IBM patents granted on 28 April 2015

175 US patents granted on 28 April 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,021,605 Method and system for protecting sensitive data in a program
2 9,021,596 Correcting workflow security vulnerabilities via static analysis and virtual patching
3 9,021,594 Intelligent risk level grouping for resource access recertification
4 9,021,592 Source code analysis of inter-related code bases
5 9,021,591 Distributed network protection
6 9,021,512 Runtime management of TOC pointer save and restore commands
7 9,021,511 Runtime management of TOC pointer save and restore commands
8 9,021,510 Remote procedure call (RPC) bind service with physical interface query and selection
9 9,021,507 Dynamic use of data across multiple programs
10 9,021,501 Combinatorial computing
11 9,021,500 Rule based combinatorial computing for map/reduce platform
12 9,021,498 Adjusting pause-loop exiting window values
13 9,021,497 Adjusting pause-loop exiting window values
14 9,021,496 Method and program for recording object allocation site
15 9,021,495 Management of resources within a computing environment
16 9,021,493 Management of resources within a computing environment
17 9,021,492 Dual mode reader writer lock
18 9,021,491 Dual mode reader writer lock
19 9,021,487 Apparatus and method for serializing process instance access to information stored redundantly in at least two datastores
20 9,021,486 Selective constant complexity dismissal in task scheduling
21 9,021,484 Migrated application performance comparisons using log mapping
22 9,021,483 Making hardware objects and operations thread-safe
23 9,021,482 Reordering data responses using ordered indicia in a linked list
24 9,021,479 Enforcing machine deployment zoning rules in an automatic provisioning environment
25 9,021,477 Method for improving the performance of high performance computing applications on Cloud using integrated load balancing
26 9,021,474 Hardware characterization in virtual environments
27 9,021,473 Hardware characterization in virtual environments
28 9,021,471 Managing change-set delivery
29 9,021,456 Using collaborative annotations to specify real-time process flows and system constraints
30 9,021,455 Packed data objects
31 9,021,450 Scalable and precise string analysis using index-sensitive static string abstractions
32 9,021,433 Software development support method, program and device
33 9,021,426 Streamlining hardware initialization code
34 9,021,422 Method and system for processing instruction information
35 9,021,417 Generating a subset model from a model
36 9,021,411 Characterizing TSV structures in a semiconductor chip stack
37 9,021,407 Signal path of a multiple-patterned semiconductor device
38 9,021,401 Methods and systems involving browser nodes
39 9,021,377 Goal based user interface for managing business solutions in an on demand environment
40 9,021,376 Task timer
41 9,021,375 Notification of state transition of an out-of-focus application
42 9,021,367 Metadata capture for screen sharing
43 9,021,351 Method and apparatus for setting output image including image processing information and program for controlling the same
44 9,021,328 Shared error protection for register banks
45 9,021,321 Testing disk drives shared by multiple processors in a supercomputer complex
46 9,021,308 Analyzing a process of software defects handling using percentile-based metrics
47 9,021,305 Processing main cause errors and sympathetic errors in devices in a system
48 9,021,281 Run-time task-level dynamic energy management
49 9,021,268 Method, computer system, and computer program product for password generation
50 9,021,253 Quarantine method and system
51 9,021,250 Security enforcement point inspection of encrypted data in an encrypted end-to end communications path
52 9,021,245 Applying settings in a cloud computing environment based on geographical region
53 9,021,240 System and method for Controlling restarting of instruction fetching using speculative address computations
54 9,021,238 System for accessing a register file using an address retrieved from the register file
55 9,021,237 Low latency variable transfer network communicating variable written to source processing core variable register allocated to destination thread to destination processing core variable register allocated to source thread
56 9,021,229 Optimizing a file system for different types of applications in a compute cluster using dynamic block size granularity
57 9,021,228 Managing out-of-order memory command execution from multiple queues while maintaining data coherency
58 9,021,226 Moving blocks of data between main memory and storage class memory
59 9,021,225 Dynamic address translation with fetch protection in an emulated environment
60 9,021,221 Cascaded, point-in-time-copy architecture with data deduplication
61 9,021,220 Orphan storage release
62 9,021,219 Enhancing analytics performance using distributed multi-tiering
63 9,021,211 Epoch-based recovery for coherent attached processor proxy
64 9,021,210 Cache prefetching based on non-sequential lagging cache affinity
65 9,021,206 Use of cache statistics to ration cache hierarchy access
66 9,021,203 Enhancing tiering storage performance
67 9,021,201 Demoting partial tracks from a first cache to a second cache
68 9,021,196 Method, system and computer program product for writing multiple files simultaneously to a tape media
69 9,021,191 Providing versioning in a storage device
70 9,021,180 Clearing blocks of storage class memory
71 9,021,179 Store storage class memory information command
72 9,021,175 Method for reordering access to reduce total seek time on tape media
73 9,021,173 High speed differential wiring strategy for serially attached SCSI systems
74 9,021,155 Fibre channel input/output data routing including discarding of data transfer requests in response to error detection
75 9,021,148 Fast path userspace RDMA resource error detection
76 9,021,122 Monitoring streams buffers for backlogs of data tuples to optimize operator processing
77 9,021,113 Inter-service sharing of content between users from different social networks
78 9,021,111 Live connection enhancement for data source interface
79 9,021,097 Unified cloud computing infrastructure to manage and deploy physical and virtual environments
80 9,021,096 Performing maintenance operations on cloud computing node without requiring to stop all virtual machines in the node
81 9,021,093 Managing and securing manageable resources in stateless web server architecture using servlet filters
82 9,021,091 Transaction middleware based application level transaction instance tracking across a composite application
83 9,021,076 Managing inventory data for components of a server system
84 9,021,074 System and method for providing server status awareness
85 9,021,071 Methods of federating applications providing modular data
86 9,021,068 Managing a networked storage configuration
87 9,021,065 Automated topology formation in dynamic distributed environments
88 9,021,038 Message delivery in messaging networks
89 9,021,035 Formatting rich text data into a JSON array
90 9,021,033 Method to change instant messaging status based on text entered during conversation
91 9,021,030 Selective delivery of content via electronic mail
92 9,021,007 Enabling interoperability between participants in a network
93 9,021,004 Execution unit with inline pseudorandom number generator
94 9,021,000 High speed and low power circuit structure for barrel shifter
95 9,020,997 Customer statistics based on database lock use
96 9,020,995 Hybrid relational, directory, and content query facility
97 9,020,985 System and method for managing directories for a database system having an in-memory database
98 9,020,979 Rich database metadata model that captures application relationships, mappings, constraints, and complex data structures
99 9,020,963 Providing relevant assets in collaboration mediums
100 9,020,959 Contextual support for publish-subscribe systems
101 9,020,958 Efficient sorting of large dimensional data
102 9,020,954 Ranking supervised hashing
103 9,020,944 Systems and methods for organizing documented processes
104 9,020,939 Correlating queries issued by applications with their source lines and analyzing applications for problem determination and where used analysis
105 9,020,932 Generation of multi-faceted search results in response to query
106 9,020,929 Method and system for tracking performance by breaking down a query
107 9,020,919 Method and apparatus for performing extended search
108 9,020,913 Real-time interactive authorization for enterprise search
109 9,020,911 Name search using multiple bitmap distributions
110 9,020,910 Storing tables in a database system
111 9,020,908 Rewriting relational expressions for different type systems
112 9,020,905 Synchronizing database and non-database resources without a commit coordinator
113 9,020,899 File cloning across different filesets
114 9,020,876 On-demand suggestion for vehicle driving
115 9,020,872 Detecting missing rules with most general conditions
116 9,020,867 Cortical simulator for object-oriented simulation of a neural network
117 9,020,862 Method and system for computer question-answering
118 9,020,856 License compliance management
119 9,020,841 System and method for custom-fitting services to consumer requirements
120 9,020,840 System and method for custom-fitting services to consumer requirements
121 9,020,829 Quality of service aware scheduling for composite web service workflows
122 9,020,810 Latent semantic analysis for application in a question answer system
123 9,020,805 Context-based disambiguation of acronyms and abbreviations
124 9,020,803 Confidence-rated transcription and translation
125 9,020,794 Enabling real-time testing of on-demand infrastructure
126 9,020,792 Coupling architectural and implementation/behavioral models of a computer-based system
127 9,020,785 Identifying and routing poison tuples in a streaming application
128 9,020,779 Detecting cross-talk on processor links
129 9,020,770 Estimating component power usage from aggregate power usage
130 9,020,530 Location tracking of mobile phone using GPS function
131 9,020,257 Transforming a digital image from a low dynamic range (LDR) image to a high dynamic range (HDR) image
132 9,020,196 Extracting feature quantities from an image to perform location estimation
133 9,020,190 Attribute-based alert ranking for alert adjudication
134 9,020,117 Performing human client verification over a voice interface
135 9,020,042 Audio/video speedup system and method in a server-client streaming architecture
136 9,020,021 Precoding loss reduction
137 9,019,975 Unified system networking with CEE-PCIE tunneling
138 9,019,971 Systems, methods and algorithms for named data network routing with path labeling
139 9,019,949 Adapter, base band processing unit and base station system
140 9,019,937 Transferring a session for user equipment to a different basestation running a needed edge application
141 9,019,843 Utilizing stored data to reduce packet data loss in a mobile data network with data breakout at the edge
142 9,019,813 Active IP forwarding in an event driven virtual link aggregation (VLAG) system
143 9,019,654 Data storage tape with random access data
144 9,019,653 High density timing based servo format for use with tilted transducer arrays
145 9,019,651 Determining a skew error signal (SES) offset used to determine an SES to adjust heads in a drive unit
146 9,019,639 Hierarchical control of tiered error recovery for storage devices
147 9,019,276 Visualizing jobs in a distributed environment with limited resources
148 9,019,247 Modifying information on a hand writable physical medium with a digital pen
149 9,019,135 Efficient string hash computation
150 9,019,080 User communication device based card presence monitoring and account status control
151 9,019,049 MEMS switches with reduced switching voltage and methods of manufacture
152 9,019,020 Progressively sized digitally-controlled oscillator
153 9,018,767 Interlevel dielectric stack for interconnect structures
154 9,018,760 Solder interconnect with non-wettable sidewall pillars and methods of manufacture
155 9,018,754 Heat dissipative electrical isolation/insulation structure for semiconductor devices and method of making
156 9,018,714 Integrated circuit having raised source drains devices with reduced silicide contact resistance and methods to fabricate same
157 9,018,713 Plural differential pair employing FinFET structure
158 9,018,686 Dual gate finFET devices
159 9,018,675 Heterojunction III-V photovoltaic cell fabrication
160 9,018,517 Silicon heterojunction photovoltaic device with wide band gap emitter
161 9,018,097 Semiconductor device processing with reduced wiring puddle formation
162 9,018,092 Encapsulated metal interconnect
163 9,018,090 Borderless self-aligned metal contact patterning using printable dielectric materials
164 9,018,089 Multiple step anneal method and semiconductor formed by multiple step anneal
165 9,018,084 Tapered fin field effect transistor
166 9,018,082 Nanoscale chemical templating with oxygen reactive materials
167 9,018,052 Integrated circuit including DRAM and SRAM/logic
168 9,018,040 Power distribution for 3D semiconductor package
169 9,018,024 Creating extremely thin semiconductor-on-insulator (ETSOI) having substantially uniform thickness
170 9,017,813 Doped carbon nanotubes and transparent conducting films containing the same
171 9,017,487 Deposition chamber cleaning method including stressed cleaning layer
172 9,017,486 Deposition chamber cleaning method including stressed cleaning layer
173 9,016,873 Three dimensional image projector stabilization circuit
174 9,016,236 Method and apparatus for angular high density plasma chemical vapor deposition
175 9,015,927 Method for fabricating synthetic antiferromagnetic (SAF) device