 Area array package with low inductance connecting device
64 7,066,389 Apparatus, system, and method for facilitating product weight identification in a checkout lane