IBM patents granted on 27 November 2012

61 US patents granted on 27 November 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,321,961 Production scale fabrication method for high resolution AFM tips
2 8,321,914 System and method for verifying an attribute in records for procurement application
3 8,321,909 Identity mediation in enterprise service bus
4 8,321,868 Method for counting events in a computer system
5 8,321,865 Processing of streaming data with a keyed delay
6 8,321,851 Determining compiler efficiency
7 8,321,845 Extensible markup language (XML) path (XPATH) debugging framework
8 8,321,841 Validation framework for service oriented architecture (SOA) application adoption
9 8,321,834 Framework for automatically merging customizations to structured code that has been refactored
10 8,321,818 Model-based retargeting of layout patterns for sub-wavelength photolithography
11 8,321,803 Aggregating service components
12 8,321,798 Containing and accessing multiple web browsers
13 8,321,796 Dynamic meeting agenda generation based on presenter availability
14 8,321,787 Managing multiple virtual world accounts from a single virtual lobby interface
15 8,321,762 Method for creating an error correction coding scheme
16 8,321,704 Managing electric power consumption by configuring elements of a distributed computing system
17 8,321,662 Certificate renewal using secure handshake
18 8,321,637 Computing system with optimized support for transactional memory
19 8,321,610 Methods of multi-server application synchronization without stopping I/O
20 8,321,590 Application network communication
21 8,321,579 System and method for analyzing streams and counting stream items on multi-core processors
22 8,321,569 Server resource allocation
23 8,321,554 System and program to automatically identify a server on which to deploy an application
24 8,321,549 Action execution management for service configuration items
25 8,321,543 System and method for determining weak membership in set of computer nodes
26 8,321,520 Intelligent offload of work to handle peak activity in an enterprise email system
27 8,321,517 Method and system for processing emails
28 8,321,514 Sharing email
29 8,321,508 Controlling collaboration participation
30 8,321,500 Method and system for generating messages
31 8,321,495 Byzantine fault-tolerance in distributed computing networks
32 8,321,470 Heterogeneous multi-level extendable indexing for general purpose annotation systems
33 8,321,451 Automatic web service discovery and information retrieval via data abstraction model
34 8,321,443 Proxying open database connectivity (ODBC) calls
35 8,321,441 Disabling subsets of query conditions in an abstract query environment
36 8,321,396 Automatically extracting by-line information
37 8,321,393 Parsing information in data records and in different languages
38 8,321,389 Method, apparatus and computer program product for maintaining file system client directory caches with parallel directory writes
39 8,321,387 Restricting access to sensitive data
40 8,321,383 System and method for automatic weight generation for probabilistic matching
41 8,321,379 System method and apparatus for optimal performance scaling of storage media
42 8,321,346 Automated teller machine for use with computing devices
43 8,321,305 Managing assemblies with uncertain demands containing common parts
44 8,321,252 Air cargo yield management system for utilizing booking profiles and unconstrained demand
45 8,321,248 Method, system and program product for rendering state diagrams for a multi-dimensional enterprise architecture
46 8,321,223 Method and system for speech synthesis using dynamically updated acoustic unit sets
47 8,321,182 System and method for positioning and controlling air conditioning tiles for optimal cooling using Voronoi diagrams
48 8,320,882 Method and apparatus for managing obfuscated mobile device user identities
49 8,320,676 Method for configuring camera-equipped electronic devices using an encoded mark
50 8,320,414 Formation and rearrangement of lender devices that perform multiplexing functions
51 8,320,256 Method, computer program product and system for managing usage of marginal capacity of computer resources
52 8,320,006 Managing digital images to be printed
53 8,319,801 Magnifying content on a graphical display
54 8,319,634 Method and system for the tracking of articles
55 8,318,574 SOI trench DRAM structure with backside strap
56 8,318,570 Enhancing MOSFET performance by optimizing stress properties
57 8,318,568 Tunnel field effect transistor
58 8,318,565 High-k dielectric gate structures resistant to oxide growth at the dielectric/silicon substrate interface and methods of manufacture thereof
59 8,318,242 Systems and methods for protecting a sensitive device from corrosion
60 8,317,086 Communication of transaction data within a self-checkout environment
61 8,316,540 Method of producing a land grid array (LGA) interposer structure