IBM patents granted on 28 December 2010

92 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,861,305 Method and system for hardware based program flow monitor for embedded software
2 7,861,301 System for monitoring personal computer documents for sensitive data
3 7,861,300 Method and apparatus for determination of the non-replicative behavior of a malicious program
4 7,861,287 System and method for utilizing audit information for challenge/response during a password reset process
5 7,861,248 Method and apparatus of adaptive integration activity management for business application integration
6 7,861,244 Remote performance monitor in a virtual data center complex
7 7,861,239 Data migration between versions of software
8 7,861,231 System and method of identification of dangling pointers
9 7,861,218 Computer method and system for enforcing derived union constraints
10 7,861,215 Method, system, and program product for modeling processes
11 7,861,214 Computer method and apparatus for collapsing programming metamodels
12 7,861,209 Method for interlayer and yield based optical proximity correction
13 7,861,208 Structure for partitioned dummy fill shapes for reduced mask bias with alternating phase shift masks
14 7,861,204 Structures including integrated circuits for reducing electromigration effect
15 7,861,199 Method and apparatus for incrementally computing criticality and yield gradient
16 7,861,181 Autonomic user interface widgets
17 7,861,180 Modeless interaction with GUI widget applications
18 7,861,173 Interface for configuring internet communications on a zSeries computer
19 7,861,155 Method and system for providing message publishing on a dynamic page builder on the internet
20 7,861,129 Integrated circuit for writing and reading registers distributed across a semiconductor chip
21 7,861,126 Implementation-efficient multiple-counter value hardware performance counter
22 7,861,117 Method to recover from a boot device failure during reboot or system IPL
23 7,861,114 System and method for recovery of memory transactions
24 7,861,103 Dynamically configuring overcurrent protection in a power supply
25 7,861,100 Methods of performing maintenance on double-slot PCI device
26 7,861,093 Managing data access via a loop only if changed locking facility
27 7,861,079 Method for securely creating an endorsement certificate in an insecure environment
28 7,861,065 Preferential dispatching of computer program instructions
29 7,861,064 Method, system, and computer program product for selectively accelerating early instruction processing
30 7,861,051 Implementing a fast file synchronization in a data processing system
31 7,861,038 Method and apparatus for managing data in a hybrid drive system
32 7,861,022 Livelock resolution
33 7,861,021 Device receiving unit that performs a determination based on data exchange which interfacing device takes precedence when a plurality of interfacing devices are simultaneously connected
34 7,861,014 System for supporting partial cache line read operations to a memory module to reduce read data traffic on a memory channel
35 7,860,970 Secure initialization of intrusion detection system
36 7,860,956 Transferring selected open browser tabs from a host computer to a client computer
37 7,860,933 Method and system to determine a user specific relevance score of a message within a messaging system
38 7,860,930 Communication between host systems using a transaction protocol and shared memories
39 7,860,927 Inspecting web browser state information from a synchronously-invoked service
40 7,860,920 Multicast enabled web-based application data distribution
41 7,860,908 Computer method for handling private process state in a stacking file system
42 7,860,897 Optimized method of locating complete aggregation of patient health records in a global domain
43 7,860,891 Reducing index size for multi-level grid indexes
44 7,860,883 Method and system for distributed retrieval of data objects within multi-protocol profiles in federated environments
45 7,860,882 Method and system for distributed retrieval of data objects using tagged artifacts within federated protocol operations
46 7,860,875 Method for modifying a query by use of an external system for managing assignment of user and data classifications
47 7,860,873 System and method for automatic terminology discovery
48 7,860,864 Distributed directory deployment
49 7,860,863 Optimization model for processing hierarchical data in stream systems
50 7,860,846 Device, method, and computer program product for outputting storage location of verification-target character string
51 7,860,845 Method, system and computer program for inserting records into a database
52 7,860,816 Method and apparatus for safe ontology reasoning
53 7,860,808 System and method for hybrid conservation of fossil fuel
54 7,860,765 System and method for assessing risks of a software solution for a customer
55 7,860,719 Disfluency detection for a speech-to-speech translation system using phrase-level machine translation with weighted finite state transducers
56 7,860,705 Methods and apparatus for context adaptation of speech-to-speech translation systems
57 7,860,701 Methodology for image fidelity verification
58 7,860,700 Hardware verification batch computing farm simulator
59 7,860,695 Method of creating a load balanced spatial partitioning of a structured, diffusing system of particles
60 7,860,660 Characterization of phenotypes by gene expression patterns and classification of samples based thereon
61 7,860,491 System and methods for on-demand document provisioning using ad hoc networking
62 7,860,246 System and method for protecting data in a secure system
63 7,860,241 Simple universal hash for plaintext aware encryption
64 7,860,239 Method and apparatus for metering usage of software products using multiple signatures
65 7,860,223 Method and system for communication confirmation warning
66 7,860,204 Digital baseband system
67 7,860,172 Self clock generation structure for low power local clock buffering decoder
68 7,860,113 Enforced routing in switch
69 7,860,081 Optimization process and system for multiplexed gateway architecture
70 7,859,971 Directory hologram forming an anchor location of a pattern of stored holograms
71 7,859,969 Resilient data storage on optical media
72 7,859,935 Memory system with low current consumption and method for the same
73 7,859,934 Method and apparatus for redundant memory configuration in voltage island
74 7,859,921 Apparatus and method for low power sensing in a multi-port SRAM using pre-discharged bit lines
75 7,859,878 Design structure for implementing matrix-based search capability in content addressable memory devices
76 7,859,825 High yield, high density on-chip capacitor design
77 7,859,428 System and method for electronic road signs with in-car display capabilities
78 7,859,318 Delay line regulation using high-frequency micro-regulators
79 7,859,132 Apparatus, system, and method for safely connecting a device to a power source
80 7,859,122 Final via structures for bond pad-solder ball interconnections
81 7,859,114 IC chip and design structure with through wafer vias dishing correction
82 7,859,113 Structure including via having refractory metal collar at copper wire and dielectric layer liner-less interface and related method
83 7,859,061 Halo-first ultra-thin SOI FET for superior short channel control
84 7,859,060 Ultra thin silicon on insulator
85 7,859,044 Partially gated FINFET with gate dielectric on only one sidewall
86 7,859,025 Metal ion transistor
87 7,859,013 Metal oxide field effect transistor with a sharp halo
88 7,858,500 Low threshold voltage semiconductor device with dual threshold voltage control means
89 7,858,485 Structure and method for manufacturing trench capacitance
90 7,858,269 Structure and method for sub-resolution dummy clear shapes for improved gate dimensional control
91 7,857,195 Method and apparatus providing fine alignment of a structure relative to a support
92 7,856,711 Method of forming a substrate with interposer channels for cooling the substrate