IBM patents granted on 28 August 2012

88 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,255,972 Method to automatically map business function level policies to it management policies
2 8,255,928 Automated termination of selected software applications in response system events
3 8,255,926 Virus notification based on social groups
4 8,255,913 Notification to task of completion of GSM operations by initiator node
5 8,255,909 Synchronizing access to resources in a hybrid computing environment
6 8,255,887 Method and apparatus for re-using memory allocated for data structures used by software processes
7 8,255,884 Optimized scalar promotion with load and splat SIMD instructions
8 8,255,880 Counting instruction and memory location ranges
9 8,255,872 Editor with commands for automatically disabling and enabling program code portions
10 8,255,852 Distributable serializable finite state machine
11 8,255,848 Logic design verification techniques for liveness checking with retiming
12 8,255,846 Development tool for comparing netlists
13 8,255,811 Providing auto-sorting of collaborative partners or components based on frequency of communication and/or access in a collaboration system user interface
14 8,255,809 Webtop: multiple applet delivery within a fixed-sized viewing space
15 8,255,787 Automated configuration of location-specific page anchors
16 8,255,783 Apparatus, system and method for providing error protection for data-masking bits
17 8,255,740 Multi-level DIMM error reduction
18 8,255,738 Recovery from medium error on tape on which data and metadata are to be stored by using medium to medium data copy
19 8,255,726 Zero indication forwarding for floating point unit power reduction
20 8,255,674 Implied storage operation decode using redundant target address detection
21 8,255,669 Method and apparatus for thread priority control in a multi-threaded processor based upon branch issue information including branch confidence information
22 8,255,648 Maintaining storage device backup consistency
23 8,255,642 Automatic detection of stress condition
24 8,255,639 Partition transparent correctable error handling in a logically partitioned computer system
25 8,255,638 Snoop filter for filtering snoop requests
26 8,255,635 Claiming coherency ownership of a partial cache line of data
27 8,255,633 List based prefetch
28 8,255,631 Priority-based prefetch requests scheduling and throttling
29 8,255,628 Structure for multi-level memory architecture with data prioritization
30 8,255,627 Secondary cache for write accumulation and coalescing
31 8,255,626 Atomic commit predicated on consistency of watches
32 8,255,613 Wear-leveling and bad block management of limited lifetime memory devices
33 8,255,604 Interrupt vector piggybacking
34 8,255,596 Multipath-based migration of data across storage controllers
35 8,255,592 Managing data movement in a cell broadband engine processor
36 8,255,591 Method and system for managing cache injection in a multiprocessor system
37 8,255,581 Electronic device having physical switch to select functionality exposed to host computing device
38 8,255,562 Adaptive data throttling for storage controllers
39 8,255,554 Application resource model composition from constituent components
40 8,255,525 System and method for circuit and path based event correlation
41 8,255,512 System and method for tracking user interactions and navigation during rich media presentations
42 8,255,508 Administration of virtual machine affinity in a data center
43 8,255,493 Automated dynamic portlet rendering
44 8,255,476 Automated tape drive sharing in a heterogeneous server and application environment
45 8,255,474 Pruning method
46 8,255,473 Caching message fragments during real-time messaging conversations
47 8,255,459 Pervasive, distributed provision of services such as product brokerage
48 8,255,453 Public BOT management in private networks
49 8,255,443 Execution unit with inline pseudorandom number generator
50 8,255,435 Detecting memory management anti-patterns
51 8,255,431 Managing memory
52 8,255,401 Computer information retrieval using latent semantic structure via sketches
53 8,255,398 Compression of sorted value indexes using common prefixes
54 8,255,394 Apparatus, system, and method for efficient content indexing of streaming XML document content
55 8,255,380 System and method for ontology-based location of expertise
56 8,255,364 System for emulating a virtual boundary of a file system for data management at a fileset granularity
57 8,255,355 Adaptive method and system with automatic scanner installation
58 8,255,346 Methods and systems for variable group selection and temporal causal modeling
59 8,255,259 Extending constraint satisfaction problem solving
60 8,255,256 Management of user events scheduled during a user absence period
61 8,255,253 Cross functional area service identification method and system
62 8,255,251 Determining composite service reliability
63 8,255,221 Generating a web podcast interview by selecting interview voices through text-to-speech synthesis
64 8,255,201 Full-system ISA emulating system and process recognition method
65 8,255,113 Detection of vehicle operation under adverse conditions
66 8,254,962 Scheduling tasks dynamically depending on the location of a mobile user
67 8,254,685 Detecting content change in a streaming image system
68 8,254,577 Validation of encryption key
69 8,254,544 N-ways conference system using only participants’ telephony devices without external conference server
70 8,254,534 Method and apparatus for automatic telephone menu navigation
71 8,254,530 Authenticating personal identification number (PIN) users
72 8,254,411 Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric having a flow governor
73 8,254,395 Computer-implemented method, system, and program product for tracking a location of a user of a wireless device in a private network environment
74 8,254,350 Routing packets in an ad hoc wireless network
75 8,254,131 Carriage chassis with a tri-lobed torsion stop
76 8,254,058 Flat profile tape head
77 8,254,048 Dual gain control for magnetic data storage system
78 8,253,831 Location-aware event detection
79 8,253,732 Method and system for remote visualization client acceleration
80 8,253,727 Creating a web store using manufacturing data
81 8,253,714 Apparatus and method for operating a symmetric cipher engine in cipher-block chaining mode
82 8,253,552 Method and device for configuring functional capabilities in a data processing system
83 8,253,531 On chip verification and consequent enablement of card OS operation in smart cards
84 8,253,275 Connection error avoidance for apparatus connected to a power supply
85 8,253,234 Optimized semiconductor packaging in a three-dimensional stack
86 8,252,673 Spin-on formulation and method for stripping an ion implanted photoresist
87 8,251,784 System and method to route airflow through dynamically changing ducts
88 8,251,749 Implementing impedance gradient connector for board-to-board applications