IBM patents granted on 27 May 2008

98 US patents granted on 27 May 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 RE40,339 Silicon-on-insulator chip having an isolation barrier for reliability
2 7,380,281 System and method for automatically hiding sensitive information obtainable from a process table
3 7,380,271 Grouped access control list actions
4 7,380,247 System for delaying priority boost in a priority offset amount only after detecting of preemption event during access to critical section
5 7,380,241 Scalable and improved profiling of software programs
6 7,380,234 Implementing virtual bases with fixed offsets in object oriented applications
7 7,380,233 Method of facilitating integrated circuit design using manufactured property values
8 7,380,225 Method and computer program for efficient cell failure rate estimation in cell arrays
9 7,380,222 Method and system for performing minimization of input count during structural netlist overapproximation
10 7,380,221 Method and system for reduction of and/or subexpressions in structural design representations
11 7,380,218 Method and apparatus for managing windows
12 7,380,216 Zoom-capable scrollbar
13 7,380,211 System and method to manage speaker notes in a computer implemented slide show
14 7,380,209 Managing electronic documents utilizing a digital seal
15 7,380,198 System and method for detecting write errors in a storage device
16 7,380,191 ABIST data compression and serialization for memory built-in self test of SRAM with redundancy
17 7,380,179 High reliability memory module with a fault tolerant address and command bus
18 7,380,173 Identifying temporal ambiguity in a aggregated log stream
19 7,380,170 Testing measurements
20 7,380,161 Switching a defective signal line with a spare signal line without shutting down the computer system
21 7,380,137 Content guard system for copy protection of recordable media
22 7,380,129 Method and apparatus for detecting grid intrusions
23 7,380,125 Smart card data transaction system and methods for providing high levels of storage and transmission security
24 7,380,119 Method and system for virtualization of trusted platform modules
25 7,380,104 Method and apparatus for back to back issue of dependent instructions in an out of order issue queue
26 7,380,102 Communication link control among inter-coupled multiple processing units in a node to respective units in another node for request broadcasting and combined response
27 7,380,089 System and method for managing memory compression transparent to an operating system
28 7,380,086 Scalable runtime system for global address space languages on shared and distributed memory machines
29 7,380,083 Memory controller capable of locating an open command cycle to issue a precharge packet
30 7,380,077 System, method and storage medium for controlling asynchronous updates to a register
31 7,380,074 Selecting storage clusters to use to access storage
32 7,380,071 Snoop filtering system in a multiprocessor system
33 7,380,068 System and method for contention-based cache performance optimization
34 7,380,066 Store stream prefetching in a microprocessor
35 7,380,065 Performance of a cache by detecting cache lines that have been reused
36 7,380,062 Mechanism in a multi-threaded microprocessor to maintain best case demand instruction redispatch
37 7,380,053 Method and system for emulating content-addressable memory primitives
38 7,380,052 Reuse of functional data buffers for pattern buffers in XDR DRAM
39 7,380,047 Apparatus and method for filtering unused sub-blocks in cache memories
40 7,380,046 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for routing packets utilizing a unique identifier, included within a standard address, that identifies the destination host computer system
41 7,380,041 Managing input/output interruptions in non-dedicated interruption hardware environments
42 7,380,021 Method for designating internet protocol addresses
43 7,380,005 Systems, methods and computer program products for improving placement performance of message transforms by exploiting aggressive replication
44 7,379,989 Method for dual agent processes and dual active server processes
45 7,379,988 Autonomic performance tuning of a distributed virtual storage server
46 7,379,985 Apparatus and method for managing configuration of computer systems on a computer network
47 7,379,983 Merging scalable nodes into single-partition merged system using service processors of nodes
48 7,379,974 Multipath data retrieval from redundant array
49 7,379,968 Multiple moderation for networked conferences
50 7,379,953 Systems and methods for resource-adaptive workload management
51 7,379,945 Virtual foldering system for blending process and content in a collaborative environment
52 7,379,944 Reducing index size for multi-level grid indexes
53 7,379,939 Methods for dynamic classification of data in evolving data stream
54 7,379,937 Frequent pattern mining apparatus, frequent pattern mining method, and program and recording medium therefor
55 7,379,932 System and a method for focused re-crawling of Web sites
56 7,379,923 Benchmarking of computer and network support services
57 7,379,884 Power on demand tiered response time pricing
58 7,379,882 Architecture designing method and system for e-business solutions
59 7,379,872 Method, apparatus, and program for certifying a voice profile when transmitting text messages for synthesized speech
60 7,379,721 Radio station preference translational mapping
61 7,379,539 Dynamically reconfigurable distributed interactive voice response system
62 7,379,470 Combined and data compressed FIFO based arbitration for a non-blocking switch
63 7,379,450 System and method for peer-to-peer multi-party voice-over-IP services
64 7,379,444 Method to recover from node failure/recovery incidents in distributed systems in which notification does not occur
65 7,379,418 Method for ensuring system serialization (quiesce) in a multi-processor environment
66 7,378,991 Condensed keyboard for electronic devices
67 7,378,968 Detecting the position of an RFID attached asset
68 7,378,960 Low-rate wireless personal area network system for tracking containers
69 7,378,953 Transmission between a sensor and a controller in a wireless sensor network
70 7,378,940 Pallet content identification mechanism that converts RFID information to corresponding barcode information
71 7,378,895 On-chip electrically alterable resistor
72 7,378,890 Programmable low-power high-frequency divider
73 7,378,885 Multiphase divider for P-PLL based serial link receivers
74 7,378,866 Method and apparatus for impedance matching in transmission circuits using tantalum nitride resistor devices
75 7,378,859 System and method for estimation of integrated circuit signal characteristics using optical measurements
76 7,378,853 System and method for detecting cable faults for high-speed transmission link
77 7,378,831 System and method for determining a delay time interval of components
78 7,378,738 Method for producing self-aligned mask, articles produced by same and composition for same
79 7,378,717 Semiconductor optical sensors
80 7,378,712 Gate stacks
81 7,378,710 FinFET SRAM cell using inverted FinFET thin film transistors
82 7,378,678 Memory device and method of manufacturing the device by simultaneously conditioning transition metal oxide layers in a plurality of memory cells
83 7,378,603 Enhanced blind-mated input/output card cassette packaging concept
84 7,378,542 Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
85 7,378,357 Multiple dielectric FinFET structure and method
86 7,378,350 Formation of low resistance via contacts in interconnect structures
87 7,378,338 Method of forming an interconnect structure diffusion barrier with high nitrogen content
88 7,378,336 Split poly-SiGe/poly-Si alloy gate stack
89 7,378,324 Selective links in silicon hetero-junction bipolar transistors using carbon doping and method of forming same
90 7,378,318 System and method for ensuring migratability of circuits by masking portions of the circuits while improving performance of other portions of the circuits
91 7,378,227 Method of making a printed wiring board with conformally plated circuit traces
92 7,378,195 System for coloring a partially colored design in an alternating phase shift mask
93 7,378,146 Transparent hard coats for optical elements
94 7,377,811 Method and apparatus for associating a cable with an electronic device and improving electromagnetic compatability shielding between the cable and the electronic device
95 7,377,790 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
96 7,377,751 Cooling fan and shroud with modified profiles
97 7,377,430 System for secure and accurate electronic voting
98 7,377,393 Apparatus for protecting products from damage during shipment