IBM patents granted on 28 March 2006

31 US patents granted on 28 March 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,020,882 Method, system, and program for remotely manipulating a user interface over a network
2 7,020,880 Modular application collaborator for providing inter-operability between applications and monitoring errors to trigger execution of required compensating actions to undo interrupted transaction
3 7,020,861 Latch placement technique for reduced clock signal skew
4 7,020,857 Method and apparatus for providing noise suppression in a integrated circuit
5 7,020,842 Method and apparatus for providing dynamic assistance for disabled user interface resources
6 7,020,841 System and method for generating and presenting multi-modal applications from intent-based markup scripts
7 7,020,809 System and method for utilizing spare bandwidth to provide data integrity over a bus
8 7,020,761 Blocking processing restrictions based on page indices
9 7,020,760 Hybrid logical block virtualization system for a storage area network
10 7,020,755 Method and apparatus for read-only recovery in a dual copy storage system
11 7,020,742 System for fast tape file positioning
12 7,020,700 Client side socks server for an internet client
13 7,020,686 Method and system for providing synchronous communication and person awareness in a place
14 7,020,667 System and method for data retrieval and collection in a structured format
15 7,020,657 Scalable hardware scheduler time based calendar search algorithm
16 7,020,649 System and method for incrementally maintaining non-distributive aggregate functions in a relational database
17 7,020,648 System and method for identifying and utilizing a secondary index to access a database using a management system without an internal catalogue of online metadata
18 7,020,647 Utilize encoded vector indexing for database grouping
19 7,020,593 Method for ensemble predictive modeling by multiplicative adjustment of class probability: APM (adjusted probability model)
20 7,020,153 Method and system for processing data packets
21 7,019,969 Dual fan heat sink with flow directors
22 7,019,922 Apparatus and method to read information from a tape storage medium
23 7,019,757 Changing the alpha levels of an application window to indicate a status of a computing task
24 7,019,572 Systems and methods for initializing PLLs and measuring VCO characteristics
25 7,019,402 Silicon chip carrier with through-vias using laser assisted chemical vapor deposition of conductor
26 7,018,916 Structure and method for forming a dielectric chamber and electronic device including the dielectric chamber
27 7,018,891 Ultra-thin Si channel CMOS with improved series resistance
28 7,018,873 Method of making a device threshold control of front-gate silicon-on-insulator MOSFET using a self-aligned back-gate
29 7,018,779 Apparatus and method to improve resist line roughness in semiconductor wafer processing
30 7,018,746 Method of verifying the placement of sub-resolution assist features in a photomask layout
31 7,018,551 Pull-back method of forming fins in FinFets