IBM patents granted on 27 May 2014

161 US patents granted on 27 May 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,739,303 Embedded device and state display control
2 8,739,297 Key usage policies for cryptographic keys
3 8,739,279 Implementing automatic access control list validation using automatic categorization of unstructured text
4 8,739,261 Dynamically providing algorithm-based password/challenge authentication
5 8,739,251 Apparatus and method for managing access among devices
6 8,739,190 Determining an extension to use to process an input object to a call in a program
7 8,739,187 Legacy application integration within a bundle framework
8 8,739,182 Data transfer across a network
9 8,739,180 Processing of MTOM messages
10 8,739,171 High-throughput-computing in a hybrid computing environment
11 8,739,169 Method for monitoring operating experiences of images to improve workload optimization in cloud computing environments
12 8,739,159 Cache partitioning with a partition table to effect allocation of shared cache to virtual machines in virtualized environments
13 8,739,158 Communication redirection where primary machine images are cloned to secondary machine images
14 8,739,155 Providing guidance for software installation
15 8,739,147 Class isolation to minimize memory usage in a device
16 8,739,146 Systems and methods for generating and distributing executable procedures for technical desk-side support
17 8,739,142 Method and apparatus for run-time statistics dependent program execution using source-coding principles
18 8,739,140 Conflict resolution in applications
19 8,739,138 Conflict resolution in applications
20 8,739,136 Validating run-time references
21 8,739,133 Multi-threaded debugger support
22 8,739,132 Method and apparatus for assessing layered architecture principles compliance for business analytics in traditional and SOA based environments
23 8,739,131 Completing functional testing
24 8,739,127 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with symbol locking
25 8,739,116 Development environment configured to generate application source code from database objects
26 8,739,115 Using infeasible nodes to select branching variables
27 8,739,114 Using infeasible nodes to select branching variables
28 8,739,111 Re-factoring, rationalizing and prioritizing a service model and assessing service exposure in the service model
29 8,739,096 Micro-electro-mechanical structure (MEMS) capacitor devices, capacitor trimming thereof and design structures
30 8,739,091 Techniques for segmenting of hardware trace and verification of individual trace segments
31 8,739,085 Vectorization of bit-level netlists
32 8,739,081 Method and system for computing fourier series coefficients for mask layouts using FFT
33 8,739,078 Near-neighbor trimming of dummy fill shapes with built-in optical proximity corrections for semiconductor applications
34 8,739,046 Dynamic E-meeting summarization
35 8,739,023 Utilizing a graphical transition to sort an interface element independently of a document object model
36 8,739,006 Reduced circuit implementation of encoder and syndrome generator
37 8,738,975 Runtime dynamic performance skew elimination
38 8,738,962 Memory mirroring with memory compression
39 8,738,961 High-availability computer cluster with failover support based on a resource map
40 8,738,959 Selective message loss handling in a cluster of replicated servers
41 8,738,943 Controlling and minimizing electrical power consumed by electrical components connected to a networked computing environment
42 8,738,905 Third party secured storage for web services and web applications
43 8,738,895 Testing a configuration change
44 8,738,884 Efficient loading of data into memory of a computing system
45 8,738,880 Throttling storage initialization for data destage
46 8,738,875 Increasing memory capacity in power-constrained systems
47 8,738,873 Interfacing with a point-in-time copy service architecture
48 8,738,862 Transactional memory system with efficient cache support
49 8,738,859 Hybrid caching techniques and garbage collection using hybrid caching techniques
50 8,738,832 Microgrid apparatus with central area containing plural processors communicating via respective wireless connection point or bi-directional bus with module in docking bays defined by radial arms
51 8,738,828 System to operationally connect logic nodes
52 8,738,823 Quiescing input/output (I/O) requests to subsets of logical addresses in a storage for a requested operation
53 8,738,821 Selecting a path comprising ports on primary and secondary clusters to use to transmit data at a primary volume to a secondary volume
54 8,738,811 Fibre channel input/output data routing system and method
55 8,738,810 Facilitating processing of out-of-order data transfers
56 8,738,804 Supporting transactions in a data network using router information
57 8,738,792 Server time protocol messages and methods
58 8,738,790 Apparatus, methods and computer programs for metering and accounting for services accessed over a network
59 8,738,779 Method and apparatus for a context-based service look up
60 8,738,758 Remotely administering a server
61 8,738,756 Enabling co-existence of hosts or virtual machines with identical addresses
62 8,738,755 Providing external access to service versions via a bundle framework
63 8,738,754 Systems and methods for managing computing systems utilizing augmented reality
64 8,738,742 Tiered XML services in a content management system
65 8,738,709 Automated email activity management
66 8,738,695 Joint analysis of social and content networks
67 8,738,692 Selectively processing cookies in a proxy
68 8,738,682 Monitoring a path of a transaction across a composite application
69 8,738,676 Entropy generation on a parallel computer system
70 8,738,673 Index partition maintenance over monotonically addressed document sequences
71 8,738,671 Managing global cache coherency and access permissions
72 8,738,632 Encoded matrix index
73 8,738,628 Community profiling for social media
74 8,738,617 Providing answers to questions using multiple models to score candidate answers
75 8,738,613 Relevancy ranking of search results in a network based upon a user’s computer-related activities
76 8,738,607 Extracting portions of an abstract database for problem determination
77 8,738,601 String searches in a computer database
78 8,738,600 String searches in a computer database
79 8,738,593 Method and apparatus for reducing index sizes and increasing performance of non-relational databases
80 8,738,588 Sequential media reclamation and replication
81 8,738,579 Method for performing a warm shutdown and restart of a buffer pool
82 8,738,575 Data recovery in a hierarchical data storage system
83 8,738,566 Lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) administrator task notification control
84 8,738,565 Collecting data from data sources
85 8,738,563 Comparing data series associated with two systems to identify hidden similarities between them
86 8,738,554 Event-driven universal neural network circuit
87 8,738,549 Predictive modeling
88 8,738,546 Self-organizing energy pricing
89 8,738,459 Product recommendation
90 8,738,440 Response attribution valuation
91 8,738,438 Method, system, and program product for increasing the effectiveness of customer contact strategies
92 8,738,432 System and method for segmenting items in a shopping cart by carbon footprint
93 8,738,430 Environmentally responsive shipping selection
94 8,738,428 Managing retail promotion events
95 8,738,423 Leveraging RFID generated consumer behavior through a web map service
96 8,738,411 Optimizing service delivery systems
97 8,738,391 Using non-textual notation for describing service related human experience based on a hierarchal model of human needs
98 8,738,365 Evidence diffusion among candidate answers during question answering
99 8,738,364 Adaptation of vocabulary levels for enhanced collaboration
100 8,738,362 Evidence diffusion among candidate answers during question answering
101 8,738,361 Systems and methods for extracting patterns from graph and unstructered data
102 8,738,351 Historic storage of dual layer power grid connectivity model
103 8,738,343 Method for protein structure alignment using cellular automata
104 8,738,334 Anomaly detection, forecasting and root cause analysis of energy consumption for a portfolio of buildings using multi-step statistical modeling
105 8,738,299 Gene finding using ordered sets of distinct marker strings
106 8,738,298 Method and system for comparative genomics
107 8,738,289 Advanced routing of vehicle fleets
108 8,738,279 Electronically locating contacts based on intended travel destinations
109 8,738,276 Emergency routing within a controllable transit system
110 8,738,167 3D integrated circuit device fabrication with precisely controllable substrate removal
111 8,738,049 Converged dialog in hybrid mobile applications
112 8,737,805 Method and apparatus for providing stream linking in audio/video media
113 8,737,702 Systems and methods for automated extraction of measurement information in medical videos
114 8,737,643 Method and system for assigning independent audio volume settings to components, channels, and media content
115 8,737,233 Increasing throughput of multiplexed electrical bus in pipe-lined architecture
116 8,737,231 Dynamic administration of event pools for relevant event and alert analysis during event storms
117 8,737,228 Flow control management in a data center ethernet network over an extended distance
118 8,737,121 Drift-insensitive or invariant material for phase change memory
119 8,737,028 RC-triggered ESD clamp device with feedback for time constant adjustment
120 8,736,816 Asymmetric complementary dipole illuminator
121 8,736,758 Image signal processing method and apparatus
122 8,736,710 Automatic exposure control for flash photography
123 8,736,614 Simplified graphical analysis of multiple data series
124 8,736,613 Simplified graphical analysis of multiple data series
125 8,736,450 Theft deterrent device
126 8,736,431 Tactile visual indicator
127 8,736,353 Power supply for localized portions of an integrated circuit
128 8,736,342 Changing resonant clock modes
129 8,736,340 Differential clock signal generator
130 8,736,323 Method and apparatus for on-chip phase error measurement to determine jitter in phase-locked loops
131 8,736,304 Self-biased high speed level shifter circuit
132 8,736,277 Integrated transformers
133 8,736,275 Alignment correction system and method of use
134 8,736,068 Hybrid bonding techniques for multi-layer semiconductor stacks
135 8,736,048 Flexible heat sink with lateral compliance
136 8,736,023 Field effect transistor device and fabrication
137 8,736,020 Electronic anti-fuse
138 8,735,996 Scavenging metal stack for a high-K gate dielectric
139 8,735,990 Radiation hardened FinFET
140 8,735,986 Forming structures on resistive substrates
141 8,735,975 Implementing semiconductor soc with metal via gate node high performance stacked transistors
142 8,735,972 SRAM cell having recessed storage node connections and method of fabricating same
143 8,735,959 Non-volatile memory device formed by dual floating gate deposit
144 8,735,947 Non-volatile graphene nanomechanical switch
145 8,735,852 Matrix-incorporated fluorescent silica for anti-counterfeiting
146 8,735,296 Method of simultaneously forming multiple structures having different critical dimensions using sidewall transfer
147 8,735,284 Conductive metal and diffusion barrier seed compositions, and methods of use in semiconductor and interlevel dielectric substrates
148 8,735,283 Method for forming small dimension openings in the organic masking layer of tri-layer lithography
149 8,735,279 Air-dielectric for subtractive etch line and via metallization
150 8,735,271 Gate tunable tunnel diode
151 8,735,244 Semiconductor device devoid of an interfacial layer and methods of manufacture
152 8,735,243 FET device with stabilized threshold modifying material
153 8,735,242 Graphene-based eFuse device
154 8,735,212 Silicon solar cell manufacture
155 8,735,210 High efficiency solar cells fabricated by inexpensive PECVD
156 8,734,904 Methods of forming topographical features using segregating polymer mixtures
157 8,734,665 Slurry for chemical-mechanical polishing of copper and use thereof
158 8,734,254 Virtual world event notifications from within a persistent world game
159 8,734,214 Simulation of sporting events in a virtual environment
160 8,734,007 Calibrated airflow sensor facilitating monitoring of electronic system cooling
161 8,734,006 Calibration of an on-die thermal sensor