IBM patents granted on 29 April 2014

126 US patents granted on 29 April 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,713,709 Key management policies for cryptographic keys
2 8,713,703 Advanced CAPTCHA using images in sequence
3 8,713,691 Attribute information providing system
4 8,713,665 Systems, methods, and media for firewall control via remote system information
5 8,713,647 End-of-session authentication
6 8,713,645 Authentication for social networking messages
7 8,713,642 Collaborative computing community role mapping system and method
8 8,713,619 Creation and use of test cases for automated testing of media-based applications
9 8,713,582 Providing policy-based operating system services in an operating system on a computing system
10 8,713,581 Selected alert delivery in a distributed processing system
11 8,713,579 Managing job execution
12 8,713,578 Managing job execution
13 8,713,574 Soft co-processors to provide a software service function off-load architecture in a multi-core processing environment
14 8,713,572 Methods, systems, and physical computer storage media for processing a plurality of input/output request jobs
15 8,713,566 Method and system for delivering and executing virtual container on logical partition of target computing device
16 8,713,565 Automated tuning in a virtual machine computing environment
17 8,713,564 Method and apparatus for using virtual machine technology for managing parallel communicating applications
18 8,713,562 Intelligent and automated code deployment
19 8,713,552 Avoiding conflict in update in distributed environment employing multiple clients
20 8,713,551 Apparatus, system, and method for non-interruptively updating firmware on a redundant hardware controller
21 8,713,549 Vectorization of program code
22 8,713,548 Rewriting branch instructions using branch stubs
23 8,713,547 Generating compiled code that indicates register liveness
24 8,713,539 Managing breakpoints in a multi-threaded environment
25 8,713,538 Monitoring heap in real-time by a mobile agent to assess performance of virtual machine
26 8,713,537 Monitoring heap in real-time by a mobile agent to assess performance of virtual machine
27 8,713,534 System, method and program product for guiding correction of semantic errors in code using collaboration records
28 8,713,527 Build process management system
29 8,713,526 Assigning runtime artifacts to software components
30 8,713,525 Software management system for network data processing systems
31 8,713,523 Documentation roadmaps and community networking for developers on large projects
32 8,713,521 Discovery, analysis, and visualization of dependencies
33 8,713,509 Circuit design approximation
34 8,713,502 Methods and systems to reduce a number of simulations in a timing analysis
35 8,713,494 Synthesizing VHDL multiple wait FSMS into RT level FSMS by preprocessing
36 8,713,490 Managing aging of silicon in an integrated circuit device
37 8,713,485 Categorization of design rule errors
38 8,713,481 Navigational cube for matching vendor offerings to service provider requirements
39 8,713,470 Automated user interface adjustment
40 8,713,456 Establishing a graphical user interface (`GUI`) theme
41 8,713,450 Detecting patterns of abuse in a virtual environment
42 8,713,436 Reusing data in user run book automation
43 8,713,434 Indexing, relating and managing information about entities
44 8,713,423 Automated dynamic differential data processing
45 8,713,387 Channel marking for chip mark overflow and calibration errors
46 8,713,366 Restarting event and alert analysis after a shutdown in a distributed processing system
47 8,713,362 Obviation of recovery of data store consistency for application I/O errors
48 8,713,354 Transitional replacement of operations performed by a central hub
49 8,713,352 Method, system and program for securing redundancy in parallel computing system
50 8,713,294 Heap/stack guard pages using a wakeup unit
51 8,713,290 Scaleable status tracking of multiple assist hardware threads
52 8,713,289 Efficiently emulating computer architecture condition code settings without executing branch instructions
53 8,713,287 Off-loading of processing from a processor blade to storage blades based on processing activity, availability of cache, and other status indicators
54 8,713,272 Point-in-time copies in a cascade using maps and fdisks
55 8,713,245 Secure Flash-based memory system with fast wipe feature
56 8,713,244 Sub-LUN input/output profiling for SSD devices
57 8,713,228 Shared system to operationally connect logic nodes
58 8,713,218 Non-disruptive configuration of a virtualization controller in a data storage system
59 8,713,181 Method for transferring inventory between virtual universes
60 8,713,179 Grid computing accounting and statistics management system
61 8,713,122 Message value indicator
62 8,713,115 Sending notification of event
63 8,713,111 Providing a web page to a client
64 8,713,084 Method, system and computer program product for verifying floating point divide operation results
65 8,713,065 Preserving and handling native data in hybrid object trees
66 8,713,063 Method and system for automatically hiding irrelevant parts of hierarchical structures in computer user interfaces
67 8,713,041 Peer to peer (P2P) missing fields and field valuation feedback
68 8,713,036 Processing abstract derived entities defined in a data abstraction model
69 8,713,022 Community profiling for social media
70 8,713,012 Modular authoring and visualization of rules using trees
71 8,712,998 Deadline-driven parallel execution of queries
72 8,712,995 Scoring records for sorting by user-specific weights based on relative importance
73 8,712,987 Emergent information database management system
74 8,712,973 Weighted determination in configuration management systems
75 8,712,965 Dynamic report mapping apparatus to physical data source when creating report definitions for information technology service management reporting for peruse of report definition transparency and reuse
76 8,712,961 Database caching utilizing asynchronous log-based replication
77 8,712,955 Optimizing federated and ETL’d databases with considerations of specialized data structures within an environment having multidimensional constraint
78 8,712,947 Collaborative system for capture and reuse of software application knowledge and a method of realizing same
79 8,712,945 System and method for optimizing teams
80 8,712,940 Structural plasticity in spiking neural networks with symmetric dual of an electronic neuron
81 8,712,926 Using rule induction to identify emerging trends in unstructured text streams
82 8,712,921 Receiving security risk feedback from linked contacts due to a user’s system actions and behaviors
83 8,712,886 Apparatus and method for categorizing services using canonical service descriptions
84 8,712,838 Dynamic web page construction based on determination of client device location
85 8,712,786 Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-node process
86 8,712,738 Determining ill conditioning in square linear system of equations
87 8,712,688 Method for providing interactive site map
88 8,712,675 Preventative traffic congestion social networking improvement system within a community
89 8,712,451 Phone messaging using audio streams
90 8,712,450 System and method of creating and providing SMS http tagging
91 8,712,122 Shape based similarity of continuous wave doppler images
92 8,712,100 Profiling activity through video surveillance
93 8,712,050 Method for implementing dynamic pseudorandom keyboard remapping
94 8,712,049 System for implementing dynamic pseudorandom keyboard remapping
95 8,711,606 Data security for dynamic random access memory using body bias to clear data at power-up
96 8,711,563 Dry-cooling unit with gravity-assisted coolant flow
97 8,711,512 Servo write assembly
98 8,711,511 Vibration disturbance estimation and control
99 8,711,501 Customizing a range of acceptable tape dimensional stability write conditions
100 8,711,163 Reuse of static image data from prior image frames to reduce rasterization requirements
101 8,711,148 Method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic selective view of multiply connected objects
102 8,711,147 Method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic graph view of multiply connected objects
103 8,711,142 Visual model importation
104 8,711,022 Resistor-2 resistor (R-2R) digital-to-analog converter with resistor network reversal
105 8,710,954 Method and apparatus for triggering expiration of a data tag device
106 8,710,698 Redundant power delivery
107 8,710,661 Methods for selective reverse mask planarization and interconnect structures formed thereby
108 8,710,656 Redistribution layer (RDL) with variable offset bumps
109 8,710,588 Implant free extremely thin semiconductor devices
110 8,710,500 Bipolar junction transistor with a self-aligned emitter and base
111 8,709,957 Spalling utilizing stressor layer portions
112 8,709,936 Method and structure of forming backside through silicon via connections
113 8,709,914 Method for controlled layer transfer
114 8,709,903 Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structure configured for reduced harmonics and method of forming the structure
115 8,709,890 Method and structure for forming ETSOI capacitors, diodes, resistors and back gate contacts
116 8,709,888 Hybrid CMOS nanowire mesh device and PDSOI device
117 8,709,887 Method for fabricating a nitrided silicon-oxide gate dielectric
118 8,709,855 Intralevel conductive light shield
119 8,709,833 Measuring current and resistance using combined diodes/resistor structure to monitor integrated circuit manufacturing process variations
120 8,709,700 Fluorine-free fused ring heteroaromatic photoacid generators and resist compositions containing the same
121 8,709,536 Composite filtration membranes and methods of preparation thereof
122 8,709,466 Cationic polymers for antimicrobial applications and delivery of bioactive materials
123 8,709,264 Planar cavity MEMS and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures
124 8,708,788 System to route airflow through dynamically changing ducts
125 8,708,139 Reusable transport packaging
126 8,707,553 Method and system for improving alignment precision of parts in MEMS