IBM patents granted on 27 November 2007

76 US patents granted on 27 November 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 RE39,925 Fast JPEG huffman encoding and decoding
2 7,302,705 Method and apparatus for tracing a denial-of-service attack back to its source
3 7,302,692 Locally providing globally consistent information to communications layers
4 7,302,690 Method and apparatus for transparently sharing an exception vector between firmware and an operating system
5 7,302,673 Method and system for performing shapes correction of a multi-cell reticle photomask design
6 7,302,671 Integrated circuit logic with self compensating shapes
7 7,302,664 System and method for automatic insertion of on-chip decoupling capacitors
8 7,302,661 Efficient electromagnetic modeling of irregular metal planes
9 7,302,659 System and method for unfolding/replicating logic paths to facilitate propagation delay modeling
10 7,302,656 Method and system for performing functional verification of logic circuits
11 7,302,653 Probability of fault function determination using critical defect size map
12 7,302,651 Technology migration for integrated circuits with radical design restrictions
13 7,302,646 Information rearrangement method, information processing apparatus and information processing system, and storage medium and program transmission apparatus therefor
14 7,302,643 System and method for scheduled events to subscribe to live information topics
15 7,302,636 Enhanced position control of web pages
16 7,302,635 Computer system and method of displaying hypertext documents with internal hypertext link definitions
17 7,302,616 Method and apparatus for performing bus tracing with scalable bandwidth in a data processing system having a distributed memory
18 7,302,607 Two node virtual shared disk cluster recovery
19 7,302,605 Method and structure for replacing faulty operating code contained in a ROM for a processor
20 7,302,603 Host-initiated data reconstruction for improved RAID read operations
21 7,302,570 Apparatus, system, and method for authorized remote access to a target system
22 7,302,569 Implementation and use of a PII data access control facility employing personally identifying information labels and purpose serving functions sets
23 7,302,556 Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing level bias function for branch prediction control for generating test simulation vectors
24 7,302,553 Apparatus, system and method for quickly determining an oldest instruction in a non-moving instruction queue
25 7,302,546 Method, system, and article of manufacture for reserving memory
26 7,302,533 System and method for optimally configuring software systems for a NUMA platform
27 7,302,530 Method of updating cache state information where stores only read the cache state information upon entering the queue
28 7,302,527 Systems and methods for executing load instructions that avoid order violations
29 7,302,525 Method and apparatus for efficiently accessing both aligned and unaligned data from a memory
30 7,302,524 Adaptive thread ID cache mechanism for autonomic performance tuning
31 7,302,510 Fair hierarchical arbiter
32 7,302,491 System and method of reducing data corruption due to recycled IP identification numbers
33 7,302,479 Dynamic client/server session recovery in a heterogenous computer network
34 7,302,477 Administration tool for gathering information about systems and applications including the feature of high availability
35 7,302,452 Method and apparatus for handling requests for files in a data processing system
36 7,302,450 Workload scheduler with resource optimization factoring
37 7,302,448 System and method for maintaining multiple devices with a single device identifier
38 7,302,447 Virtual columns
39 7,302,445 Method, system, and storage medium for providing a dynamic, multi-dimensional commodity modeling process
40 7,302,441 System and method for gradually bringing rolled in data online with incremental deferred integrity processing
41 7,302,430 Workflow management system for generating output material based on customer input
42 7,302,422 Query workload statistics collection in a database management system
43 7,302,420 Methods and apparatus for privacy preserving data mining using statistical condensing approach
44 7,302,416 Genetic optimization computer system
45 7,302,402 Method, system and program products for sharing state information across domains
46 7,302,400 System and method for the development and deployment of service elements
47 7,302,393 Sensor based approach recognizer selection, adaptation and combination
48 7,302,376 Device modeling for proximity effects
49 7,302,362 System and method for efficient and collective adjustment of sensor reporting ranges for long-lived queries
50 7,302,307 Micrologistics tracking system and method for an automated manufacturing facility
51 7,302,053 System and method for providing a communication session
52 7,301,962 Technique for controlling selection of a write adapter from multiple adapters connected to a high speed switch
53 7,301,835 Internally asymmetric methods and circuits for evaluating static memory cell dynamic stability
54 7,301,801 Tuned pinned layers for magnetic tunnel junctions with multicomponent free layers
55 7,301,770 Cooling apparatus, cooled electronic module, and methods of fabrication thereof employing thermally conductive, wire-bonded pin fins
56 7,301,767 Electronic equipment including an apparatus for cooling interior of housing
57 7,301,752 Formation of metal-insulator-metal capacitor simultaneously with aluminum metal wiring level using a hardmask
58 7,301,410 Hybrid current-starved phase-interpolation circuit for voltage-controlled devices
59 7,301,386 Apparatus for improved delay voltage level shifting for large voltage differentials
60 7,301,385 Methods and apparatus for managing clock skew
61 7,301,380 Delay locked loop having charge pump gain independent of operating frequency
62 7,301,320 On-chip high frequency power supply noise sensor
63 7,301,236 Increasing electromigration lifetime and current density in IC using vertically upwardly extending dummy via
64 7,301,210 Method and structure to process thick and thin fins and variable fin to fin spacing
65 7,301,183 Organic field-effect transistor and method of making same based on polymerizable self-assembled monolayers
66 7,301,108 Multi-layered interconnect structure using liquid crystalline polymer dielectric
67 7,300,867 Dual damascene interconnect structures having different materials for line and via conductors
68 7,300,825 Customizing back end of the line interconnects
69 7,300,807 Structure and method for providing precision passive elements
70 7,300,796 Pressurized oxygen for evaluation of molding compound stability in semiconductor packaging
71 7,300,741 Advanced chemically amplified resist for sub 30 nm dense feature resolution
72 7,300,739 Negative resists based on a acid-catalyzed elimination of polar molecules
73 7,300,711 Magnetic tunnel junctions with high tunneling magnetoresistance using non-bcc magnetic materials
74 7,300,161 Portable large scale projection display system
75 7,300,123 Method and apparatus for a container managed persistent entity bean support architecture
76 7,299,530 Ball grid array rework using a continuous belt furnace