IBM patents granted on 28 October 2008

96 US patents granted on 28 October 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,444,670 Method and apparatus for migrating a virtual TPM instance and preserving uniqueness and completeness of the instance
2 7,444,643 Accessing a ERP application over the internet using strongly typed declarative language files
3 7,444,633 Federating legacy/remote content into a central network console
4 7,444,632 Balancing computational load across a plurality of processors
5 7,444,629 Autonomic self-healing of java resources
6 7,444,628 Extension of swing modulo scheduling to evenly distribute uniform strongly connected components
7 7,444,626 Apparatus and method for linear dead store elimination
8 7,444,609 Method of optimizing customizable filler cells in an integrated circuit physical design process
9 7,444,608 Method and system for evaluating timing in an integrated circuit
10 7,444,596 Use of template messages to optimize a software messaging system
11 7,444,592 Methods and systems involving object attribute recognition
12 7,444,591 Methods involving text attribute recognition
13 7,444,574 Stimulus extraction and sequence generation for an electric device under test
14 7,444,564 Automatic bit fail mapping for embedded memories with clock multipliers
15 7,444,547 Method, system, and product for programming in a simultaneous multi-threaded processor environment
16 7,444,544 Write filter cache method and apparatus for protecting the microprocessor core from soft errors
17 7,444,538 Fail-over cluster with load-balancing capability
18 7,444,534 Method and apparatus for dividing a digital signal by X.5 in an information handling system
19 7,444,526 Performance conserving method for reducing power consumption in a server system
20 7,444,525 Methods and apparatus for reducing leakage current in a disabled SOI circuit
21 7,444,517 Method for protecting a user’s password
22 7,444,514 Group key exchanges with failures
23 7,444,509 Method and system for certification path processing
24 7,444,498 Load lookahead prefetch for microprocessors
25 7,444,496 Apparatus, system, and method for determining the consistency of a database
26 7,444,494 Data processing system and method for predictively selecting a scope of broadcast of an operation utilizing a history-based prediction
27 7,444,490 Apparatus, system, and method for modifying memory voltage and performance based on a measure of memory device stress
28 7,444,484 Method and system for determining memory usage of a heap
29 7,444,482 Storage pools with write atomicity
30 7,444,478 Priority scheme for transmitting blocks of data
31 7,444,469 Storing information regarding operation of an automated data storage library to memory and to a reserved cartridge
32 7,444,466 Implementing feedback directed deferral of nonessential DASD operations
33 7,444,453 Address translation device
34 7,444,445 Selectively adjusting signal compensation parameters and data rate for transmission of data through a smart cable
35 7,444,435 Non-fenced list DMA command mechanism
36 7,444,434 Parallel pattern detection engine
37 7,444,397 Method of executing test scripts against multiple systems
38 7,444,385 Global interrupt and barrier networks
39 7,444,379 Method for automatically setting chat status based on user activity in local environment
40 7,444,360 Method, system, and program for storing and using metadata in multiple storage locations
41 7,444,359 Method and system for checking availability of automounted file systems
42 7,444,351 Systems, methods and computer products for name disambiguation by using private/global directories, and communication contexts
43 7,444,347 Systems, methods and computer products for compression of hierarchical identifiers
44 7,444,345 Hierarchical inherited XML DOM
45 7,444,341 Method and system of detecting a change in a server in a server system
46 7,444,332 Strict validation of inference rule based on abstraction environment
47 7,444,323 System and method for focused routing of content to dynamically determined groups of reviewers
48 7,444,314 Methods and apparatus for business rules authoring and operation employing a customizable vocabulary
49 7,444,295 Single level bill of material available to promise
50 7,444,277 Facilitating simulation of a model within a distributed environment
51 7,444,272 Self-modulation in a model-based automated management framework
52 7,444,258 Automated simulation testbench generation for serializer/deserializer datapath systems
53 7,444,079 Optical power control monitor for multiple wavelength fiber-optic networks
54 7,443,970 Logging calls according to call context
55 7,443,965 Integrated voice and data interoperability platform
56 7,443,940 Alignment mode selection mechanism for elastic interface
57 7,443,788 Method and apparatus for improving performance of a loop network
58 7,443,744 Method for reducing wiring and required number of redundant elements
59 7,443,737 Register file
60 7,443,639 Magnetic tunnel junctions including crystalline and amorphous tunnel barrier materials
61 7,443,631 Tape library storage system including an accessor transport system
62 7,443,629 Apparatus, system, and method for optimizing fast access data storage on segmented tape media
63 7,443,624 Method for recording data freshness degrees by a tape drive
64 7,443,623 Peak detection for magnetic tape timing based servo
65 7,443,497 Mask inspection DNIR placement based on location of tri-tone level database images (2P shapes)
66 7,443,393 Method, system, and program product for re-meshing of a three-dimensional input model using progressive implicit approximating levels
67 7,443,350 Embedded multi-mode antenna architectures for wireless devices
68 7,443,298 Dynamic boundary mapping using position-determination systems
69 7,443,284 Method and system for sending events between vehicles
70 7,443,259 Fast VCO band selection by frequency to voltage converter
71 7,443,251 Digital phase and frequency detector
72 7,443,195 Method of transparently reducing power consumption of a high-speed communication link
73 7,443,194 I/O driver for integrated circuit with output impedance control
74 7,443,187 On-chip power supply noise detector
75 7,443,180 On-chip probing apparatus
76 7,443,026 IC chip package having force-adjustable member between stiffener and printed circuit board
77 7,442,996 Structure and method for enhanced triple well latchup robustness
78 7,442,993 Ultra-thin, high quality strained silicon-on-insulator formed by elastic strain transfer
79 7,442,882 3D checkerboard perforation pattern for increased shielding effectiveness
80 7,442,878 Low stress conductive polymer bump
81 7,442,828 Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
82 7,442,650 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor structures using RIE process
83 7,442,647 Structure and method for formation of cladded interconnects for MRAMs
84 7,442,619 Method of forming substantially L-shaped silicide contact for a semiconductor device
85 7,442,618 Method to engineer etch profiles in Si substrate for advanced semiconductor devices
86 7,442,614 Silicon on insulator devices having body-tied-to-source and methods of making
87 7,442,612 Nitride-encapsulated FET (NNCFET)
88 7,442,595 Bipolar transistor with collector having an epitaxial Si:C region
89 7,442,586 SOI substrate and SOI device, and method for forming the same
90 7,442,585 MOSFET with laterally graded channel region and method for manufacturing same
91 7,442,583 Using electrically programmable fuses to hide architecture, prevent reverse engineering, and make a device inoperable
92 7,442,579 Methods to achieve precision alignment for wafer scale packages
93 7,442,552 Pressurized oxygen for evaluation of molding compound stability in semiconductor packaging
94 7,442,053 Apparatus for restricting rotational moment about a longitudinal axis of SMT connectors
95 7,442,049 Electrical connecting device and method of forming same
96 7,441,295 Pallet-ramp coupling apparatus and method