IBM patents granted on 28 October 2014

164 US patents granted on 28 October 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,875,311 Scanning probe microscopy cantilever comprising an electromagnetic sensor
2 8,875,304 Application and data removal system
3 8,875,302 Classification of an electronic document
4 8,875,297 Interactive analysis of a security specification
5 8,875,280 Protecting an electronic device against unathorized hardware use
6 8,875,278 Dynamic allocation of network security credentials for alert notification recipients
7 8,875,272 Firewall for controlling connections between a client machine and a network
8 8,875,269 User initiated and controlled identity federation establishment and revocation mechanism
9 8,875,261 Rules driven multiple passwords
10 8,875,260 Serialized authentication and authorization services
11 8,875,254 Cache sharing of enterprise data among peers via an enterprise server
12 8,875,250 Method and system for authenticating an end user
13 8,875,239 Cognitive pattern recognition for security access in a flow of tasks
14 8,875,229 Quantifying risk based on relationships and applying protections based on business rules
15 8,875,227 Privacy aware authenticated map-reduce
16 8,875,224 Access control in data processing system
17 8,875,183 Intelligent TV mosaic for IPTV
18 8,875,153 Routing workloads based on relative queue lengths of dispatchers
19 8,875,150 Monitoring real-time computing resources for predicted resource deficiency
20 8,875,149 Product-specific system resource allocation within a single operating system instance
21 8,875,148 Product-specific system resource allocation within a single operating system instance
22 8,875,140 Managing job execution
23 8,875,136 Methods of personalizing services via identification of common components
24 8,875,133 Migration of virtual machines
25 8,875,131 Specification of environment required for crowdsourcing tasks
26 8,875,115 Type merging technique to reduce class loading during Java verification
27 8,875,114 Employing identifiers provided by an operating system of a processing environment to optimize the processing environment
28 8,875,108 Run-time bottleneck detection
29 8,875,107 Component lock tracing by associating component type parameters with particular lock instances
30 8,875,106 Automated testing process
31 8,875,105 Efficiently developing software using test cases to check the conformity of the software to the requirements
32 8,875,104 Efficiently developing software using test cases to check the conformity of the software to the requirements
33 8,875,101 Reduction of the number of interoperability test candidates and the time for interoperability testing
34 8,875,099 Managing symbolic links in documentation
35 8,875,093 Instantiating a coding competition to develop a program module in a networked computing environment
36 8,875,084 Optimal spare latch selection for metal-only ECOs
37 8,875,064 Automated design rule checking (DRC) test case generation
38 8,875,063 Mask layout formation
39 8,875,052 Keystroke activated dynamic task menu
40 8,875,048 Smart window creation in a graphical user interface
41 8,875,026 Directed communication in a virtual environment
42 8,875,019 Virtual cultural attache
43 8,875,013 Multi-pass validation of extensible markup language (XML) documents
44 8,874,995 Partial-maximum distance separable (PMDS) erasure correcting codes for storage arrays
45 8,874,993 Memory management in a non-volatile solid state memory device
46 8,874,979 Three dimensional(3D) memory device sparing
47 8,874,977 Touch-sensitive user input device failure prediction
48 8,874,974 Synchronizing a distributed communication system using diagnostic heartbeating
49 8,874,958 Error detection in a mirrored data storage system
50 8,874,957 Dynamic cache correction mechanism to allow constant access to addressable index
51 8,874,955 Reducing impact of a switch failure in a switch fabric via switch cards
52 8,874,932 Method for order invariant correlated encrypting of data and SQL queries for maintaining data privacy and securely resolving customer defects
53 8,874,893 Effect translation and assessment among microarchitecture components
54 8,874,885 Mitigating lookahead branch prediction latency by purposely stalling a branch instruction until a delayed branch prediction is received or a timeout occurs
55 8,874,880 Instruction tracking system for processors
56 8,874,870 Dynamic VVDS expansion
57 8,874,865 Memory type-specific access control of a field of a record
58 8,874,862 Data integrity protection in storage volumes
59 8,874,860 Logical buffer pool extension
60 8,874,854 Method for selectively enabling and disabling read caching in a storage subsystem
61 8,874,853 Local and global memory request predictor
62 8,874,852 Data cache block deallocate requests in a multi-level cache hierarchy
63 8,874,846 Memory cell presetting for improved memory performance
64 8,874,840 Adaptive prestaging in a storage controller
65 8,874,808 Hierarchical buffer system enabling precise data delivery through an asynchronous boundary
66 8,874,805 Offloading input/output (I/O) completion operations
67 8,874,798 Aspect oriented application of a mediator in an enterprise service bus (ESB) of a service oriented architected data processing system
68 8,874,753 Optimized cooperation between resource list servers and presence servers
69 8,874,752 Provision of other than 1:1 resource mapping
70 8,874,751 Candidate set solver with user advice
71 8,874,739 Selectively monitoring a service endpoint of an information technology system
72 8,874,722 Interactive tool for visualizing performance data in real-time to enable adaptive performance optimization and feedback
73 8,874,681 Remote direct memory access (`RDMA`) in a parallel computer
74 8,874,675 Message thread management using dynamic pointers
75 8,874,667 Linking topics in a publish/subscribe messaging environment
76 8,874,666 Publisher-assisted, broker-based caching in a publish-subscription environment
77 8,874,654 System for processing requests to portlets
78 8,874,651 Federating open social networks for analyses
79 8,874,649 Determination of a spammer through social network characterization
80 8,874,648 E-meeting summaries
81 8,874,644 Method, system, chat interface, and computer program product for comparing free time between instant message chat members
82 8,874,638 Interactive analytics processing
83 8,874,617 Determining potential enterprise partnerships
84 8,874,613 Semantic discovery and mapping between data sources
85 8,874,610 Pattern-based stability analysis of complex data sets
86 8,874,604 Method and system for searching an electronic map
87 8,874,600 System and method for building a cloud aware massive data analytics solution background
88 8,874,583 Generating a taxonomy for documents from tag data
89 8,874,544 System and method for exposing internal search indices to internet search engines
90 8,874,542 Displaying browse sequence with search results
91 8,874,535 Performance of RCU-based searches and updates of cyclic data structures
92 8,874,532 Managing dereferenced chunks in a deduplication system
93 8,874,518 System, method and program product for backing up data
94 8,874,514 Encapsulation of multiplicity and sparsity in multidimensional query execution systems
95 8,874,513 Transitioning application replication configurations in a networked computing environment
96 8,874,509 Database management method, apparatus and system
97 8,874,507 Governing information
98 8,874,498 Unsupervised, supervised, and reinforced learning via spiking computation
99 8,874,457 Concurrent scheduling of plan operations in a virtualized computing environment
100 8,874,435 Automated glossary creation
101 8,874,428 Method and apparatus for fast translation memory search
102 8,874,426 Method for translating computer generated log files
103 8,874,411 Processing system, method, and program for modeling system
104 8,874,409 Multi-step time series prediction in complex instrumented domains
105 8,874,354 Method and system for expansion of real-time data on traffic networks
106 8,874,265 Robot-based material removal in unstable static equilibrium system
107 8,874,252 Comprehensive analysis of queue times in microelectronic manufacturing
108 8,874,249 Discrete sampling based nonlinear control system
109 8,874,171 Supporting multiple subscriber identities in a portable device using a single transceiver
110 8,874,147 Apparatus, method and system of sending and receiving for supporting application-based MMS
111 8,874,095 Techniques for improving cache effectiveness of caches with low user population
112 8,873,919 Particle filled polymer waveguide
113 8,873,912 Optical waveguide with embedded light-reflecting feature and method for fabricating the same
114 8,873,884 Method and system for resizing an image
115 8,873,771 Automatic volume adjustment
116 8,873,750 Instruction for performing a pseudorandom number generate operation
117 8,873,748 Unique surrogate key generation using cryptographic hashing
118 8,873,738 Controlling hold queue position adjustment
119 8,873,559 Contention free pipelined broadcasting within a constant bisection bandwidth network topology
120 8,873,552 Unregistered multicast (MC) packet forwarding to multicast router ports
121 8,873,495 Push based services in a mobile data network with data breakout at the edge
122 8,873,434 Wireless local area network (LAN) system
123 8,873,390 Resource-aware system, method and program product for managing request traffic based on a management policy
124 8,873,382 Overload detection and handling in a data breakout appliance at the edge of a mobile data network
125 8,873,271 3D architecture for bipolar memory using bipolar access device
126 8,873,269 Read only memory bitline load-balancing
127 8,873,249 DIMM riser care with an angled DIMM socket and a straddle mount DIMM socket
128 8,873,186 Tape storage device
129 8,872,947 Frame to frame persistent shadow reduction within an image
130 8,872,852 Positional context determination with multi marker confidence ranking
131 8,872,667 Fault isolation and service restoration in an electric grid
132 8,872,638 Controlling communication among multiple industrial control systems
133 8,872,587 Generating negative impedance compensation
134 8,872,573 Gain control with multiple integrators
135 8,872,360 Multiple-qubit wave-activated controlled gate
136 8,872,322 Stacked chip module with integrated circuit chips having integratable built-in self-maintenance blocks
137 8,872,305 Integrated circuit structure having air-gap trench isolation and related design structure
138 8,872,289 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) structures and design structures
139 8,872,281 Silicided trench contact to buried conductive layer
140 8,872,279 Transistor structure having an electrical contact structure with multiple metal interconnect levels staggering one another
141 8,872,274 Structure for self-aligned silicide contacts to an upside-down FET by epitaxial source and drain
142 8,872,244 Contact structure employing a self-aligned gate cap
143 8,872,241 Multi-direction wiring for replacement gate lines
144 8,872,236 Scaling of bipolar transistors
145 8,872,172 Embedded source/drains with epitaxial oxide underlayer
146 8,872,112 Hybrid THz imaging detector with vertical antenna and sub-pixel suspended MEMS thermal sensor and actuator
147 8,871,649 Methods of forming trench/hole type features in a layer of material of an integrated circuit product
148 8,871,636 Fluorine depleted adhesion layer for metal interconnect structure
149 8,871,632 Reduction of pore fill material dewetting
150 8,871,626 FinFET with vertical silicide structure
151 8,871,624 Sealed air gap for semiconductor chip
152 8,871,620 III-V photovoltaic elements
153 8,871,600 Schottky barrier diodes with a guard ring formed by selective epitaxy
154 8,871,596 Method of multiple patterning to form semiconductor devices
155 8,871,582 Methods of forming a semiconductor device with a protected gate cap layer and the resulting device
156 8,871,576 Silicon nanotube MOSFET
157 8,871,560 Plasma annealing of thin film solar cells
158 8,871,549 Biological and chemical sensors
159 8,871,531 Parallel shunt paths in thermally assisted magnetic memory cells
160 8,871,530 Free layers with iron interfacial layer and oxide cap for high perpendicular anisotropy energy density
161 8,871,429 Fluorine-free fused ring heteroaromatic photoacid generators and resist compositions containing the same
162 8,871,107 Subtractive plasma etching of a blanket layer of metal or metal alloy
163 8,870,472 Computer program product for electro-optical assembly
164 8,870,051 Flip chip assembly apparatus employing a warpage-suppressor assembly