IBM patents granted on 28 April 2009

96 US patents granted on 28 April 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,526,799 Method for tracking security attributes along invocation chain using secure propagation token
2 7,526,798 System and method for credential delegation using identity assertion
3 7,526,793 Method for authenticating database connections in a multi-tier environment
4 7,526,787 Method to remotely provide television broadcast recording services to broadcast television service subscribers
5 7,526,772 Method and apparatus for transforming systems management native event formats to enable correlation
6 7,526,765 Method and apparatus for on-demand resource allocation and job management
7 7,526,761 Exception handling compiler apparatus, program, recording medium, and compiling method
8 7,526,759 Debugging prototyped system solutions in solution builder wizard environment
9 7,526,757 Method and apparatus for maintaining performance monitoring structures in a page table for use in monitoring performance of a computer program
10 7,526,756 Address watch breakpoints with basing pointers
11 7,526,743 Method for routing data paths in a semiconductor chip with a plurality of layers
12 7,526,735 Aiding visual search in a list of learnable speech commands
13 7,526,732 User interface for phased data entry
14 7,526,729 Temporal visualizations of collaborative exchanges
15 7,526,706 Method and apparatus for preventing network outages
16 7,526,698 Error detection and correction in semiconductor structures
17 7,526,692 Diagnostic interface architecture for memory device
18 7,526,686 Apparatus, system, and method for active data verification in a storage system
19 7,526,682 Effective diagnosis of software hangs
20 7,526,680 Stress testing a website having a backend application
21 7,526,674 Methods and apparatuses for supplying power to processors in multiple processor systems
22 7,526,639 Method to enhance boot time using redundant service processors
23 7,526,638 Hardware alteration of instructions in a microcode routine
24 7,526,631 Data processing system with backplane and processor books configurable to support both technical and commercial workloads
25 7,526,624 Apparatus and method to adjust data transfer rate
26 7,526,621 Method for implementing retention policies to archive records
27 7,526,616 Method and apparatus for prefetching data from a data structure
28 7,526,611 Unified processor cache model in multiprocessor system
29 7,526,610 Sectored cache memory
30 7,526,609 Runtime register allocator
31 7,526,595 Data path master/slave data processing device apparatus and method
32 7,526,589 Apparatus, system, and method for resetting an inter-integrated circuit data line using a negative voltage
33 7,526,583 Method and apparatus to launch write queue read data in a microprocessor recovery unit
34 7,526,582 Identifying a cable with a connection location
35 7,526,578 Option ROM characterization
36 7,526,574 Method for communicating data transfer requests between data transfer protocols
37 7,526,565 Multiple description hinting and switching for adaptive media services
38 7,526,559 Transfer of web applications between devices
39 7,526,556 Method and apparatus for managing keepalive transmissions
40 7,526,554 Systems and methods for reaching resource neighborhoods
41 7,526,552 Stable, minimal skew resource flow control technique in large scale enterprise storage systems
42 7,526,549 Cluster data port services for clustered computer system
43 7,526,544 Message tracking method, apparatus, and system
44 7,526,540 System and method for assigning data collection agents to storage area network nodes in a storage area network resource management system
45 7,526,536 System and method for port assignment management across multiple nodes in a network environment
46 7,526,531 Methods for detecting outbound nagling on a TCP network connection
47 7,526,525 Method for efficiently distributing and remotely managing meeting presentations
48 7,526,515 Method and system for a grid-enabled virtual machine with movable objects
49 7,526,512 Content-based synchronization for terminal devices
50 7,526,507 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for visualization and management of data organisation within a data processing system
51 7,526,499 Defining and generating a viewtype for a base model
52 7,526,489 Methods to integrate user-defined operations into a database
53 7,526,472 Shared bookmarks based on user interest profiles
54 7,526,471 Field-to-field join constraints
55 7,526,452 Apparatus, methods and computer programs for metering and accounting for services accessed over a network
56 7,526,421 System and method for modeling LPAR behaviors in a simulation tool
57 7,526,419 Methods for reconstructing data from simulation models
58 7,526,400 Thermal modeling and error detection in a data processing configuration
59 7,526,309 Mobile call routing based on detected wireless personal area network devices
60 7,526,286 System and method for controlling a computer via a mobile device
61 7,526,136 Faster transforms using early aborts and precision refinements
62 7,526,106 Method of tracking images captured with a digital camera
63 7,526,099 Motion picture data processing device, method, and program
64 7,526,090 Secured radio communications method
65 7,525,964 Mechanism for delivering messages to competing consumers in a point-to-point system
66 7,525,862 Methods involving resetting spin-torque magnetic random access memory with domain wall
67 7,525,831 Method for improving sensing margin of electrically programmable fuses
68 7,525,756 Accessor and rails for a data storage library
69 7,525,651 Inspection apparatus and inspection method for pattern profile, and exposure apparatus
70 7,525,646 Multiple pattern generator integration with single post expose bake station
71 7,525,568 Personal multi-information recorder
72 7,525,417 Method and system for transitive turn signal and braking indication
73 7,525,414 Apparatus, system, and method for aurally indicating progress
74 7,525,393 Digital frequency multiplier circuit
75 7,525,373 Compensation of process and voltage variability in multi-threshold dynamic voltage scaling circuits
76 7,525,367 Method for implementing level shifter circuits for integrated circuits
77 7,525,319 Method and apparatus to electrically qualify high speed PCB connectors
78 7,525,299 Apparatus for accessing and probing the connections between a chip package and a printed circuit board
79 7,525,176 Phase change memory cell design with adjusted seam location
80 7,525,170 Pillar P-i-n semiconductor diodes
81 7,525,162 Orientation-optimized PFETS in CMOS devices employing dual stress liners
82 7,525,161 Strained MOS devices using source/drain epitaxy
83 7,525,156 Shallow trench isolation fill by liquid phase deposition of SiO.sub.2
84 7,525,121 Coplanar silicon-on-insulator (SOI) regions of different crystal orientations and methods of making the same
85 7,525,107 Apparatus and method for forming an alignment layer
86 7,525,074 Method and apparatus for detecting metal placed within a microwave oven
87 7,525,047 Cable having translucent, semi-transparent or transparent ESD dissipative layer and/or metallic layer
88 7,525,045 Cable for high speed data communications
89 7,524,740 Localized strain relaxation for strained Si directly on insulator
90 7,524,698 Handling and positioning of metallic plated balls for socket application in ball grid array packages
91 7,524,694 Funneled light pipe for pixel sensors
92 7,524,380 Energy efficient dishwashing
93 7,524,108 Thermal sensing circuits using bandgap voltage reference generators without trimming circuitry
94 7,523,852 Solder interconnect structure and method using injection molded solder
95 7,523,669 Method for strength testing of drawers in computer rack systems
96 7,523,547 Method for attaching a flexible structure to a device and a device having a flexible structure