IBM patents granted on 29 April 2008

59 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,367,048 Apparatus and method for autonomic email access control
2 7,367,032 Partial dynamic implementation of JAVA interfaces
3 7,367,026 Framework for integrated intra- and inter-loop aggregation of contiguous memory accesses for SIMD vectorization
4 7,367,023 Method and apparatus for generating computer programming code selectively optimized for execution performance and not optimized for serviceability
5 7,367,019 Parameter management using compiler directives
6 7,367,011 Method, system and program product for developing a data model in a data mining system
7 7,367,002 Method and system for parametric reduction of sequential designs
8 7,367,001 Method, system and computer program product for verification of digital designs using case-splitting via constrained internal signals
9 7,366,999 Method, system and program product providing a configuration specification language supporting arbitrary mapping functions for configuration constructs
10 7,366,953 Self test method and apparatus for identifying partially defective memory
11 7,366,947 High reliability memory module with a fault tolerant address and command bus
12 7,366,897 Method and system for communication via a computer network
13 7,366,890 Method for switching to a service mode of operation in response to detecting a device connected to an I/O port of the system
14 7,366,877 Speculative instruction issue in a simultaneously multithreaded processor
15 7,366,875 Method and apparatus for an efficient multi-path trace cache design
16 7,366,851 Processor, method, and data processing system employing a variable store gather window
17 7,366,846 Redirection of storage access requests
18 7,366,844 Data processing system and method for handling castout collisions
19 7,366,841 L2 cache array topology for large cache with different latency domains
20 7,366,833 Method and system for enhanced scheduling of memory access requests
21 7,366,813 Event queue in a logical partition
22 7,366,812 Determination of access rights to information technology resources
23 7,366,811 Bus arbitration system
24 7,366,801 Method for buffering work requests
25 7,366,800 System and method for dynamically assigning I/O priority
26 7,366,798 Allocation of differently sized memory address ranges to input/output endpoints in memory mapped input/output fabric based upon determined locations of input/output endpoints
27 7,366,797 Data storage system with shared cache address space
28 7,366,772 Method and apparatus for creating and exposing order status within a supply chain having disparate systems
29 7,366,762 Method for monitoring and reporting usage of non-hypertext markup language e-mail campaigns
30 7,366,755 Method and apparatus for affinity of users to application servers
31 7,366,728 System for compressing a search tree structure used in rule classification
32 7,366,715 Processing, browsing and extracting information from an electronic document
33 7,366,706 Method and apparatus for solution-template based deployment and management of an integration solution
34 7,366,685 Method and apparatus upgrade assistance using critical historical product information
35 7,366,678 Facilitating error checking of service elements
36 7,366,677 Access control for rental cars
37 7,366,673 Selective enablement of speech recognition grammars
38 7,366,666 Relative delta computations for determining the meaning of language inputs
39 7,366,632 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional measurements
40 7,366,398 Personal video recording with storage space requirement checking
41 7,366,352 Method and apparatus for performing fast closest match in pattern recognition
42 7,366,345 Method of setting up multi-dimensional DDA variables
43 7,366,342 Simultaneous computation of multiple points on one or multiple cut lines
44 7,366,299 Method for encrypting and decrypting data using derivative equations and factors
45 7,366,036 Memory device with control circuit for regulating power supply voltage
46 7,365,929 Synchronous servo channel for tape drive systems
47 7,365,738 Guides and indicators for eye movement monitoring systems
48 7,365,412 Vertical parallel plate capacitor using spacer shaped electrodes and method for fabrication thereof
49 7,365,408 Structure for photolithographic applications using a multi-layer anti-reflection coating
50 7,365,401 Dual-plane complementary metal oxide semiconductor
51 7,365,399 Structure and method to form semiconductor-on-pores (SOP) for high device performance and low manufacturing cost
52 7,365,378 MOSFET structure with ultra-low K spacer
53 7,365,284 Sorting mail in carrier walk sequence
54 7,365,001 Interconnect structures and methods of making thereof
55 7,364,958 CMOS on hybrid substrate with different crystal orientations using silicon-to-silicon direct wafer bonding
56 7,364,452 Connector for adjacent devices
57 7,364,447 Apparatus for docking a printed circuit board
58 7,364,106 Compensation for tape breakage in a tape drive
59 7,363,688 Land grid array structures and methods for engineering change