IBM patents granted on 27 October 2009

53 US patents granted on 27 October 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,610,584 Method, system, and product for defining and managing provisioning states for resources in provisioning data processing systems
2 7,610,565 Technology migration for integrated circuits with radical design restrictions
3 7,610,541 Computer compressed memory system and method for storing and retrieving data in a processing system
4 7,610,537 Method and apparatus for testing multi-core microprocessors
5 7,610,531 Modifying a test pattern to control power supply noise
6 7,610,514 Identification of uninformative function names in call-stack traces
7 7,610,489 Authentication device, authentication system, authentication method, program and recording medium
8 7,610,459 Maintain owning application information of data for a data storage system
9 7,610,458 Data processing system, processor and method of data processing that support memory access according to diverse memory models
10 7,610,449 Apparatus and method for saving power in a trace cache
11 7,610,423 Service interface to a memory system
12 7,610,418 Maximizing blade slot utilization in a storage blade enclosure
13 7,610,398 Method and system for data logging
14 7,610,397 Method and apparatus for adaptive load shedding
15 7,610,388 System, method and program for coordinating timeouts for distributed servers
16 7,610,373 Voting mechanism for session invalidation processing in an application server cluster
17 7,610,365 Automatic relevance-based preloading of relevant information in portable devices
18 7,610,355 Transferring web contents
19 7,610,340 Method, system and storage medium for providing interoperability of email and instant messaging services
20 7,610,318 Autonomic infrastructure enablement for point in time copy consistency
21 7,610,306 Multi-modal fusion in content-based retrieval
22 7,610,300 Automated relational schema generation within a multidimensional enterprise software system
23 7,610,299 Method of processing data
24 7,610,294 Multidimensional data cube validation
25 7,610,291 Logical grouping and management of redundant objects in storage systems
26 7,610,266 Method for vertical integrated performance and environment monitoring
27 7,610,264 Method and system for providing a learning optimizer for federated database systems
28 7,610,263 Reusing intermediate workflow results in successive workflow runs
29 7,610,228 Automated service level management in financial terms
30 7,610,213 Apparatus and method for monitoring progress of customer generated trouble tickets
31 7,610,206 Provision of custom configured assemblies
32 7,610,187 Lingual translation of syndicated content feeds
33 7,610,112 Method for manufacturing with engineering change override
34 7,610,042 Resending a message to a message center based on a signal strength
35 7,609,840 System and method for hierarchical audio conflict control
36 7,609,643 Transfer of error-analysis and statistical data after retry in a fibre channel input/output system
37 7,609,577 Design structure for improving sensing margin of electrically programmable fuses
38 7,609,542 Implementing enhanced SRAM read performance sort ring oscillator (PSRO)
39 7,609,519 Coolant control unit and cooled electronics system employing the same
40 7,609,475 Tape guide system and tape drive system implementing same
41 7,609,179 Method for compressed data with reduced dictionary sizes by coding value prefixes
42 7,609,121 Multiple status e-fuse based non-volatile voltage control oscillator configured for process variation compensation, an associated method and an associated design structure
43 7,608,909 Suspended transmission line structures in back end of line processing
44 7,608,851 Switch array circuit and system using programmable via structures with phase change materials
45 7,608,538 Formation of vertical devices by electroplating
46 7,608,506 Body-contacted semiconductor structures and methods of fabricating such body-contacted semiconductor structures
47 7,608,496 High speed GE channel heterostructures for field effect devices
48 7,608,489 High performance stress-enhance MOSFET and method of manufacture
49 7,608,390 Top antireflective coating composition containing hydrophobic and acidic groups
50 7,608,382 Method of controlling the differential dissolution rate of photoresist compositions, polycyclic olefin polymers and monomers used for making such polymers
51 7,608,295 Polyimide compositions and use thereof in ceramic product defect repair
52 7,607,584 Verification of a biometric identification
53 7,607,455 Micro-electro-mechanical valves and pumps and methods of fabricating same