IBM patents granted on 29 December 2015

110 US patents granted on 29 December 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,226,426 Electronic device console with natural draft cooling
2 9,226,405 Magnetically controllable fluidic etching process
3 9,226,170 Aggregated appliance in a mobile data network
4 9,226,027 Crowd sourced, content aware smarter television systems
5 9,225,936 Automated collaborative annotation of converged web conference objects
6 9,225,776 Distributing UI control events from a single event producer across multiple systems event consumers
7 9,225,769 System for synchronization and management of system activities with locally installed applications
8 9,225,746 Timestamp systems and methods
9 9,225,731 System for detecting the presence of rogue domain name service providers through passive monitoring
10 9,225,674 Integration of collaboration systems in an instant messaging application
11 9,225,662 Command management in a networked computing environment
12 9,225,644 Using special-case hardware units for facilitating access control lists on a networking element
13 9,225,635 Switch routing table utilizing software defined network (SDN) controller programmed route segregation and prioritization
14 9,225,631 Implementation of protocol in virtual link aggregate group
15 9,225,604 Mapping requirements to a system topology in a networked computing environment
16 9,225,550 Switch monitoring statistics gathering at servers and gateways for overlay networks
17 9,225,545 Determining a path for network traffic between nodes in a parallel computer
18 9,225,494 Network and user behavior based time-shifted mobile data transmission
19 9,225,348 Prediction based digital control for fractional-N PLLs
20 9,225,311 Method of manufacturing switchable filters
21 9,224,826 Multiple thickness gate dielectrics for replacement gate field effect transistors
22 9,224,801 Multilayer MIM capacitor
23 9,224,712 3D bond and assembly process for severely bowed interposer die
24 9,224,686 Single damascene interconnect structure
25 9,224,675 Automatic capacitance tuning for robust middle of the line contact and silicide applications
26 9,224,661 Film thickness metrology
27 9,224,654 Fin capacitor employing sidewall image transfer
28 9,224,503 Memory test with in-line error correction code logic
29 9,224,450 Reference voltage modification in a memory device
30 9,224,402 Wideband speech parameterization for high quality synthesis, transformation and quantization
31 9,224,390 Coordinated deep tagging of media content with community chat postings
32 9,224,178 Dynamic negotiation and authorization system to record rights-managed content
33 9,224,165 Deploying multiple E-commerce systems in a single computing platform
34 9,224,158 Mobile device cluster advertisement delivery
35 9,224,134 Arranging a conversation among a plurality of participants
36 9,224,131 System and method for facilitating collaboration in a shared email repository
37 9,224,119 Architecting and defining extensible methods and processes to build hybrid solutions
38 9,224,112 Leveraging enterprise content
39 9,224,104 Generating data from imbalanced training data sets
40 9,224,092 Detecting disallowed combinations of data within a processing element
41 9,224,049 Detection of static object on thoroughfare crossings
42 9,224,046 Multi-view object detection using appearance model transfer from similar scenes
43 9,224,010 Secure document creation from potentially unsecure source templates
44 9,224,007 Search engine with privacy protection
45 9,223,999 Management of Digital information
46 9,223,989 Approval of content updates
47 9,223,987 Confidential information identifying method, information processing apparatus, and program
48 9,223,977 Detection of DOM-based cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
49 9,223,965 Secure generation and management of a virtual card on a mobile device
50 9,223,953 Enabling secure transactions between spoken web sites
51 9,223,916 Timing analysis of asynchronous clock domain crossings
52 9,223,903 Analyzing data from a sensor-enabled device
53 9,223,889 Age appropriate filtering
54 9,223,883 Context driven arrangement of portlets in a portal
55 9,223,865 Method and system for property-based indexing and/or querying of web services resources
56 9,223,856 Scale between consumer systems and producer systems of resource monitoring data
57 9,223,846 Context-based navigation through a database
58 9,223,844 Dynamically synching elements in file
59 9,223,834 Distributed multi-system management
60 9,223,832 Insight determination and explanation in multi-dimensional data sets
61 9,223,827 Database query language transformation method, transformation apparatus and database query system
62 9,223,820 Partitioning data for parallel processing
63 9,223,816 Opening a data set
64 9,223,815 Method, apparatus, and program for supporting creation and management of metadata for correcting problem in dynamic web application
65 9,223,813 Versioning for configurations of reusable artifacts
66 9,223,811 Creation and expiration of backup objects in block-level incremental-forever backup systems
67 9,223,808 Control data driven modifications and generation of new schema during runtime operations
68 9,223,807 Role-oriented database record field security model
69 9,223,806 Restarting a batch process from an execution point
70 9,223,760 Method of encapsulating diverse user interface components while consistently enforcing external constraints
71 9,223,753 Dynamic range adjusting floating point execution unit
72 9,223,729 Servicing a globally broadcast interrupt signal in a multi-threaded computer
73 9,223,728 Servicing a globally broadcast interrupt signal in a multi-threaded computer
74 9,223,700 Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems
75 9,223,687 Determining the logical address of a transaction abort
76 9,223,681 Automated debug trace specification
77 9,223,666 Disaster recovery for databases
78 9,223,663 Resolving memory faults with reduced processing impact
79 9,223,653 Modifying a dispersed storage network memory data access response plan
80 9,223,636 Low-risk server consolidation
81 9,223,626 Task execution and management in a clustered computing environment
82 9,223,625 Client server system and method for executing an application utilizing distributed objects
83 9,223,624 Processing requests in a cloud computing environment
84 9,223,610 Management of virtual machine snapshots
85 9,223,592 Configuring a system with various system components utilizing a configuration profile
86 9,223,591 Sizing a pane of a window presented on a display
87 9,223,588 Application window closure in response to event in parent window
88 9,223,580 Systems, methods and computer products for cross-thread scheduling
89 9,223,574 Start virtual execution instruction for dispatching multiple threads in a computer
90 9,223,569 Automatic software catalog content creation based on bio-inspired computing prediction
91 9,223,568 Designing and cross-configuring software
92 9,223,567 Integrated exchange of search results in an integrated software development environment
93 9,223,566 Managing a set of software modules in a software runtime environment
94 9,223,560 Software installation and configuration
95 9,223,558 Software installation and configuration
96 9,223,552 Compiling optimization of an application and compiler thereof
97 9,223,513 Accessing data in a dual volume data storage system using virtual identifiers
98 9,223,512 System and method for predicting backup data volumes
99 9,223,504 Method and system for placement of logical data stores to minimize request response time
100 9,223,492 Tear-away topology views
101 9,223,457 Visualization of information using landmasses
102 9,223,399 Translation of gesture responses in a virtual world
103 9,223,393 Collective operation management in a parallel computer
104 9,223,326 Distributed thermal management system for servers
105 9,223,295 Time-to-digital converter
106 9,223,217 Sulfonamide-containing topcoat and photoresist additive compositions and methods of use
107 9,223,209 Sulfonamide-containing photoresist compositions and methods of use
108 9,222,973 Protecting chip settings using secured scan chains
109 9,222,194 Rinsing and drying for electrochemical processing
110 9,220,981 Controlling attribute expression within a virtual environment