IBM patents granted on 28 August 2007

21 US patents granted on 28 August 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,263,721 Password protection
2 7,263,700 Serially, reusable virtual machine
3 7,263,694 Directed non-cyclic graph walking system for data processing and analysis in software application
4 7,263,668 Display interface to a computer controlled display system with variable comprehensiveness levels of menu items dependent upon size of variable display screen available for menu item display
5 7,263,592 Method for completely lock-free user-level dynamic memory allocation
6 7,263,583 On demand, non-capacity based process, apparatus and computer program to determine maintenance fees for disk data storage system
7 7,263,555 Apparatus and method for dynamic sharing of server network interface resources
8 7,263,527 Grouping selected transactions in account ledger
9 7,263,514 Efficient object query processing technique on object’s dynamic properties via pushdown
10 7,263,511 Creating user metric patterns including user notification
11 7,263,230 Narrow field abstract meta-data image compression
12 7,262,987 SRAM cell using tunnel current loading devices
13 7,262,719 Fast data stream decoding using apriori information
14 7,262,484 Structure and method for performance improvement in vertical bipolar transistors
15 7,262,451 High performance embedded DRAM technology with strained silicon
16 7,262,087 Dual stressed SOI substrates
17 7,262,084 Methods for manufacturing a finFET using a conventional wafer and apparatus manufactured therefrom
18 7,261,992 Fluorinated silsesquioxane polymers and use thereof in lithographic photoresist compositions
19 7,261,981 System and method of smoothing mask shapes for improved placement of sub-resolution assist features
20 7,261,142 Heat pipe excellent in reflux characteristic
21 7,260,861 Pallet-ramp coupling apparatus and method