IBM patents granted on 28 June 2011

127 US patents granted on 28 June 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,971,243 Security module
2 7,971,231 Configuration management database (CMDB) which establishes policy artifacts and automatic tagging of the same
3 7,971,217 Content digest system, video digest system, user terminal, video digest generation method, video digest reception method and program therefor
4 7,971,210 Interface for processing client-server method calls within a single virtual machine
5 7,971,205 Handling of user mode thread using no context switch attribute to designate near interrupt disabled priority status
6 7,971,202 Method for advanced management of software distribution tasks
7 7,971,200 Transparent recovery of self-sustained code-upgrade
8 7,971,196 Extracting information from software
9 7,971,192 Method, system and computer program product for analysis of simulation results
10 7,971,189 Automated interaction diagram generation using source code breakpoints
11 7,971,185 System and method for supporting data driving a software process using objects of arbitrary data types
12 7,971,180 Method and system for evaluating multi-dimensional project plans for implementing packaged software applications
13 7,971,176 Method for testing integrated circuits
14 7,971,171 Method and system for electromigration analysis on signal wiring
15 7,971,166 Method, system, and program product for automated verification of gating logic using formal verification
16 7,971,164 Assessing resources required to complete a VLSI design
17 7,971,162 Verification of spare latch placement in synthesized macros
18 7,971,161 Apparatus and method for implementing speculative clock gating of digital logic circuits
19 7,971,158 Spacer fill structure, method and design structure for reducing device variation
20 7,971,156 Controlling resource access based on user gesturing in a 3D captured image stream of the user
21 7,971,146 Method for visual depiction of audiences for viewing items in blogs and other electronic repositories
22 7,971,134 Method and system in an electronic spreadsheet for persistently filling by samples a range of cells
23 7,971,126 Apparatus, system, and method for hard disk drive redundancy
24 7,971,124 Apparatus and method for distinguishing single bit errors in memory modules
25 7,971,123 Multi-bit error correction scheme in multi-level memory storage system
26 7,971,122 Method of computing partial CRCS
27 7,971,120 Method and apparatus for covering a multilayer process space during at-speed testing
28 7,971,103 Contextual and inline error resolution and user community
29 7,971,102 Preemptive thermal management for a computing system based on cache performance
30 7,971,099 Method for enabling faster recovery of client applications in the event of server failure
31 7,971,096 System and article of manufacture for system recovery
32 7,971,090 Method of testing server side objects
33 7,971,078 System and method for measurement-based power and energy accounting for virtual machines
34 7,971,070 Read/write media key block
35 7,971,069 Security system for replicated storage devices on computer networks
36 7,971,068 Method, system and program product for protecting electronic contracts created within a secure computer infrastructure
37 7,971,065 Method and apparatus for path concealment in networks and graphs
38 7,971,039 Conditional memory ordering
39 7,971,035 Using temperature data for instruction thread direction
40 7,971,034 Reduced overhead address mode change management in a pipelined, recycling microprocessor
41 7,971,027 Mark page-out pages as critical for cooperative memory over-commitment
42 7,971,004 System and article of manufacture for dumping data in processing systems to a shared storage
43 7,970,994 High performance disk array rebuild
44 7,970,980 Method and apparatus for accessing memory in a computer system architecture supporting heterogeneous configurations of memory structures
45 7,970,974 Method and system for adding or removing a logical unit of a USB mass storage device
46 7,970,952 Performance counters for virtualized network interfaces of communications networks
47 7,970,936 In a world wide web communications network simplifying the uniform resource locators (URLS) displayed in association with received web documents
48 7,970,925 Method and apparatus for an improved bulk read socket call
49 7,970,915 Method, system and program product for closing a communication session with outstanding data commands on a transport communication system
50 7,970,913 Virtualizing sockets to enable the migration of a system environment
51 7,970,907 Method and system for assigning or creating a resource
52 7,970,905 Method, system and computer program product for server selection, application placement and consolidation planning of information technology systems
53 7,970,904 Method and computer program product for selecting among multiple provisioning mechanisms in a self-managing computer system
54 7,970,896 System and article of manufacturing for filtering content using neural networks
55 7,970,895 System, method, and service for inducing a pattern of communication among various parties
56 7,970,889 Intelligent subscription builder
57 7,970,884 Distribution of intermediate data in a multistage computer application
58 7,970,880 Computer program product for recovery of a failed flash of a blade service processor in a server chassis
59 7,970,874 Targeted web page redirection
60 7,970,869 Method and system for automatic skill-gap evaluation
61 7,970,865 Data retrieval method and system
62 7,970,864 Detecting outbound nagling on a TCP network connection
63 7,970,862 Web services response templates
64 7,970,856 System and method for managing and distributing assets over a network
65 7,970,852 Method for moving operating systems between computer electronic complexes without loss of service
66 7,970,850 Instant messaging based virtual file system
67 7,970,842 Tagging and tracking non-hypertext markup language based E-mail
68 7,970,841 Converting displayable portions of a text message into images
69 7,970,840 Method to continue instant messaging exchange when exiting a virtual world
70 7,970,837 Method to invite users to a virtual world using instant messaging
71 7,970,834 Method and program product for tracking a file attachment in an e-mail
72 7,970,828 Liveness monitoring in a publish/subscribe messaging system
73 7,970,821 Device and method for updating code
74 7,970,798 Updating elements in a data storage facility using a predefined state machine, with serial activation
75 7,970,797 Dynamic cluster database architecture
76 7,970,793 Generating, and updating calendar events from non-calendar sources
77 7,970,788 Selective local database access restriction
78 7,970,787 Access concurrency for cached authorization information in relational database systems
79 7,970,783 Database report generation
80 7,970,778 Automatically persisting data from a model to a database
81 7,970,775 Method, system, and storage medium for providing web-based electronic research and presentation functions via a document creation application
82 7,970,774 Method, system, and storage medium for providing web-based electronic research and presentation functions via a document creation application
83 7,970,772 Methods and apparatus for data stream clustering for abnormality monitoring
84 7,970,761 Automatic identification of components for a compound document in a content management system
85 7,970,759 System and method for deriving a hierarchical event based database optimized for pharmaceutical analysis
86 7,970,757 Computer program product for database query optimization
87 7,970,756 Generalized partition pruning in a database system
88 7,970,753 System and method for enhancing keyword relevance by user’s interest on the search result documents
89 7,970,741 Combining revision based and time based file data protection
90 7,970,739 Method and system for maintaining profiles of information channels
91 7,970,736 System, method and computer program product for storing transient state information
92 7,970,728 Dynamically building and populating data marts with data stored in repositories
93 7,970,712 Displaying strengths of social relationships between a user and other people
94 7,970,661 Method, medium, and system for allocating a transaction discount during a collaborative shopping session
95 7,970,638 Planning parts demand coverage based on variable percentage of substitution parts
96 7,970,229 Method and apparatus for visual background subtraction with one or more preprocessing modules
97 7,969,869 Method and apparatus for failure resilient forwarding of data over a computer network
98 7,969,770 Programmable via devices in back end of line level
99 7,969,736 System for cooling memory modules
100 7,969,554 Method, computer program, apparatus and system providing printing for an illumination mask for three-dimensional images
101 7,969,451 Method and apparatus for dynamically sizing color tables
102 7,969,405 Double-sided LCD panel
103 7,969,359 Reflective phase shifter and method of phase shifting using a hybrid coupler with vertical coupling
104 7,969,325 Preemptive variable rate travel fees
105 7,969,324 Optimization of vehicular traffic flow through a conflict zone
106 7,969,300 Signal transmission between a sensor and a controller device in a wireless sensor network
107 7,969,285 Management of badge access to different zones
108 7,969,250 Structure for a programmable interpolative voltage controlled oscillator with adjustable range
109 7,969,228 Thermal switch for integrated circuits, design structure, and method of sensing temperature
110 7,968,987 Carbon dioxide gettering for a chip module assembly
111 7,968,975 Metal wiring structure for integration with through substrate vias
112 7,968,949 Contact forming method and related semiconductor device
113 7,968,946 Higher performance CMOS on (110) wafers
114 7,968,944 Integrated circuit chip with FETs having mixed body thicknesses and method of manufacture thereof
115 7,968,929 On-chip decoupling capacitor structures
116 7,968,915 Dual stress memorization technique for CMOS application
117 7,968,910 Complementary field effect transistors having embedded silicon source and drain regions
118 7,968,908 Bidirectional electrostatic discharge protection structure for high voltage applications
119 7,968,876 Phase change memory cell having vertical channel access transistor
120 7,968,861 Phase change memory element
121 7,968,459 Ion implantation combined with in situ or ex situ heat treatment for improved field effect transistors
122 7,968,456 Method of forming an embedded barrier layer for protection from chemical mechanical polishing process
123 7,968,450 Methods for incorporating high dielectric materials for enhanced SRAM operation and structures produced thereby
124 7,968,270 Process of making a semiconductor device using multiple antireflective materials
125 7,967,978 Method and apparatus for filter conditioning
126 7,967,062 Thermally conductive composite interface, cooled electronic assemblies employing the same, and methods of fabrication thereof
127 7,966,723 Method for facilitating access to electronic components