IBM patents granted on 28 July 2009

84 US patents granted on 28 July 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,568,235 Controlling data access using security label components
2 7,568,228 Intrusion detection in data processing systems
3 7,568,226 Data processing system and method
4 7,568,192 Automated scalable and adaptive system for memory analysis via identification of leak root candidates
5 7,568,190 Late binding of optimization information for just in time compilation
6 7,568,186 Employing a mirror probe handler for seamless access to arguments of a probed function
7 7,568,176 Method, system, and computer program product for hierarchical integrated circuit repartitioning
8 7,568,173 Independent migration of hierarchical designs with methods of finding and fixing opens during migration
9 7,568,162 Visual helps while using code assist in visual tools
10 7,568,152 Text file interface support in an object oriented application
11 7,568,150 Apparatus and method of highlighting categorized web pages on a web server
12 7,568,143 System and method of utilizing a network to correct flawed media data
13 7,568,138 Method to prevent firmware defects from disturbing logic clocks to improve system reliability
14 7,568,131 Non-intrusive method for logging external events related to an application process, and a system implementing said method
15 7,568,128 Selective alteration of shell utility return code
16 7,568,123 Apparatus, system, and method for backing up vital product data
17 7,568,121 Recovery from failure in data storage systems
18 7,568,120 Method, apparatus, and computer program for handling web server failure
19 7,568,106 Cooperative non-repudiated message exchange in a network environment
20 7,568,104 Method and apparatus for adding signature information to electronic documents
21 7,568,097 Method for file system security by controlling access to the file system resources using externally stored attributes
22 7,568,076 Variable store gather window
23 7,568,073 Mechanisms and methods of cache coherence in network-based multiprocessor systems with ring-based snoop response collection
24 7,568,061 Initializing expansion adapters installed in a computer system having similar expansion adapters
25 7,568,060 Method and system for interfacing components of a computing system with a pair of unidirectional, point-to-point buses
26 7,568,052 Method, system and program products for managing I/O configurations of a computing environment
27 7,568,048 Method, apparatus, and system for assigning an IP address on a network
28 7,568,039 Method for providing and utilizing a network trusted context
29 7,568,036 Adaptive management method with automatic scanner installation
30 7,568,032 Method of balancing load among mirror servers
31 7,568,030 Monitoring thread usage to dynamically control a thread pool
32 7,568,027 Event suppression tool for temporarily suppressing actions on received events
33 7,568,022 Automated display of an information technology system configuration
34 7,568,014 Individually specifying message output attributes in a messaging system
35 7,568,010 Self-updating email message
36 7,568,007 System and method for supporting instant messaging in disconnected modes
37 7,568,006 e-Business on-demand for design automation tools
38 7,567,995 Method and apparatus for the defragmentation of a file system
39 7,567,994 Method and apparatus to proactively capture and transmit dense diagnostic data of a file system
40 7,567,972 Method and system for data mining in high dimensional data spaces
41 7,567,971 Generic symbol referencing mechanism
42 7,567,966 Method and apparatus for managing multi-stream input/output requests in a network file server
43 7,567,955 Technique and method which dynamically generates various depth levels of abstracts for text based data sources on demand
44 7,567,952 Optimizing a computer database query that fetches n rows
45 7,567,948 Method and system for obtaining a combination of faulty parts from a dispersed parts tree
46 7,567,918 Method and system for researching sales effects for advertising using association analysis
47 7,567,908 Differential dynamic content delivery with text display in dependence upon simultaneous speech
48 7,567,897 Method for dynamic selection of optimized codec for streaming audio content
49 7,567,886 Method to validate system configuration in a data storage and retrieval system
50 7,567,852 System for determining array sequence of plurality of processing operations
51 7,567,847 Programmable audio system
52 7,567,738 Method and apparatus for minimizing propagation losses in wavelength selective filters
53 7,567,725 Edge smoothing filter for character recognition
54 7,567,706 Ultra light weight browser
55 7,567,700 Dynamic metrology sampling with wafer uniformity control
56 7,567,614 Altering power consumption in communication links based on measured noise
57 7,567,554 Providing telephony services using proxies
58 7,567,473 Multi-level memory cell utilizing measurement time delay as the characteristic parameter for level definition
59 7,567,423 Pressure assisted wafer holding apparatus and control method
60 7,567,220 Method of using a video conferencing system including at least two 2-dimensional display screens to implement a common virtual surface
61 7,567,188 Policy based tiered data deduplication strategy
62 7,567,137 Programmable oscillators for high frequency clock generation for simulation environments
63 7,567,090 Liquid recovery, collection method and apparatus in a non-recirculating test and burn-in application
64 7,566,959 Planar array contact memory cards
65 7,566,952 On-chip circuit pad structure
66 7,566,949 High performance 3D FET structures, and methods for forming the same using preferential crystallographic etching
67 7,566,946 Precision passive circuit structure
68 7,566,939 Fabrication of silicon micro-mechanical structures
69 7,566,938 Deposition of hafnium oxide and/or zirconium oxide and fabrication of passivated electronic structures
70 7,566,921 Silicon germanium emitter
71 7,566,653 Interconnect structure with grain growth promotion layer and method for forming the same
72 7,566,651 Low contact resistance metal contact
73 7,566,649 Compressible films surrounding solder connectors
74 7,566,637 Method of inhibition of metal diffusion arising from laser dicing
75 7,566,632 Lock and key structure for three-dimensional chip connection and process thereof
76 7,566,631 Low temperature fusion bonding with high surface energy using a wet chemical treatment
77 7,566,629 Patterned silicon-on-insulator layers and methods for forming the same
78 7,566,613 Method of forming a dual gated FinFET gain cell
79 7,566,609 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure
80 7,566,599 High performance FET with elevated source/drain region
81 7,566,593 Fuse structure including cavity and methods for fabrication thereof
82 7,566,527 Fused aromatic structures and methods for photolithographic applications
83 7,566,482 SOI by oxidation of porous silicon
84 7,565,952 Small footprint self checkout method