IBM patents granted on 28 June 2016

104 US patents granted on 28 June 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,380,688 Air gap electrostatic discharge structure for high speed circuits
2 9,380,420 Architecture for retention, recommendation and collaboration of mobile based task sessions
3 9,380,394 Smart hearing aid
4 9,380,271 Coding scheme for identifying spatial locations of events within video image data
5 9,380,126 Data collection and distribution management
6 9,380,121 Method, computer program and computer for estimating location based on social media
7 9,380,118 Analytics based scoping of HTML5 web storage attributes
8 9,380,056 Multiple input based passwords
9 9,380,053 Using resource records for digital certificate validation
10 9,380,035 Decoding of encrypted file
11 9,380,032 Encrypting data for storage in a dispersed storage network
12 9,380,010 Conversation branching for more efficient resolution
13 9,380,004 Determining virtual adapter access controls in a computing environment
14 9,380,001 Deploying and modifying a service-oriented architecture deployment environment model
15 9,380,000 Deploying and modifying a service-oriented architecture deployment environment model
16 9,379,998 Symmetric coherent request/response policy enforcement
17 9,379,950 Using cloud resources to improve performance of a streaming application
18 9,379,937 Policy-based resource management with target-driven remediation on server
19 9,379,559 System and method of charging a vehicle using a dynamic power grid, and system and method of managing power consumption in the vehicle
20 9,379,532 Protecting electronic devices from electrical supply disturbances
21 9,379,342 Semi-conductor device with programmable response
22 9,379,340 Semiconductor device with programmable response
23 9,379,259 Double layered transparent conductive oxide for reduced schottky barrier in photovoltaic devices
24 9,379,253 Symmetric tunnel field effect transistor
25 9,379,221 Bottom-up metal gate formation on replacement metal gate finFET devices
26 9,379,219 SiGe finFET with improved junction doping control
27 9,379,218 Fin formation in fin field effect transistors
28 9,379,204 Lattice matched aspect ratio trapping to reduce defects in III-V layer directly grown on silicon
29 9,379,185 Method of forming channel region dopant control in fin field effect transistor
30 9,379,184 Secure chip with physically unclonable function
31 9,379,111 Method of co-integration of strained silicon and strained germanium in semiconductor devices including fin structures
32 9,379,110 Method of fabrication of ETSOI CMOS device by sidewall image transfer (SIT)
33 9,379,057 Method and structure to reduce the electric field in semiconductor wiring interconnects
34 9,379,025 Method of forming source/drain contacts in unmerged FinFETs
35 9,378,966 Selective etching of silicon wafer
36 9,378,952 Tall relaxed high percentage silicon germanium fins on insulator
37 9,378,836 Sensing circuit for a non-volatile memory cell having two complementary memory transistors
38 9,378,795 Mismatch and noise insensitive sense amplifier circuit for STT MRAM
39 9,378,767 Configuration of a physical control unit to support multiple logical control units for different tape drive types in a mainframe native tape attachment storage system
40 9,378,736 Speech retrieval method, speech retrieval apparatus, and program for speech retrieval apparatus
41 9,378,649 Masking partial text data in digital document
42 9,378,600 Physical access request authorization
43 9,378,511 Real-time appointment of enterprise mobile agents in response to customer requests
44 9,378,488 Selecting subsets of participants in electronic message threads
45 9,378,464 Discriminative learning via hierarchical transformations
46 9,378,410 Facilitating legal approval of digital images
47 9,378,388 Managing keys used for encrypting data
48 9,378,378 Stateful data geofencing
49 9,378,357 Timing of password change requirements based on ambient intelligence
50 9,378,349 Enabling secure transactions between spoken web sites
51 9,378,329 Immunity to inline charging damage in circuit designs
52 9,378,326 Critical region identification
53 9,378,318 Shared channel masks in on-product test compression system
54 9,378,305 Selecting pages implementing leaf nodes and internal nodes of a data set index for reuse
55 9,378,302 Adjusting ranges of directed graph ontologies across multiple dimensions
56 9,378,298 User influenced asynchronous module definition loader
57 9,378,296 Virtual world construction
58 9,378,292 Support for multiple component editions
59 9,378,291 System and method for preferred services in nomadic environments
60 9,378,273 System and method for question answering by reformulating word problems
61 9,378,259 Using access count of the remote site to optimize file transfer order for asynchronous replication
62 9,378,254 Data migration in a database management system
63 9,378,242 Source code search engine
64 9,378,235 Management of updates in a database system
65 9,378,234 Management of updates in a database system
66 9,378,225 Core service build / deployment for hierarchical database
67 9,378,211 Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
68 9,378,204 Context based synonym filtering for natural language processing systems
69 9,378,195 Logical contingency analysis for domain-specific languages
70 9,378,187 Creating a presentation document
71 9,378,179 RDMA-optimized high-performance distributed cache
72 9,378,178 Enhancing HTTP caching by allowing content sharing of data blocks across resources identified by different uniform resource locators
73 9,378,168 Shared receive queue allocation for network on a chip communication
74 9,378,154 Secure reservation mode for logical unit numbers and persistent reservations
75 9,378,144 Modification of prefetch depth based on high latency event
76 9,378,143 Managing transactional and non-transactional store observability
77 9,378,138 Conservative garbage collection and access protection
78 9,378,128 Dynamic address translation with fetch protection in an emulated environment
79 9,378,124 Software testing optimizer
80 9,378,123 Testing of transaction tracking software
81 9,378,122 Adopting an existing automation script to a new framework
82 9,378,116 Program subset execution and debug
83 9,378,112 Predictive alert threshold determination tool
84 9,378,104 Mirroring in three-dimensional stacked memory
85 9,378,091 System and method for accessing a data object stored in a distributed storage network
86 9,378,073 Remote procedure call for a distributed system
87 9,378,069 Lock spin wait operation for multi-threaded applications in a multi-core computing environment
88 9,378,068 Load balancing for a virtual networking system
89 9,378,053 Generating map task output with version information during map task execution and executing reduce tasks using the output including version information
90 9,378,048 Interruption of chip component managing tasks
91 9,378,024 Randomized testing within transactional execution
92 9,378,023 Cross-pipe serialization for multi-pipeline processor
93 9,378,022 Performing predecode-time optimized instructions in conjunction with predecode time optimized instruction sequence caching
94 9,378,020 Asynchronous lookahead hierarchical branch prediction
95 9,378,016 Multifunctional hexadecimal instruction form system and program product
96 9,378,010 Calculating confidence values for source code based on availability of experts
97 9,377,995 Comparing event data sets
98 9,377,952 Input/output port rotation in a storage area network device
99 9,377,942 Drag and drop quoting mechanism for use with discussion forums
100 9,377,791 Monitoring user position to determine a time for providing a specified state at a user premises
101 9,377,518 Systems and methods to test and/or recover magnetic sensors with ESD or other damage
102 9,377,496 Cancellation of secondary reverse reflections in a very-fast transmission line pulse system
103 9,376,290 Enhanced computer rack having an integrated lift rail and/or tool design
104 9,375,712 Lab on a chip