IBM patents granted on 27 October 2015

103 US patents granted on 27 October 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,173,324 Dehumidifying cooling apparatus and method for an electronics rack
2 9,173,103 Signal security for wireless access point
3 9,173,076 Authentication method, authentication system and authentication program
4 9,172,729 Managing message distribution in a networked environment
5 9,172,719 Intermediate trust state
6 9,172,718 Endpoint load rebalancing controller
7 9,172,717 Security-aware admission control of requests in a distributed system
8 9,172,694 Propagating delegated authorized credentials through legacy systems
9 9,172,671 Filtering message posts in a social network
10 9,172,665 Minimizing the time required to initiate and terminate an instant messaging session
11 9,172,646 Dynamic reconfiguration of network devices for outage prediction
12 9,172,639 Distributing functions in a distributed and embedded environment
13 9,172,628 Dynamic distribution of nodes on a multi-node computer system
14 9,172,618 Data storage system to optimize revenue realized under multiple service level agreements
15 9,172,616 Compressing topological information pertaining to managed resources to enhance visualization
16 9,172,607 Transmitting of configuration items within a network
17 9,172,588 Providing automated quality-of-service (`QoS`) for virtual machine migration across a shared data center network
18 9,172,587 Providing automated quality-of-service (`QoS`) for virtual machine migration across a shared data center network
19 9,172,557 Load balancing overlay network traffic using a teamed set of network interface cards
20 9,172,493 Caller-identity based security
21 9,172,490 Virtual wavelength networks
22 9,172,459 Clearing a fault condition over a fibre channel path
23 9,172,395 Generating an ICONV module in real time
24 9,171,796 Sidewall image transfer for heavy metal patterning in integrated circuits
25 9,171,758 Method of forming transistor contacts
26 9,171,757 Dual shallow trench isolation liner for preventing electrical shorts
27 9,171,680 Nanoelectromechanical switch with localized nanoscale conductive pathway
28 9,171,565 Method of producing a data storage medium
29 9,171,563 Recording medium having independent track for velocity, timing and/or longitudinal position
30 9,171,478 Learning model for dynamic component utilization in a question answering system
31 9,171,469 Smart spacing allocation
32 9,171,375 Multi-cue object detection and analysis
33 9,171,340 Identifying and visualizing attributes of items based on attribute-based RFID tag proximity
34 9,171,339 Behavior change detection
35 9,171,299 Isolated payment system
36 9,171,286 Recording events in a virtual world
37 9,171,283 Capturing and visualizing data lineage in content management system
38 9,171,161 Trusted device having virtualized registers
39 9,171,158 Dynamic anomaly, association and clustering detection
40 9,171,142 Arrangements for identifying users in a multi-touch surface environment
41 9,171,110 Accelerating functional verification of an integrated circuit
42 9,171,109 Method to couple fluid-flow and geomechanical models for integrated petroleum systems using known triggering events
43 9,171,104 Iterative refinement of cohorts using visual exploration and data analytics
44 9,171,077 Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs
45 9,171,076 Help information for links in a mashup page
46 9,171,062 Real-time search of vertically partitioned, inverted indexes
47 9,171,058 Data analyzing method, apparatus and a method for supporting data analysis
48 9,171,043 Dynamically determining join order
49 9,171,040 Methods, systems, and computer program products for optimizing query evaluation and processing in a subscription notification service
50 9,171,036 Batching heterogeneous database commands
51 9,171,035 Control elements of graphical user interfaces
52 9,171,032 Radix sort with read-only key
53 9,171,029 Performing batches of selective assignments in a vector friendly manner
54 9,171,027 Managing a multi-version database
55 9,171,026 Test data generation and scale up for database testing using unique common factor sequencing
56 9,171,025 Test data generation and scale up for database testing using unique common factor sequencing
57 9,171,007 Compression/decompression accelerator protocol for software/hardware integration
58 9,170,999 Method, system, and program product for transferring document attributes
59 9,170,998 Generating simulated containment reports of dynamically assembled components in a content management system
60 9,170,976 Network efficiency and power savings
61 9,170,966 System method for deterministic message processing a direct memory access (DMA) adapter with head pointers and tail pointers for determining the in and out sequence of packets
62 9,170,962 Dynamic designation of retirement order in out-of-order store queue
63 9,170,961 Location of computing assets within an organization
64 9,170,960 Location of computing assets within an organization
65 9,170,958 False power failure alert impact mitigation
66 9,170,954 Translation management instructions for updating address translation data structures in remote processing nodes
67 9,170,950 Method, apparatus and computer programs providing cluster-wide page management
68 9,170,944 Two handed insertion and deletion algorithm for circular buffer
69 9,170,936 Communicating to update a memory
70 9,170,933 Wear-level of cells/pages/sub-pages/blocks of a memory
71 9,170,927 Automatic testing a software product comprising a plurality of software packages
72 9,170,920 Identifying and tagging breakpoint instructions for facilitation of software debug
73 9,170,903 System level architecture verification for transaction execution in a multi-processing environment
74 9,170,900 Error injection into the leaf functions of call graphs
75 9,170,899 Reliability scheme using hybrid SSD/HDD replication with log structured management
76 9,170,888 Methods and apparatus for virtual machine recovery
77 9,170,886 Relaxed anchor validation in a distributed synchronization environment
78 9,170,873 Diagnosing distributed applications using application logs and request processing paths
79 9,170,865 Executing a gather operation on a parallel computer that includes a plurality of compute nodes
80 9,170,864 Data processing in a hybrid computing environment
81 9,170,860 Parallel incident processing
82 9,170,851 Connection distribution for load balancing in a distributed database
83 9,170,850 Minimizing workload migrations during cloud maintenance operations
84 9,170,844 Prioritization for conflict arbitration in transactional memory management
85 9,170,838 Method for singleton process control
86 9,170,807 Determining logical configuration commands to create a logical object
87 9,170,806 Software discovery by an installer controller
88 9,170,799 Accurately estimating install time
89 9,170,796 Content space environment representation
90 9,170,794 Automatic exploitation of data parallelism in streaming applications
91 9,170,790 Replacing annotated program code in a networked computing environment
92 9,170,779 Managing an application development environment
93 9,170,773 Mixed precision estimate instruction computing narrow precision result for wide precision inputs
94 9,170,771 Residue-based error detection for a processor execution unit that supports vector operations
95 9,170,752 Dynamic feedback-based throughput control for black-box storage systems
96 9,170,639 Method and apparatus for mitigating effects of memory scrub operations on idle time power savings modes
97 9,170,439 Electro-optic modulator
98 9,170,380 Ferrule of multilayer waveguide connector
99 9,170,117 Unmanned aerial vehicle navigation assistance
100 9,170,056 Duplex flexible heat exchanger
101 9,168,521 Microfluidic device with deformable valve
102 9,168,347 Managing an active strap system for a face mask
103 9,167,757 Irrigation system and method