IBM patents granted on 27 September 2016

153 US patents granted on 27 September 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,456,527 Fabricating separable and integrated heat sinks facilitating cooling multi-component electronic assembly
2 9,456,506 Packaging for eight-socket one-hop SMP topology
3 9,456,498 Electronic module power supply
4 9,456,496 Substrate containing low-Dk-core glass fibers having low dielectric constant (Dk) cores for use in printed circuit boards (PCBs), and method of making same
5 9,456,365 Virtualized wireless communication system and establishing method thereof
6 9,456,334 Mobility detection for edge applications in wireless communication networks
7 9,456,312 Correlating road network information and user mobility information for wireless communication network planning
8 9,456,310 Method for detecting mobile device charging points
9 9,456,229 Parsing single source content for multi-channel publishing
10 9,456,081 Priority message management
11 9,456,061 Custom error page enabled via networked computing service
12 9,456,045 Criteria-based data push
13 9,456,036 Switch-based data tiering
14 9,456,035 Storing related data in a dispersed storage network
15 9,456,032 Peer-to-peer networking through universal port connections
16 9,456,029 Command process load balancing system
17 9,456,026 File change notifications in a scale-out NAS system
18 9,456,024 Content sharing in mobile ad hoc networks
19 9,456,021 Loading pegged page objects based on predefined preferences
20 9,456,010 Convergence of social enterprise and digital telephony
21 9,456,005 Ensuring health and compliance of devices
22 9,455,995 Identifying source of malicious network messages
23 9,455,990 System and method for role based access control in a content management system
24 9,455,944 Reply email clarification
25 9,455,904 Message path selection within a network
26 9,455,899 Disjoint multi-pathing for a data center network
27 9,455,895 Data link layer switch frame forwarding analysis
28 9,455,888 Application topology based on network traffic
29 9,455,881 Method for determining system topology graph changes in a distributed computing system
30 9,455,865 Server virtualization
31 9,455,749 Combination error and erasure decoding for product codes
32 9,455,742 Compression ratio for a compression engine
33 9,455,730 Voltage controlled oscillator runaway prevention
34 9,455,728 Digital phase locked loop for low jitter applications
35 9,455,695 High-speed comparator for analog-to-digital converter
36 9,455,392 Method of fabricating a coplanar waveguide device including removal of spurious microwave modes via flip-chip crossover
37 9,455,347 Mandrel removal last in lateral semiconductor growth and structure for same
38 9,455,336 SiGe and Si FinFET structures and methods for making the same
39 9,455,331 Method and structure of forming controllable unmerged epitaxial material
40 9,455,330 Recessing RMG metal gate stack for forming self-aligned contact
41 9,455,323 Under-spacer doping in fin-based semiconductor devices
42 9,455,317 Nanowire semiconductor device including lateral-etch barrier region
43 9,455,314 Y-FET with self-aligned punch-through-stop (PTS) doping
44 9,455,313 High-density integrated circuit via capacitor
45 9,455,274 Replacement fin process in SSOI wafer
46 9,455,254 Methods of forming a combined gate and source/drain contact structure and the resulting device
47 9,455,251 Decoupling capacitor using finFET topology
48 9,455,250 Distributed decoupling capacitor
49 9,455,234 Fixture to constrain laminate and method of assembly
50 9,455,203 Low threshold voltage CMOS device
51 9,455,195 Method of forming performance optimized gate structures by silicidizing lowered source and drain regions
52 9,455,187 Backside device contact
53 9,455,186 Selective local metal cap layer formation for improved electromigration behavior
54 9,455,185 Laser anneal of buried metallic interconnects including through silicon vias
55 9,455,182 Interconnect structure with capping layer and barrier layer
56 9,455,180 Controlled spalling of fine features
57 9,455,179 Methods to reduce debonding forces on flexible semiconductor films disposed on vapor-releasing adhesives
58 9,455,010 Video storage and video playing
59 9,454,988 Tape storage device
60 9,454,902 Performing-time-series based predictions with projection thresholds using secondary time-series-based information stream
61 9,454,884 Discovering object pathways in a camera network
62 9,454,855 Monitoring and planning for failures of vehicular components
63 9,454,781 Ranking and recommendation of online content
64 9,454,749 Communication of configuration using an encoded visual representation
65 9,454,737 Solution that leverages an instant messaging system to manage ad hoc business process workflows
66 9,454,734 Heuristic assembly of a component based application
67 9,454,728 Luggage contents recommendations and tracking
68 9,454,725 Passage justification scoring for question answering
69 9,454,722 Manufacturing a physical medium configured to store data
70 9,454,670 Hybrid file systems
71 9,454,669 Dynamically linked content creation in a secure processing environment
72 9,454,667 Granting object authority via a multi-touch screen to a collaborator
73 9,454,662 Method for booting and dumping a confidential image on a trusted computer system
74 9,454,655 Creation of rhythmic password and authentication based on rhythmic password
75 9,454,641 Systems and methods for modeling and processing functional magnetic resonance image data using full-brain vector auto-regressive model
76 9,454,631 Stitch-derived via structures and methods of generating the same
77 9,454,618 Intelligent rendering of webpages
78 9,454,603 Semantically aware, dynamic, multi-modal concordance for unstructured information analysis
79 9,454,601 System and method for providing graphical representations of search results in multiple related histograms
80 9,454,592 Managing, importing, and exporting teamspace templates and teamspaces in content repositories
81 9,454,591 Synchronization of sequential access storage components with backup catalog
82 9,454,590 Predicting validity of data replication prior to actual replication in a transaction processing system
83 9,454,588 Custom object-in-memory format in data grid network appliance
84 9,454,569 Selective expansion of a tree hierarchy
85 9,454,559 Dynamic master data management
86 9,454,558 Managing an index of a table of a database
87 9,454,538 Low-overhead enhancement of reliability of journaled file system using solid state storage and de-duplication
88 9,454,525 Information extraction in a natural language understanding system
89 9,454,506 Managing cache at a computer
90 9,454,490 Invalidating a range of two or more translation table entries and instruction therefore
91 9,454,484 Integrated circuit system having decoupled logical and physical interfaces
92 9,454,483 Salvaging lock elision transactions with instructions to change execution type
93 9,454,481 Affinity group access to global data
94 9,454,479 Processing read and write requests in a storage controller
95 9,454,473 Efficient allocation and reclamation of thin-provisioned storage
96 9,454,472 Sparsity-driven matrix representation to optimize operational and storage efficiency
97 9,454,470 Sharing and executing sensitive logic semantics
98 9,454,465 Risk based profiles for development operations
99 9,454,462 Run-time instrumentation monitoring for processor characteristic changes
100 9,454,461 Call stack display with program flow indication
101 9,454,459 Detecting merge conflicts and compilation errors in a collaborative integrated development environment
102 9,454,458 Path-specific break points for stream computing
103 9,454,455 Method for deriving intelligence from activity logs
104 9,454,435 Write performance in fault-tolerant clustered storage systems
105 9,454,433 Adaptive rebuild scheduling scheme
106 9,454,431 Memory selection for slice storage in a dispersed storage network
107 9,454,426 Codes of length tn invariant under rotations of order n
108 9,454,422 Error feedback and logging with memory on-chip error checking and correcting (ECC)
109 9,454,415 Communication failure source isolation in a distributed computing system
110 9,454,411 User-selectable progress bar threshold triggers and notification by detecting color change
111 9,454,409 API matchmaking using feature models
112 9,454,408 Managing network utility of applications on cloud data centers
113 9,454,405 Paging partition arbitration of paging devices to shared memory partitions
114 9,454,404 Method, apparatus, and software for identifying a set of options for the provision of a service
115 9,454,402 Information display for displaying different types of performance data using a single integrated visual indicator
116 9,454,383 Autowiring location agnostic services into application software
117 9,454,382 Verification of UML state machines
118 9,454,377 Speculative branch handling for transaction abort
119 9,454,375 Parallel program analysis and branch prediction
120 9,454,374 Transforming non-contiguous instruction specifiers to contiguous instruction specifiers
121 9,454,373 Methods and computer systems of software level superscalar out-of-order processing
122 9,454,372 Thread context restoration in a multithreading computer system
123 9,454,370 Conditional transaction end instruction
124 9,454,367 Finding the length of a set of character data having a termination character
125 9,454,366 Copying character data having a termination character from one memory location to another
126 9,454,362 Selective notifications according to merge distance for software version branches within a software configuration management system
127 9,454,353 Initiating use of software as part of a messaging window
128 9,454,352 Workload deployment density management for a multi-stage computing architecture implemented within a multi-tenant computing environment
129 9,454,350 Extracting stream graph structure in a computer language by pre-executing a deterministic subset
130 9,454,346 Extracting entropy from the vibration of multiple machines
131 9,454,333 Parity logs for RAID systems with variable capacity media
132 9,454,327 Analytics based control of thin provisioning environment
133 9,454,323 Virtual accounting container for supporting small volumes of data
134 9,454,320 Reduction of power consumption of a buffer in a tape drive
135 9,454,315 Efficient flashcopy backup target volume allocation from a shared resource pool while ingesting a flashcopy backup in a repository
136 9,454,309 Management of a secure delete operation
137 9,454,308 Page compression strategy for improved page out process
138 9,454,294 Creating, provisioning and managing virtual data centers
139 9,454,285 Maintaining continuous access to web content
140 9,454,205 Monitoring power usage for a storage system that includes a set of storage units and a set of storage sub-units
141 9,454,200 Budgeting for power consumption in a chassis environment that includes a plurality of integrated technology elements
142 9,454,181 Wearable flexible interface with interlocking modules
143 9,454,180 Wearable flexible interface with interlocking modules
144 9,454,139 Adjusting environmental variables in an adaptive parameter adjustment runtime environment
145 9,454,061 Quantum coherent microwave to optical conversion scheme employing a mechanical element and a squid
146 9,453,972 Pluggable module for heat removal device
147 9,453,863 Implementing frequency spectrum analysis using causality Hilbert Transform results of VNA-generated S-parameter model information
148 9,453,736 Preventative traffic congestion social networking improvement system within a community
149 9,453,190 Surface treatment of textured silicon
150 9,453,108 Flame retardant PHT compositions
151 9,452,678 Adaptive, automatically-reconfigurable, vehicle instrument display
152 9,452,379 Ozone abatement system for semiconductor manufacturing system
153 9,451,906 Retrieving mental images of faces from the human brain