IBM patents granted on 27 March 2012

96 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,146,163 Method and system for securing personal computing devices from unauthorized data copying and removal
2 8,146,104 System and method for programmatically generating to-do list and creating notification between calendar and other applications
3 8,146,095 Method, apparatus and computer program product for managing persistence in a messaging network
4 8,146,094 Guaranteeing delivery of multi-packet GSM messages
5 8,146,091 Expansion and contraction of logical partitions on virtualized hardware
6 8,146,087 System and method for enabling micro-partitioning in a multi-threaded processor
7 8,146,086 Gathering operational metrics within a grid environment using ghost agents
8 8,146,083 Method and apparatus to modify a task within a set of tasks
9 8,146,071 Pipelined parallelization of multi-dimensional loops with multiple data dependencies
10 8,146,070 Method and apparatus for optimizing software program using inter-procedural strength reduction
11 8,146,068 Managing heuristic properties
12 8,146,067 Efficient data reorganization to satisfy data alignment constraints
13 8,146,065 Running time of short running applications by effectively interleaving compilation with computation in a just-in-time environment
14 8,146,064 Dynamically controlling a prefetching range of a software controlled cache
15 8,146,062 Method and process to automatically perform test builds of translated files for a software product
16 8,146,059 Feeding test metrics into an integrated development environment to aid software developers to improve code quality
17 8,146,055 Generating sequence diagrams using call trees
18 8,146,054 Hybrid data object model
19 8,146,051 Method and computer program product for providing a representation of software modeled by a model
20 8,146,046 Structures for semiconductor structures with error detection and correction
21 8,146,043 Huygens’ box methodology for signal integrity analysis
22 8,146,034 Efficient Redundancy Identification, Redundancy Removal, and Sequential Equivalence Checking within Designs Including Memory Arrays.
23 8,146,026 Simultaneous photolithographic mask and target optimization
24 8,146,013 Allowing authorized pop-ups on a website
25 8,146,006 Method and apparatus for obtaining user interface information from executable program code
26 8,146,005 Creating a customized avatar that reflects a user’s distinguishable attributes
27 8,146,002 Screen sharing session with selective pop-ups
28 8,145,988 Command line testing
29 8,145,969 Quality manager and method for use in a digital content delivery system
30 8,145,961 Fast ECC memory testing by software including ECC check byte
31 8,145,948 Governance in work flow software
32 8,145,944 Business process error handling through process instance backup and recovery
33 8,145,942 Methods and systems for troubleshooting remote systems through recreation of remote system scenarios
34 8,145,919 Power supply apparatus and method using same
35 8,145,918 Monitoring system processes energy consumption
36 8,145,887 Enhanced load lookahead prefetch in single threaded mode for a simultaneous multithreaded microprocessor
37 8,145,885 Apparatus for randomizing instruction thread interleaving in a multi-thread processor
38 8,145,872 Autonomic self-tuning of database management system in dynamic logical partitioning environment
39 8,145,871 Dynamic allocation of virtual real memory for applications based on monitored usage
40 8,145,870 System, method and computer program product for application-level cache-mapping awareness and reallocation
41 8,145,868 Method and system for providing frame start indication in a memory system having indeterminate read data latency
42 8,145,849 Wake-and-go mechanism with system bus response
43 8,145,819 Method and system for stealing interrupt vectors
44 8,145,804 Systems and methods for transferring data to maintain preferred slot positions in a bi-endian processor
45 8,145,802 Extended input/output measurement word facility and emulation of that facility
46 8,145,797 Simultaneous multi-threaded (SMT) processor supporting thread-execution-state-sensitive supervisory commands
47 8,145,786 Efficient buffer utilization in a computer network-based messaging system
48 8,145,751 Validating software in a grid environment using ghost agents
49 8,145,749 Data processing in a hybrid computing environment
50 8,145,743 Administering devices in dependence upon user metric vectors
51 8,145,725 Updating data stores of virtual worlds based on data stores external to the virtual worlds
52 8,145,724 Method of, system for, and computer program product for providing a data structure for configuring connections between a local workstation file system and a remote host file system
53 8,145,723 Complex remote update programming idiom accelerator
54 8,145,684 System and computer program product for assembly of personalized enterprise information integrators over conjunctive queries
55 8,145,676 Shared inventory item donation in a virtual universe
56 8,145,674 Structure based storage, query, update and transfer of tree-based documents
57 8,145,668 Associating information related to components in structured documents stored in their native format in a database
58 8,145,666 Real-time attribute processor and syntax schema for directory access protocol services
59 8,145,663 Apparatus for processing real-time mobile transactions in a three-tier distributed database system
60 8,145,655 Generating information on database queries in source code into object code compiled from the source code
61 8,145,653 Using schemas to generate application specific business objects for use in an integration broker
62 8,145,652 Automated propagation of non-conflicting queries in distributed databases
63 8,145,629 Method and system for business reporting
64 8,145,628 Strict validation of inference rule based on abstraction environment
65 8,145,619 Method and system for identifying companies with specific business objectives
66 8,145,596 Value assessment of a computer program to a company
67 8,145,595 Method and apparatus for optimization in workflow management systems
68 8,145,582 Synthetic events for real time patient analysis
69 8,145,579 System, method and program product to estimate cost of integrating and utilizing heterogeneous data sources
70 8,145,543 Method, system and program product for approving item requests
71 8,145,520 Method and system for verifying election results
72 8,145,518 System and method for finding business transformation opportunities by analyzing series of heat maps by dimension
73 8,145,516 Cross-virtual-world resource scheduling framework
74 8,145,471 Non-destructive simulation of a failure in a virtualization environment
75 8,145,424 Geoboundaries using rectangular fencing and coupling of GPS/LBS systems
76 8,145,336 Real-time assembly and part validation and auto-disposition
77 8,145,274 Automatic setting of reminders in telephony using speech recognition
78 8,145,001 Methods and systems for proxy medical image compression and transmission
79 8,144,855 Optimizing interactive voice response unit port utilization
80 8,144,850 Logging calls according to call context
81 8,144,726 Structure for out of band signaling enhancement for high speed serial driver
82 8,144,709 Method, system and computer processing an IP packet, routing a structured data carrier, preventing broadcast storms, load-balancing and converting a full broadcast IP packet
83 8,144,689 Controlling asynchronous clock domains to perform synchronous operations
84 8,144,590 Distributed resource allocation in stream processing systems
85 8,144,582 Differentiating blade destination and traffic types in a multi-root PCIe environment
86 8,144,508 Memory reading method for resistance drift mitigation
87 8,144,467 Dehumidifying and re-humidifying apparatus and method for an electronics rack
88 8,144,414 Data interleaving in tape drives
89 8,143,997 System for self-service checkout inventory control
90 8,143,726 Semiconductor device and method of making semiconductor device
91 8,143,671 Lateral trench FETs (field effect transistors)
92 8,143,609 Three-terminal cascade switch for controlling static power consumption in integrated circuits
93 8,143,369 Polymers bearing pendant pentafluorophenyl ester groups, and methods of synthesis and functionalization thereof
94 8,143,135 Embedded series deep trench capacitors and methods of manufacture
95 8,143,113 Omega shaped nanowire tunnel field effect transistors fabrication
96 8,141,621 Apparatus and method for providing in situ cooling of computer data centers during service calls